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Check out our exciting ZOOM art classes!

We’ve specially designed several Zoom Art Classes which would be occurring regularly, for all our art students who may want to take up some classes on Zoom during this season when Zoom may be more convenient.

Guide of VAC’s ZOOM Classes!

We offer a range of ZOOM classes suitable for learners of various ages! Continue scrolling to see if any of it piques your interest!

Kids ZOOM art courses

Sundays, 11am-12.30pm
* ZOOM Drawing & Acrylic Painting – “Our Tropical Rainforest”

Teens/Adults ZOOM art courses

Fridays, 4pm-6.15pm
* ZOOM Drawing and Sketching Series – Urban Landscapes

Fridays, 7.30pm-9.45pm
* Realism Portrait and Figure Study ZOOM

Saturdays, 10am-12.30pm
* Portrait Oil Painting ZOOM with Michael Britton

Saturdays, 1pm-3.15pm
* ZOOM Acrylic Landscape Painting

Sundays, 1pm-3.15pm
* ZOOM Drawing and Coloured Illustration – Interior and Spaces

Kids ZOOM Art Courses – Drawing and Acrylic Painting Kids ZOOM – “Our Tropical Rainforest”

Exciting and Fun Zoom Classes Available for Kids aged 5-10!

VAC Kids Zoom Drawing and Acrylic Painting

Our first theme for this series of exciting Zoom classes will be – Our Tropical Rainforest! Be exposed to drawing subjects in the rainforests! From adorable sloths to cool plants, we will be covering a variety of subjects aimed to train the creative mind. A work will be completed every 2 weeks!

Date/Time: Every Sunday, 11am-12.30pm, from 3 October
Fees: $200/4 Sessions, inclusive of art materials and courier of $40 nett
*Current students may use their class credits to attend the zoom class!
Art materials required: Acrylic paints, canvases (9 inch x 12 inch) X 2 pieces, mixing plates, brushes, pencil, eraser

Current Art Students may Whatsapp or call us at +65 62550711 to register and convert your class credit to attend the Zoom class.

Teens & Adults ZOOM Courses

Drawing and Sketching Series: Still Life, Landscape and Portraits

An opportunity for you to learn sketching professionally from the comfort of your home!

Learn how to do different subjects like still life, architecture, landscapes and many more! This course is packed with theories and techniques you could use for different types of outdoor sketches. Learn perspective, tonal values, composition and different sketching techniques that are used to express different materials and surfaces.

A new work will be completed every week, with alternating themes! Join this class now to boost your sketching skills, suitable for all levels of experiences from beginner to advanced learners!

Date/Time: Every Friday, 4pm-6.15pm
Fees: $398nett/8 sessions with art materials and courier services to all SG addresses included
(Current VAC students may use their current class credits to convert for ZOOM class credits!)
Art Materials: Sketchbook/paper, assorted drawing pencils(HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), eraser, kneadable eraser, 0.1 tip pen liner/gel pen.

Realism Portrait and Figure Drawing Study

Remember all the stunning portrait pieces and human figure drawings you see all over your social media feeds and wondered how those were done? Look no further!

Visual Arts Centre’s Realism Portrait and Figure Drawing Study will equip you with both the fundamentals as well as the advanced techniques required to create your very own portrait and figure pieces!

Suitable for both students and adults; this class will prepare aspiring young artists with the necessary skills and knowledge in figure drawing to prepare your own portfolio and even satisfy your goals of drawing your own loved ones eventually!

Date/Time: Every Friday, 7.30pm-9.45pm
Fees: $220nett/4 Sessions, art materials not included
(Current VAC students may use their current class credit with a top up of $15 to attend a ZOOM session!)
Art Materials: Sketchbook, assorted drawing pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), eraser

Portrait Oil Painting ZOOM with Michael Britton


Learn the art of creating beautiful Oil Painting Portraits!

Oil Paintings have a certain look to it that adds a layer of uniqueness to it unlike other mediums. Learn oil painting techniques as well as advanced colour mixing in this ZOOM class and paint a range of portraits!

A painting is completed every 4 sessions, starting with base sketches and ending with renderings to bring life to the painting. This therapeutic course would be a great way to start your Saturday mornings!

Date/Time: Every Saturday, 10am-12.30pm
Fees: $240nett/4 Sessions, art materials not included.
(Contact us if you would require the art materials! We can provide courier services right to your doorstep!)
Art Materials: Assorted paintbrushes (3 different sized), oil paint, painting medium, apron, mixing palette, canvas

Acrylic Landscape Painting ZOOM


Portray picturesque sceneries with just some paints and a paintbrush!

Learn the different brush strokes used to portray different elements! With step-by-step demonstration from our professional teacher, you will be able to pick up the skills required to create your very own landscape pieces to hang at home in a short period of time.

Date/Time: Saturday, 1pm-3.15pm
Fees: $438/8 Sessions

Drawing and Coloured Illustration – Interiors & Spaces

Urban Landscape Sketching w VAC

Enriching art Zoom classes suitable for those aged 11 and above!

VAC Zoom Drawing and Coloured Drawing Course

A fully guided Zoom course suitable for 11 and above! We will be kick starting this course with the theme- Interiors and Spaces! Learn various skills and techniques like perspective, lighting and tonal values necessary in creating beautiful interior drawings.

Date/Time: Every Sunday, 1pm-3.15pm, from 3 October
Fees: $220/4 Sessions, inclusive of art materials and courier of $40 nett
*Current students may use their class credits to attend the zoom class!
Art materials required: Assorted drawing pencils (6 pieces), kneaded eraser, classic eraser, sketch book, pen liners (2 pieces – 0.1 & 0.3), watercolour paints, mixing plates, high quality drawing/watercolour paper

Creative Art Project – Portfolio Building Class



For students P4 & P5 Portfolio Students. Our “Creative Art Project” Zoom course of two sessions on 1 Oct and 8 Oct.

Students will be shown creative techniques and examples and expand on their ways of seeing and creating, students are to discuss and interact with the teachers and are encouraged to engage with other students in class as well.

Students will begin on their individual Creative work, and the review of their ongoing or finished work may be in-studio or via zoom after 10 Oct.

Contact us for any enquiries or bookings!

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