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Looking for art courses suitable for adults, teenagers and kids? Visual Arts Centre provides art classes that are suitable for learners with all levels of proficiency, from beginners to intermediate and advanced learners. Scroll down and click on the individual courses to find out more!












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Visual Arts Centre Art Studio is an arts organization supported by National Parks Board that offers professional Art courses for all ages. Art courses suitable for adults includes Drawing & Sketching, Urban Sketching, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolour Painting, Chinese Ink Painting, Nude/Portrait Life Drawing, Figure Drawing, and even one-to-one Private Art Class! Art classes suitable for kids and teenagers includes our Creative Kids Arts Immersion, Portfolio Preparation Course for those looking to apply for Art Schools and DSA, Holiday Art Programmes as well as various workshops. Our art lessons are conducted in a small and conducive setting, with professional instructors equipped with years of experience providing specific instructions and guidance tailored according to your skill and experience.

All art courses offered in our studio is suitable for those with all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced learners. With the curriculum built to teach you from foundational techniques to advanced knowledge, you will be able to increase your proficiency in the medium quickly. To better aid in your learning, we place emphasis on providing flexibility in timing for our students. Immerse yourself in a calming and conductive learning environment, situated right above Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station and within Dhoby Ghaut Green, the flora and fauna surrounding the studio makes it a prime spot for creative works. Visual Arts Centre has another art studio at [email protected] Lebar, seated at a the cross point of various modes of transports. With greeneries as the main theme, the studio provides a conducive environment that allows students to de-stress and practice their craft with no restrictions.

We are fully equipped with the facilities and materials to allow you to paint in an actual Art Studio space, with easels, drawing/painting boards, oil paints, brushes, painting knives, palette, linseed oils, aprons, turpentine, pencils, charcoal, erasers… everything you would ever need to paint! All art materials are provided by us. This is especially useful for beginners unsure of the materials you would require, what works and does not work for your painting. Instead of investing in materials you do not require or know how to use efficiently, you can make use of our Art Studio and learn the proper techniques and skills and freely explore without worrying about the costs of materials and storage of your paints.

Whether you are a beginner or with intermediate to advanced painting experience, our Art Studio will be a comfortable space for you to learn and develop your practice in Oil Painting, Drawing & Sketching, Acrylic Painting and more.

(新加坡)视觉艺术中心是新加坡公园局支持的艺术机构,中心开办专业美术绘画课程,针对成人开设的绘画课程有素描/速写、丙烯画、油画、水彩、水墨课、人物肖像写生、人体写生、定制的一对一私教课。针对儿童和青少年开办儿童创意绘画课、报考美院和DSA计划的作品集准备培训课程、学生假期艺术营及艺术工作坊等;授课导师都是从事绘画教学多年,具有专业学院派绘画水准、教学经验丰富。中心开办的绘画课程适合零基础和不同绘画水准,由浅入深,让不同绘画程度的学员都能在短时间明显提升。授课方式轻松灵活、时间自由。绘画课室环境清幽,置身于多美歌地铁站上方的多美歌公园中,繁华都市里的一片绿地,花草树木围绕的玻璃屋建筑,绿草茵茵、花香四溢。视觉艺术中心的另一间画室在 [email protected] Lebar ,交通十分便利,画室装修考究,艺术氛围浓郁,学员们来画画,感受愉快轻松艺术气氛的同时也享受闹中取静的大自然环境,彻底减轻压力、陶冶性情、描绘心境、与心独处、开发潜质、创意无限。

Art courses in Singapore by Visual Arts Centre, with ongoing registrations and a permanent schedule: (Tap on sessions below to find out more)

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The teachers here are super helpful!

As a beginner, I felt stress in the beginning but they were very patient and cared about my progress as much as I did.

Now I am more confident and enjoy going lessons there!

Marianne Chong,

13 years old, first time taking up Drawing and Sketching Lessons

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