Creative Kids Art Immersion Course 儿童创意绘画课程

Visual Arts Centre is holding a BRAND NEW KIDS ART IMMERSION COURSE CLASS on every Sunday, from 3:30pm to 5pm!

This is a perfect timing, right after lunch or just before an early family dinner, for your children to unleash their creativity with us.

Creative Kids Art Immersion Course by VAC Studio takes on a unique learning approach that encourages children to think out of the box. The course takes the kids through a fun learning journey of discovery and creativity with a wide variety of themes being covered – from the arts to the sciences to geography to anything under their imagination – the world is their oyster to explore!

Thinking about what your children can expect from this course? Look no further! For this course, your children will be:

  • experiencing and immersing themselves in oriental art e.g learning calligraphy, gaining knowledge on how to hold and handle a calligraphy brush
  • doing art and crafts with traditional chinese paper
  • creating interesting and amazing characters of their own imagination/ cartoon characters with jumping clay
  • acrylic painting of their favourite cartoon character or simple landscape pictures that they fancy
  • drawing and colouring of different flowers or landscapes or cartoon characters that they can be proud to show you back home
  • creating multi-media collage

Take a look below at how adorable and happy the little ones are here at Visual Arts Centre!

What’s even better is that here at Visual Arts Centre, we do not just take in all the children of all ages and teach them all the same things all at once. According to the age of your children, the art instructors and experienced art assistants will understand what they might be interested in and come up with different drawing and paintings of different mediums lessons for them. This way, you can be sure that while you children is learning something, they are also having fun!

Take a look at the class/ lesson description for different age group at the bottom of this page to find out more of what your little ones can expect when they attend our kids art immersion course.


Let your child have fun and learn how to sculpt their favourite characters!

A positive and nurturing environment is crucial to a child’s development and learning. Both the physical setting and how the child feels and responds to his or her learning environment will determine how conducive and enjoyable the learning experience. The VAC Studio is a beautiful glasshouse indoor art studio set within the lush park ambience of the Dhoby Ghaut Green lawn – a spacious and safe setting for kids to rest and play with each other before or after class. Our art instructors are experienced in working with kids. Art instructors inspire our kids to be creative and interest them to explore and investigate within the theme of the week, teaching them the skills of observation, perspective, form, and composition, and encouraging them to appropriate, invent and create their own form of art based on their imagination and artistic direction. The course also introduces professional art techniques to the kids, and they will be taught useful skills in handling various mediums. Unlike how adults view and critique art, it is important to allow our kids to express their creativity and imagination, and not set limitations or standards of art to replicate! After all, children are extremely creative and they learn differently from adults. This is how our unique learning approach aims to provide a stimulating environment that encourages creativity and promotes individuality.

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Interested in signing your child up for an art course? Call us at 6733 2155 / 6255 0711!

So what are you waiting for! Bring your precious ones down to Visual Arts Centre while we hold a BRAND NEW KIDS ART IMMERSION COURSE CLASS on every Sundays, from 3:30pm to 5pm!

Our young artist working on her drawing of her favourite animals.

Registrations are ongoing, please contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email at for any queries or to join the course.


电话号码:6255 0711


Course description:

How is the art course conducted, and what are the learning objectives?

The Creative Kids Art Immersion Course is ongoing from 28 January 2018, and you can either register for the 12 sessions pass for $460, or the half-year and year-long pass at $880 and $1680 respectively. Our pricing is reasonable and includes all the material fees consumed during the sessions. The 12 sessions course concludes with a multi-media portfolio of various works completed, while the longer courses will consist of a more substantial multi-media portfolio of works completed, and a Junior Level Artist Graduation Certificate issued by Visual Arts Centre. Kids learn and acquire art skills and techniques and develop a confidence to work on art and craft projects independently as well as in groups.

Different themes are covered each week, which would cover a wide scope of topics, such as Animal Kingdom, Nature, World Art, Geography, Science, History, Cartoon and Animation, Colours, Forms and Shapes… and many more.

Kids learn over time and learning art from a young age is highly beneficial for a child’s overall development and happiness. Art can help one to build fine motor skills, train patience and focus, stimulate the brain and promote creativity and expression, and may also be a therapeutic way to release tension or anxiety. Developing a hobby and being good in something may be challenging at the start whether for kids or for adults, however, encourage our kids to enjoy themselves and have a ball of fun, and during this process, they would have picked up and learnt a lot without even realising it!

Age Groups & Classification 

Children in this age group are bursting with energy and their minds function like a sponge ready to absorb any new information presented to them! This is why our specially designed programme is centered around introducing your child to a multitude of interesting mediums and art forms. When young children are creatively stimulated from an early age, they develop higher order creative thinking and problem solving skills, allowing them to deepen their thought processes to become independent creators.

Guidance towards creative thinking and hands-on exploration and creation. Through story-telling, playing of short video clips and visual references, kids are inspired and guided to understand the subjects and then given the freedom to express various objects and subjects such as their favourite animals, their imagination of a garden, landscape and mountains. Our learning objective for this age group is not for the kids to draw or paint by just copying the images directly, but to really inspire their creativity and to give them the opportunity to create and express the things they like and also learn basic art techniques in this process.

Multi-media includes: Pencil/Coloured drawings, Markers and Crayons, Collage and Paper-cutting, Jumping Clay Moulding, Three-dimensional assorted materials, Poster painting/Acrylic painting on canvas

Children in this age group are beginning to develop their own personal voice and individuality. They understand the importance of the skills that they are learning and desire to improve themselves, especially with some healthy competition from peers. Our specially designed programme for children aged 7-12 aims to help inquisitive kids realise their full creative potential by introducing advanced skills and art techniques. These higher level skills will differentiate your child’s artistic abilities and allow them to express themselves creatively through art.

Learn to express oneself – emphasising on creative expressions and different ways of expressions. We empower kids of this age group with the ability to apply basic art techniques in their expression. Art theories will be introduced and kids will be taught the basic skills of observation, and gain an understanding of perspective, proportion and composition, allowing them to acquire the ability to observe in finer details and portray subjects of our immediate environment with definition, weight, space and depth concepts. They will produce artworks and share the stories behind their creation. We challenge our kids to improve their art skills and use collage and other craft materials to create three dimensional art and explore concepts of textures, balance and proportion. Chinese Ink painting will be introduced to this age group to train focus, patience and fine control with brushwork.

Multi-media includes: Pencil/Coloured drawings, Markers and Crayons, Collage and Paper-cutting, Jumping Clay Moulding, Three-dimensional assorted materials, Poster painting/Acrylic painting on canvas.



Every Sunday, from 9 September 2018 - 31 December 2020


11am- 12.30pm, 3.30pm - 5pm

Number of Sessions:

12 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 460


Visual Arts Centre Studio

Terms and conditions:

12 Sessions are to be completed within 20 weeks from the date of registration. All course fees are non-refundable. In the event that one is unable to attend the classes, one replacement is allowed to substitute the original registrant.

Interested in this course??

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