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10 tips for a successful pop-up flea market event


A pop-up flea market event is a temporary space brands use to create engaging in-person shopping experiences. The fleeting nature of pop-up flea market stores makes them feel exclusive and time-sensitive, which has multiple benefits.

Pop-up flea market shops are used to drum up excitement by local communities, meet customers In-Real-Life! Continue Reading to find out ways to build a successful pop-up flea market event.

1. Location, Location, Location!


Located right at the heart of Singapore’s town in central, we are certain Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery offers one of the most affordable rates you can find in the city area. The Exhibition Gallery at Visual Arts Centre is conveniently located in Dhoby Ghaut, at the heart of Singapore’s bustling Arts and Heritage District. Adjacent to Orchard Road and Penang Road, the Exhibition Gallery is a modern glasshouse building of its own, situated on the green oasis of the Dhoby Ghaut Green park, directly above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Interchange (Exit B). It is the best location in city central to host your events!

2. Ambience

In Singapore’s bipolar climate, we strive to not perspire as much as we can. We want to reduce the chances of our apparels and perfect picturesque make-up to be ruined especially when we are doing what we love to do – shopping!

Pop up sales flea market MeYou Market event at Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Venue Hire

In order to have a successful pop-up flea market event and a memorable one for our patrons and participating vendors, we want to provide them a place where the weather does not affect their mood. Somewhere where it isn’t overly cramp but spacious! Music. Play some lively music to boost up the mood, everybody loves their ABBA and 2010s playlist!

3. Budget

Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery offers one of the most affordable rates you can find in the city area! 

 Your booth can be as shoestring or as extravagant as you want, but the one thing it must be is profitable, especially if you are going to get a portion of the sales. That’s why it is crucial you set a thoughtful budget before you take any action. 


The first step is to know what it’s going to take to turn a profit. This is a pretty simple question, how many sales do you need to make in order to justify the expense? The easiest thing to project is expenses, which will be your budget for the booth. Start by getting quotes and researching the cost of items and things you will need to run your booth. This includes tables, cloths, backdrops, promotional marketing material, printouts at the minimum. 


Calculate how much it would cost to acquire what you need, then you can determine your breakeven point. Use $0 as the “profit” variable, and use the following formula: $0 = Revenue – Expenses


If your expenses are $1,000, you must generate $1,000 to break even. You can further break this down by determining how many units you must sell to reach that $1,000 mark. For instance, if your average sale if $50, you would need to sell 20 units to break even. Everything else is profit.

4. Prepare your publicity and Marketing Collaterals

Pop up event at Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery venue hire

It is important to let people know about the event before it happens! With venue costs and location being the major hurdle and headache of small events, many tend to forget that getting the word out is also crucial, especially for first-time pop-ups. Without publicity, it will be difficult to gain public foot traffic from the masses which will definitely bring down the sales! 


At minimum, there should be plenty of day-of street advertisements such as sandwich boards, banners, balloons, and other obvious signs that something is happening. These promotions should be as big with simple and clear wording. It is recommended not to include any date information on such banners so you can reuse them over multiple events.


Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery provides a free-of-charge online marketing publicity to their masterlist patrons and art enthusiasts who have been supporting them since the beginning of their launch. It’s also a good idea to have a web URL or QR code that leads to an online event page if interest is peaked! 


Facebook event pages are free and provide an easy way to let potential customers RSVP and have a way to remind themselves to come. Many local papers and neighbourhood blogs also offer free or low-cost event listings on their websites. With small events, hyper-local targeting works best — hit up community groups.

5. Venue booking confirmation and the right dates

Do ensure that you have confirmed your booking with the venue before continuing with your plans! We recommend booking the space 3 to 6 months prior if not the best – a year prior to your event date. This will give you ample time to get your vendors and think about the layout and do out all marketing collaterals.

Picking the dates of the pop-up flea market event is important as you want to bring the crowd in throughout the entire day, an empty pop-up flea market event wouldn’t be a memorable one! Choose a date closer to the weekends, highly recommend Fridays to Sundays for the events as people will have more time to roam.

6. Utilities and Wifi

Ensure amenities are provided within the vicinity!


The Exhibition Gallery is a spacious rectangular space of 23 metres long and 7 metres wide, with a capacity of 160 people standing. It is fully equipped with amenities and logistics to cater to your event needs. Visual Arts Centre will provide you required logistics such as wireless microphones, a small podium, cocktail table and seatings.

Should you be using, we provide panels in our venue space are built-in, with a stable and secure adjustable hanging system. Some panels are movable panels for alternative exhibition set-up and arrangement too.


7. Pop-up flea market booths layout


Just like point 2: Ambience. You want your booths to be well thought out to the crowd so that they will have a comfortable and unforgettable experience! Plan a layout where it wouldn’t be cramp. If your vendors are selling shoes, do ensure there’s a dedicated seat for them to try their shoes on. A simple layout  arrangement like that does improve the customer’s experience, making it a memorable one.


Unleash Your Creativity: Host unforgettable pop-up flea market events at Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery. Our space becomes your canvas, enhanced by flexible design elements. Visual Arts Centre allows you to have free reign of your design layout as long as the venue is returned back to its original state prior to set-up.

8. Bring brand awareness

Asahi Super Dry Presents: The Art of Taste Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Venue Hire


Setting pop-up flea market booths brings awareness to both start-ups and on-going companies! An initial offline experience via a pop-up flea market shop is a great way to build brand awareness. Getting current and potential customers excited about your products and introducing them to your brand can help retailers gain enough traction to create a permanent store.

9. Engaging customers Offline

Fashion show at Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery venue hire

Engaging with patrons Offline helps to know how your products rank in your niche market! The digital age has revolutionized how businesses market, advertise, and ultimately operate. One method for retailers to capitalize on the internet-driven marketplace is to open pop-up flea market stores. Pop-up flea market stores are limited-time, often temporary, retail spaces that offer customers a unique, physical shopping experience. As a result, they offer a great opportunity for retailers to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, encouraging customers to shop both online and offline.

Pop up event at Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery venue hire

Pop-up flea market stores are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to attract new customers and create a memorable shopping experience. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the various benefits of pop-up flea market stores that can help retailers attract online customers to shop offline. From enhancing brand recognition to creating an engaging shopping experience, pop-up flea market stores offer a range of advantages that can positively impact a business’s bottom line.

10. Experimentation - Try out new products, soft launching new collections!

ESTEE LAUDER Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Hire

Vendors bringing new products and soft launching new collections or even limited edition products are perfect for pop-ups as they will bring traction to the pop-up flea market event! It’s also a good way of knowing how your products fare in the market!

Interested in hosting your very own pop-up flea market event? Contact Visual Arts Centre today to find out more!

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