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Why choose the Visual Arts Centre for art jamming and team building?

Customisable and Tailored Sessions! We have a team of facilitators who are always ready to discuss with you the objectives for the art jamming workshop.

Guided and fuss free! Our instructors and facilitators will be there to ensure that you and your team will have a fun time and an enriching learning experience. All materials will be provided so fret not!

We have 2 beautiful spaces to host your Team Bonding Art Jamming Event!

Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio

MacPherson Art Studio


Alternatively, we can also conduct Art Jamming sessions at your office, HQ or other spaces upon discussion!

We offer a wide range of mediums, here are some of the mediums!


Acrylic Painting

Learn Acrylic Painting and take up this fully guided and individually tailored art course

Price from $30/pax


Under Acrylic Painting, we can explore different styles as well. For instance, participants can each paint one canvas and present it at the end of the event. It is a great opportunity for individuals to express themselves through the language of art. It is a fun-filled session discovering the hidden Van Gogh and Picasso among your team!

Mural Painting

Work together with your team to create a combined big mural that is specially designed to reflect your company’s goals and achievements!

Price from $30/pax


Mural Painting puts your team to the challenge! It pushes your teams to improve their communication and coordination skills. At the end of the activity teams will have a huge masterpiece ready to be hung at their workplace

Portrait Drawing

Learn and understand how to draw and sketch through the academy school approach, able to utilise these skills and enhance your drawing and sketching ability

Price from $45/pax

Urban Sketching

The Drawing and sketching Art Class is an interactive art session conducted in a clear and guided manner by Visual Arts Centre’s professional art instructor(s) and include step by step demonstration

Price from $28/pax

Watercolour Painting

You’ll embark on a fruitful art journey, learn and accomplish wonderful words of art at out studio or your office or as a gift to your loved ones.

Price from $45/pax

Grafitti Art Painting

Graffiti art may be created with various tools and methods. The process of making Graffiti include design and conceptualisation, drawing, and painting.

Price from $50/pax

Chinese Ink – Fan Painting

Some of the topics we would be learning together are Plum Blossoms, Chrysanthemum, Orchids and Bamboo, also known as the “Four Gentlemen”.

Price from $48/pax

Chinese Ink – Calligraphy

Chinese Ink Calligraphy is different from other forms of painting. It relies on the artist’s ability to capture the essence of the subjects and using limited inks.

Price from $45/pax

Batik Cloth Painting

You do not use pen and paper for batik. Instead, you use cloth instead of paper, and wax instead of ink.

Price from $50/pax

Batik Abstract Painting

Batik art is iconic, tradition rich and accessible for beginners to learn! Batik techniques are useful to produce beautiful pieces of fabric art.

Price from $45/pax

Tote Bag Painting

You can use your creativity or provide us your company logo to create your tote bag using paints!

Price from $45/pax

and Other Themes!

Enquire with us for more themes!

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