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The Best Art Jamming Team Bonding Experience at Visual Arts Centre!

The Best Team Bonding Art Jamming Experience

Fun and engaging, Team Bonding Art Jamming allows co-workers to bond and create artworks together in the form of group and mural painting.

Micron Singapore Mural Art Jamming Team Bonding with Visual Arts Centre Singapore

Ignite Team Work & Creativity through Creative Art Jamming

Work together and get to know your coworkers on a deeper level. Encourage each other to conjure up fresh ideas together, and bring home both an artwork, and also friendships.

Fully Tailored & Customised to Fulfil Team Bonding Objectives

Suitable as a programme during a conference, or as within a half or full day staff retreat, the experience of Team Bonding Art Jamming is unique and customised! According to your group size, objective and duration, art jamming themes are discussed and chosen to fulfil your team’s goals and for the best experience!

Land Transport Authority Singapore Mural Art Jamming Team Bonding with Visual Arts Centre Singapore

Build your Organisation Identity & Recognise Ideas and Visions of Team Members

Organisation Identity can be realised through brainstorming and conceptualising together! The beautiful artwork that you have created will be a reflection of the company’s values and identity, from the employees perspectives!

Achieve a Mural Painting Together!

Through a 2-2.5 hours programme, team members brainstorm, work closely together and come up with a mural painting together. The final product will showcase all of the careful decision making and planning that you have done before and during the painting session!

Fulfilling Team Bonding Programme with meal options!

Guided Team Vision Building and Power Brainstorming! Enjoy your afternoon tea breaks and dinner sessions and bond with your colleagues! Improve on your brainstorming and conceptualisation skills with the help of our professional facilitators!

Alternatively, we can also conduct Art Jamming sessions at your office, HQ or other spaces upon discussion!

We offer a wide range of mediums, here are some of the mediums!

Team Bonding Art Jamming – Individual

Learn Acrylic Painting and take up this fully guided and individually tailored art course. Create a cohesive variation of works in your own small groups that aligns with your company goals or up to your own creativity!

Price from $30/pax


Under Acrylic Painting, we can explore different styles as well. For instance, participants can each paint one canvas and present it at the end of the event. It is a great opportunity for individuals to express themselves through the language of art. It is a fun-filled session discovering the hidden Van Gogh and Picasso among your team!

Team Bonding Art Jamming -Group

Work in your own groups and create one artwork together! All the artworks in the end of the session will link together and align with the company values and mission!

Price from $30/pax

Team Bonding Art Jamming -Mural

One Group to One Canvas Each, Multiple Canvases adjoined to form a Mural Painting. Work together with your team to create a combined big mural that is specially designed to reflect your company’s goals and achievements! 

Price from $30/pax

e2i Mural Art Jamming Team Bonding Activity with Visual Arts Centre Singapore
Mural Art Jamming Team Bonding with Visual Arts Centre Singapore

Mural Painting puts your team to the challenge! It pushes your teams to improve their communication and coordination skills. At the end of the activity teams will have a huge masterpiece ready to be hung at their workplace

Portrait Drawing Workshop

Come together for our Portrait drawing workshop! Learn and understand how to draw and sketch through the academy school approach, able to utilise these skills and enhance your drawing and sketching ability with professional guidance by our instructors!

Price from $45/pax 

Urban Sketching

The Drawing and sketching Art Class is an interactive art session conducted in a clear and guided manner by Visual Arts Centre’s professional art instructor(s) and include step by step demonstration. Explore Singapore and visit the landmarks through sketching out the icons of the city!

Price from $28/pax

urban sketching

Watercolour Painting

You’ll embark on a fruitful art journey, learn and accomplish wonderful words of art at out studio or your office or as a gift to your loved ones. Learn the foundation and basics of watercolour and bring home your very own dreamy painting!

Price from $45/pax

Grafitti Art Painting

Pick up a very unique and special medium of art! Learn the different techniques and skills required to create graffiti fonts and shapes! Learn how to work with spray paint safely and also some hand drawn techniques in Graffiti!

Price from $50/pax

Graffiti spray painting

Chinese Ink Painting – Fan Painting

Learn the traditional style of Chinese Painting, using ink and rice paper! learn how to draw the nature lie trees and bamboo, and also animals! Feel free to draw whatever you like as well, incorporating the traditional ink painting style with a more modern subject!

Price from $48/pax

Chinese Ink Painting – Calligraphy

Chinese Ink Calligraphy is different from other forms of painting, you get to learn auspicious phrases that serves as blessings in Chinese Culture! Learn the traditional way of Chinese Calligraphy, to be written on couplet papers! Suitable as a post dinner or dinner activity!

Price from $45/pax

Chinese Ink Painting

Batik Abstract Handkerchief Painting

Learn the traditional Javanese Painting style with the usage of wax and cloth. Create abstract flowers with vibrant colours under the guidance of a Batik master! Bring home your very own Batik Handkerchief home!

Price from $45/pax

Tote Bag Painting

Create your own design on a tote bag! Using acrylic paint, we will sketch out and paint out whatever characters or symbols that we like and have a very useful bag for you to bring around! Make your very own bag today!

Price from $45/pax

and Other Themes!

Enquire with us for more themes!

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MacPherson Art Studio

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