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The Realm of Vibrancy by Ong Boon Kong
The Realm of Vibrancy by Ong Boon Kong
The Realm of Vibrancy by Ong Boon Kong
The Realm of Vibrancy by Ong Boon Kong
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Realm of Vibrancy by Ong Boon Kong

realm of vibrancy exhibition


‘Realm of Vibrancy’ exhibition, where Chinese Ink Painting takes center stage. Marvel at exquisite artworks portraying majestic tigers, graceful goldfish, serene landscapes, and iconic Singapore landmarks, including the historic charm of old Chinatown. Each stroke of ink breathes life into these masterpieces, encapsulating the essence of tradition and culture. Join us in experiencing the allure and timeless elegance of Chinese Ink Painting’s vibrant storytelling.

Artist Showcase

雪国雄姿 Majestic II, Chinese ink on Rice Paper, 137×69 cm

风从虎 Prowess, Chinese ink on Rice paper 130x65cm

A1 丽影成双 Double Miracle, Chinese Ink on Rice Paper, 50 x 50cm

丽影成双 Double Miracle, Chinese Ink on Rice Paper, 50 x 50cm

荷塘情趣 Harmony, Chinese ink on Rice Paper, 123 x 31 cm

老虎 Vitality, Oil on Canvas, 79x 64cm 

五福临门 134x34cm

Visual Art Centre 175-SOLD_虎啸_Tiger_Roar-28x38cm-2007-$1500-镜框

虎啸 Tiger Roar | 28x38cm | $1500

Visual Arts Centre 9_青梅竹马(熊猫骑虎背水墨)_31x40cm_2011_11_27_$1200_Chinese ink

青梅竹马(熊猫骑虎背水墨) | 31x40cm | $1200

Visual Arts Centre 124_S_疾风_Majestic_37x27cm_$1380_Chinese ink (1)

疾风 Majestic | 37x27cm | $1380

Visual Arts Centre 56_雪山卧虎_75x55cm_$2800_镜框_Chinese ink

雪山卧虎 | 75x55cm | $2800

Visual Arts Centre 120_S_奇缘_豹子兔子_46x69cm_$2600_庚子_Chinese ink

奇缘 豹子兔子 | 46x69cm | $2600

Event Details

Exhibition Dates 展览日期: 

15 – 21 February 2024

Time 时间: 11am-7pm daily

Exhibition Opening 展览开幕日期与时间

15 February 2024, 7pm

Venue 地点: Visual Arts Centre

10 Penang Road, 

#01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green 

Singapore 238469

Guest-of-Honour 开幕嘉宾:

Mr Chuang Shaw Peng 莊紹平先生

President of the Hwa Chong Alumni Association 華中校友会会長

CNY Couplet Writing Demonstration by esteemed calligrapher Ma Shuang Lu

Saturday 17 February, 2pm

The Art of Ong Boon Kong – Curator’s Talk


Saturday 17 February, 3pm

Artist Biography

Ong Boon Kong (1948-2021) was a humble and highly talented artist. Born in Fujian, China and came to Singapore at age 11. He had opportunities to learn art from a number of Singapore pioneer artists including Cheng Chong Swee, Chen Wen Hsi while studying at Chinese High School. In 1976, he became a full-time painter. Ong painted for more than 50 years, travelling to many countries to paint and participate in exhibitions.

He had exceptional observational skills and a deep focus on nature, particularly small creatures like goldfishes and sparrows. Renowned as a “Tiger painter,” he is celebrated for his depictions of tigers, capturing their essence effortlessly on canvas or rice paper. Ong Boon Kong never cared about the attention from media, as he was simply passionate and loved to paint. He focused mainly on watercolors, oil paintings, and Chinese ink paintings the most. Beyond tigers, he also depicted local street scenes, from the bustling markets of Bugis Street to the Samsui women and ordinary people of Singapore. Ong Boon Kong’s art reflected a genuine and profound love for life, showcasing both wildlife and the vibrant local culture of Singapore.

realm of vibrancy exhibition

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