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A Uniquely Creative & Energising Staff Retreat Programme – Team Bonding Art Jamming Singapore

Let us take you on a highly energetic, fun and engaging Team Bonding Art Jamming where you’ll build team rapport and have a thrilling creative team building session. Over here at Visual Arts Centre, we understand that different groups of people will have different dynamics within the group and also very different view of what is fun and relaxing! 

Immerse you and your team mates in a super creative team building art jamming experience where you can choose various art jamming themes and customise your art jamming programme to suit your team’s requirements! 

Our main themes are: Therapeutic | Focus | Alive!

All art jamming and creative team bonding programmes are available for various art mediums, duration, group sizes and may be combined with half day lunch, afternoon tea or dinner staff retreat packages!

Team Building Arts Jamming Mural Painting Art Jamming Session VIsual Arts Centre

Mural Painting Art Jamming Session

What is Team Bonding Art Jamming? How is Visual Arts Centre’s Team Bonding Art Jamming programme different from the other art jamming activities available in Singapore?

Team Bonding Art Jamming is a creative activity where you and your peers can come together to explore a therapeutic, purposeful and memorable team building through art to further establish rapport between one another. And express values like sense of belonging and loyalty of organisations. 
Visual Arts Centre is specialised in providing various creative and engaging Team Bonding Activities and Workshops! Team Building workshops are great in promoting camaraderie and teamwork amongst your colleagues and team. Through our creative workshops, you have the choice of activity,  duration and programme (date & time) completely customised and tailored to suit your team bonding and staff retreat goals! 

Our art jamming is fully guided with all art materials provided and there is no limit of no. of pax! 

Suitable for people of all ages, this creative, enjoyable and therapeutic art jamming is just for everyone!  Spice up your company meetings! Bring out deeper reflections, express values and visions in a fun and interactive way and bring you and your coworkers together through our art jamming sessions!

Team Bonding Mural Painting Art Jamming For Team Work & Cohesiveness

Mural Painting art jamming session promotes team work, cohesiveness and team spirit through the engaging process of brainstorming and conceptualising, and collaborating together to complete a mural artwork for the office. Through the joint efforts of team mates, employees mingle and learn more about each other and their work styles, and are given different roles during the session, all jointly contributing towards a bigger mission of accomplishing a wonderful Mural Painting during the team bonding art jamming session! 


Visual Arts Centre Team Bonding

Highly Engaging Team Bonding & Building Activity – Collaborative Mural Art Jamming

The highly energetic and engaging team building session drives a great amount of participation, group work, collaboration, and encourages team mates to participate and collaborate together to complete. Organisational values, goals and various themes and topics may be discussed and further expressed through mural art jamming team bonding.

Visual Arts Centre Team Building

Creativity & Design Thinking Through Mural Painting Conceptualisation

A picture speaks a thousand words. During the mural painting art jamming process, participants will be introduced to plenty of brainstorming techniques and visual conceptualisation framework and ideas, which will allow them to confidently share their ideas with team mates and come up with visuals and designs under the facilitation of Visual Arts Centre’s team bonding experts. 

An empty canvas may be intimidating for anyone to begin with, but fret not, as the professional team bonding experts at Visual Arts Centre will be planning your entire team bonding programme and session, and meet with your event coordinators to plan a fully engaging, fun and creative mural painting session which will fulfill your team bonding objectives. Let your team’s creative juices flow, spark and ignite your department’s vision, goals and drive for the season and the year ahead with this invigorating and therapeutic team bonding art jamming session!

Visual Arts Centre Fonterra - ASrt Jamming 2023 Team Building

Decorate Your Office With Your Completed Mural Painting

The completed mural can now be framed and proudly displayed in the office. Your team will be reminded of the team spirit and camaraderie shared amongst colleagues, be reminded of company and organisational values and vision, and also enjoy the mural painting as office decoration at your meeting room, board room or common corridors and rest areas! 

Team Bonding Mural Painting Bonds Staff & Forges A Sense of Belonging and Ownership

In Mural Art Jamming, depending on the theme and topic(s) chosen, smaller clusters and teams will have to initiate their own painting ideas and vision. With the ideas of all team members represented, they are challenged and strive to perform the best for the team!


At Visual Arts Centre, our professional instructors would provide guidance on mural design to include the organisation logo with a colour scheme that would bring out your company culture, mission, vision and values like teamwork, integrity, humility, united, accountability, sustainability, learning, fairness etc! 


Visual Arts Centre mettaArt - Art jamming mural painting Art Jamming

No matter whether you are from any industry, like banking / healthcare / engineering / pharmaceutical / technology / education / agriculture / chemical/ FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) or even the government sector, we at Visual Arts Centre with many years of experience would definitely able to tailor the art jamming sessions as per your requirements like date, time, location and etc! Will all art materials provided and full professional instructors’ guidance during the session, rest assured that your employees without or with little painting experience will definitely enjoy the painting session with their teammates!

Why choose the Visual Arts Centre for art jamming and team building?

Visual Arts Centre Roche - Art Jamming 2022 Team Building Art Jamming
  1. Customisable and Tailored Sessions! At the Visual Arts Centre, we have a team of dedicated facilitators who are always ready to discuss with you the objectives for the art jamming workshop to work towards tailoring a memorable and enriching experience for you and your department. Tell us more about your needs!
Visual Arts Centre ThermosFisher - Art Jamming 2022 Team Buliding Art Jamming
Visual Arts Centre OCBC - Art Jamming Mural Painting

2. Guided and fuss free! Our instructors and facilitators will be there to ensure that you and your team will have a fun time and an enriching learning experience. All materials will be provided so fret not!

Visual Arts Centre micron - Art jamming 2022 team building art jamming

3. Excellent Location! We are located right in the heart of the city at 2 locations:

  • Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio: Right above Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, a minute walk from Exit B
  • MacPherson Art Studio: Across the road from MacPherson MRT Station Exit A
  • Alternatively we can also conduct Art Jamming sessions at your office, HQ or other spaces upon discussion.

Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio

Dhoby Ghaut Green Art Studio

Visual Arts Centre

MacPherson Studio

4. Low Prices! Visual Arts Centre offers quality Art Jamming Team Building with all materials provided at affordable costs! Prices start from $30nett/pax.

Read our blog post about the benefits of Art Jamming here!


With 9 years of experience, we’ve served more than 8000 satisfied clients through many special events and projects! Our specialty is providing unique and customized art jamming team building solutions to build rapport within your teams! 


Scroll below for more details about the Themes we offer!


Visual Arts Centre Team Building Art Jamming

We understand that there are many different reasons and objectives for engaging in Art Jamming Team Building sessions, some people want to bring their team together and build rapport, some people want to encourage creativity while some just want to relax and unwind. Here at Visual Arts Centre, we are open to everyone and their different needs! Here are the 3 Art Jamming themes that we have designed.

What kind of experience would you like this to be? We have 3 main themes – Focus, Therapeutic and Alive! Find something that suits your team!

1. Focus

Want a stimulating and enriching experience? Sign up for this art jamming session to bond with your colleagues. 

Think about your visions and goals for your company and work towards creating a masterpiece featuring it! Work together with your colleagues to learn and find out more about yourselves.

Visual Arts Centre Focus Team Building art jamming

Experience the fun of working together to create art with friends and marvel at the completed masterpiece. 

Using your brand identity (organization’s vision and values), corporate colours, create unique and original artworks or a combined mural that can be proudly displayed in your shared office to remember the fun times you’ve had with your colleagues during this art jamming session! Work in teams and brainstorm ways to visually express your company’s visions using vibrant and creative painting methods, guided by our professional art instructors.

Want to create an office mural or hang up several pieces of artwork around your office? Call us to discuss more about your ideas!

2. Therapeutic

Experience Oriental Art with your colleagues!

With the guidance from an experienced Chinese Ink Painting Artist, pick up the basic skills of traditional Chinese ink painting or calligraphy.

Visual Arts Centre Naval Therapeutic Team Building Art Jamming

Create an elegant and beautiful group scroll painting with your team or work on your own personal piece!

With live demonstrations and dedicated guidance from our experienced instructors during this art jamming workshop, you will be able to complete your very own artwork on xuan zhi (rice paper) and bring it home! 

Visual Arts Centre L'oreal - Art Jamming 2022 Team Building Art Jamming
Therapeutic art jamming


3. Alive 

Gather your colleagues for a fully indulgent creative art jamming workshop! During this workshop, you will be able to embark on your personal journey to discovering the creative side of you. Explore your artistic sense and discover the hidden talent within! This Team Building Art Jamming theme focuses on encouraging participants to be creative and express themselves freely.

Graffiti Spray Painting

Visual Arts Centre Landtransport Authority (LTA) - Art jamming 2022 Team building Art Jamming
Visual Arts Centre Graffiti Spray Painting Team Building Art Jamming
Visual Arts Centre

Our Art Jamming workshop with Continental

Let us know about your preferences and we will tailor an art jamming workshop for just for you and your team! Acrylic painting, Watercolour Painting, Clay Sculpting, we can organize a fun session for all! Bring home a unique piece of art that is uniquely you!


Our other interesting Art Jamming activities:

Batik Painting

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre Batik Painting

Accessible for beginners to learn! Batik art is a relaxing activity where we can create simple artworks such as flowers, animals etc for participants to take home.

Chinese Ink Painting & Calligraphy

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre Chinese Ink Painting & Calligraphy

Have the choice to learn various subjects such as plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, and prosperous fruits, etc!

Graffiti Spray Painting

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre Grafitti Art Painting Art Jamming

You can paint your company logo or even paint your own unique designs. Our team of art instructors will guide you through this process.

T-shirt Painting

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre T-shirt Painting

Design your own t-shirt with the theme and subjects to your liking!

Scarf Painting Workshop

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre Scarf Painting Workshop

Soft silk fabrics to draw and design your favourite patterns to make your own scarf.

Portrait Drawing Workshop

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre Portrait Drawing Workshop

Explore Portrait drawing with guidance by our professional teachers under live model presence. Having fun drawing your colleagues and pick up abstract drawing & proportions study along the way! 

Tote Bag Painting

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre teambuidling_art_jamming_women's_day_tote_bag_design_diy

Tote bag painting and design is quite fun whereby you can paint your company logo or even paint your own designs to make it unique!

Urban Sketching

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre urban sketching

Observe and build your composition skills to capture different types of landscapes!

Infographic Illustration

Team Bonding

Visual Arts Centre infographic illustration

Illustrate your company values and unleash your creativity through colours, shapes and lines!

Our past clients:

Our past Team Bonding Art Jamming clients

Visual Arts Centre Past Client Team Building Art Jamming
Visual Arts Centre past clients team buiding art jamming
art jamming past clients - government agencies and private org

Contact/WhatsApp us at 6255 0711 or via email [email protected] for more information!

Receive advice on your Teambuilding Activities and a quotation from us today!

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Receive advice on your Teambuilding Activities and a quotation from us today!

We also provide Virtual Team bonding on Zoom!

Take a look at our Virtual Art Jamming Team Bonding here

Ever since our establishment, Visual Arts Centre has conducted various themed teambonding art jamming programmes and art training workshops for more than 10,000 customers to date. Corporate clients include Baxter Healthcare, Pfizer, Exxonmobil, E2i (NTUC), UOB, Mapletree. Government organisations include the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Attorney-General’s Chambers, Maritime Port and Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, People’s Association and many more.

FAQs of Team Bonding Art Jamming

Art Jamming is a creative activity where you and your peers can come together to explore purposeful and memorable team building through art to further establish rapport between one another. 

Visual Arts Centre is specialised in providing various creative and engaging Team Bonding Activities and Workshops! Team Building workshops are great in promoting camaraderie and teamwork amongst your colleagues and team. Through our creative workshops, you have the choice of activity, duration and programme completely customised and tailored to suit your team bonding and staff retreat goals! 

Our Art Jamming sessions are able to accommodate both small and large group of participants with the help of our experienced and friendly assistants. We have catered from small groups of 5 to big groups of 200 pax!

Contact us today for a discussion on the needs of your Art Jamming session.

No, the Art Jamming sessions are not catered to only participants who have prior experience in art. It is open to all levels – from beginners, to those who have experienced it before! 

Art Jamming essentially focuses on the creative quality time you have with your peers. So fret no longer, and come join us and see what the Art Jamming has to offer!

The Art Jamming fee is a package cost that covers the following:

1. Professional guidance by Main Facilitator 

2. Facilitation by Art Jamming Assistants (no. of assistants varies depending on your group size)

3. All art materials 

4. Conceptualisation – to align your goals to the Art Jamming session specially tailored for your group

We are able to tailor the Art Jamming session according to your needs – be it to fit your organisation’s theme, or simply working towards your preferred time and location!

You will also get to choose and explore the medium of your choice!

We have been grateful to work with multiple big clients (see past client list) and were able to get very satisfactory results and we would like to achieve that with you!

We are open to working around your budget – simply schedule a consultation session with us, and we will walk you through what we are able to offer based on your working budget.

We assure that you will be able to walk away from the consultation session with an upcoming Art Jamming booking with us!

At Visual Arts Centre, we have the luxury of space at our gallery art studio where we get to host a large group of participants up to 100 – 120 pax! 

Our Art Studios at Visual Arts Centre:


10 Penang Road,
#01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green,
Singapore 238469



140 Paya Lebar Road,
#03-04 AZ@ Paya Lebar Building,
Singapore 409015

Besides to have an Art Jamming Session at Visual Arts Centre, we are able to your cater to preference to host the session at your desired location!

Past event spaces where we have hosted these Art Jammings are as follows!

  • Hotel Events & Meeting Rooms
  • Co-working space venues such as, Just Co., Work Central.
  • Cafes
  • Function Rooms
  • Respective workspaces

Enquire now to check on our space availability for your art event!


During the Art Jamming Session, the time allocated for the event will be at least 2 hours to 2.5 hours and it is adjustable based on your preference!

Art Jamming Flow:

  1. INTRODUCTION (10min)– VAC facilitators, Art Materials (Brushes, Paints, Canvases, etc.) and Objective during the session (Team bonding, Therapeutic, etc.)
  2. BRAINSTORMING & SKETCH (20min) – Aligning with the values and objective during the session, participants will need to sketch out their ideas on what they would be painting on the canvas. The idea could be for an individual art piece or a collaborative art piece for a mural painting! Art photo reference will be provided for participants to get some inspirations from!
  3. ARTISTS IN PROCESS (1h) – After finalising and sketching out the idea, participants will begin to do a light sketch of the design on the canvas provided. Then, participants will begin to enjoy the process to begin painting using the acrylic paint. During the process, our facilitators will go around to assist our participants when they are in need of help!
  4. TOUCHING UP OF DETAILS & SHARING (30min) – During the last segment of the of the art jamming session, participants will complete the final details of the art pieces where the edges of the canvases and last alignment of the mural design will be amended as a whole art piece together. There after, participants will start packing up the area which we will begin with a round of sharing on the completed works! Lastly the programme would end with a photo taking session and a nice art piece to be brought home or even hung up in the office!

If you are interested to look for a fun activity to engage with a group of people! And you are ready to be creative and get hands on in the ARTS THEME! You can engage us immediately to help you conduct a art jamming session that fits your interest and goals!

Past participants that has engaged us to conduct Art Jamming Events!

  • CORPORATE COMPANIES – Team-bonding activity among colleagues
  • SCHOOLS – Therapeutic Art Session for teachers to wind down .
  • STUDENTS – To pick up a new art skills   
  • FRIENDS get together during gatherings
  • PRIVATE CELEBRATIONS – Birthday, Private Party, etc for your family and friends.

Depending on your objective for the art jamming experience, you may plan for a fun and creative session for your colleagues to engage where you will create a chance for your team to get together and bond through an art experience!


>> Individual works by each participant and create a storyline as a group that aligns with the values instilled during the session!

>> One Group to One Canvas Each, Cluster Group Painting: Participants may paint in a small groups of six to eight participants to one or two canvases, be seated in a group to brainstorm and paint together!

>> Mural – One Group of 5 to 6 participants to One Canvas Each, Multiple Canvases adjoined to form a Mural Painting.

Not only do we provide art jamming sessions using traditional mediums like acrylic painting and watercolour painting, but we are also able to do interesting mediums such as 

  • Batik Painting, is a traditional art in which hot wax beads or blocks are melted over a fire and it is formed by a unique wax-resist dyeing technique. You wil be taught to do by our professional instructors to  create your own unique batik designs on a handkerchief (30cm x 30 cm)


  • Chinese Ink Painting & Calligraphy, is a representation of Chinese Art. Basic ink painting features the water and ink, black and white. Delving deeper into the Chinese Ink Art, there is the meticulous paintings of flowers like peonies and birds, with its vibrant colours.

We are able to join us for a FOCUS Theme Art Jamming Session, where you can have a wind-down session with your team in which they will create individual artworks that reflect subjects that they are inspired by and are interested in.

With discussion, we are able to plan a fun-filled high energy session among your team members where they could join us on a team bonding Art Jamming session where a group of participants will collaborate and create a masterpiece together! 

After which a sharing session will be done at the end of the different team to present their ideas and final painting that best fit the theme of the day which you can arrange for a fun prize presentation and sing along to mark the end of the teambuilding session!


With a more solemn and formal event, we could suggest that individual participants engage in a personal art piece in which you could prepare an acrylic painting on a tote bag which would be a nice door gift to bring home at the end of the dinner! Besides you can let us know the preferred art creation you would like to engage in during the session to fit the theme of the day best! Such as painting on wine glasses and handkerchief designs.

Our venue can be hired by your team before or after the event for meetings or events which you will require. Please take note that the hire rates will be charged at $150nett per hour with facilities such as Wifi, Projector and Air Condition provided.

Food catering services can be arranged by your team before or after the art jamming session! We may share with you our contact should you need catering services.

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