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Are you looking for fun and exciting team building activities? Visual Arts Centre offers you personalized, fun and enriching Art Jamming sessions! Come join us in this painting experience, a fun day of interaction and bonding with your colleagues!

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Suitable for people of all ages, this creative, enjoyable and therapeutic art jamming is just for everyone! Spice up your company meetings! Bring out deeper reflections, express values and visions in a fun and interactive way and bring you and your coworkers together through our art jamming sessions!


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Why choose the Visual Arts Centre for art jamming and team building?


  1. team buildingCustomisable and Tailored Sessions! At the Visual Arts Centre, we have a team of dedicated facilitators who are always ready to discuss with you the objectives for the art jamming workshop to work towards tailoring a memorable and enriching experience for you and your department. Tell us more about your needs!



2. Guided and fuss free! Our instructors and facilitators will be there to ensure that you and your team will have a fun time and an enriching learning experience. All materials will be provided so fret not!



3. Excellent Location! We are located right in town at Dhoby Ghaut – a glass house studio and gallery space that is conveniently located above Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Alternatively we can also conduct Art Jamming sessions at your office, HQ or other spaces upon discussion.


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4. Low Prices! Visual Arts Centre offers quality Art Jamming Team Building with all materials provided at affordable costs! Prices start from $30nett/pax.




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With 5 years of experience, we’ve served more than 8000 satisfied clients through many special events and projects! Our specialty is providing unique and customized art jamming team building solutions to build rapport within your teams!



We understand that there are many different reasons and objectives for engaging in Art Jamming Team Building sessions, some people want to bring their team together and build rapport, some people want to encourage creativity while some just want to relax and unwind. Here at Visual Arts Centre, we are open to everyone and their different needs! Here are the 3 Art Jamming themes that we have designed.

What kind of experience would you like this to be? We have 3 main themes – Focus, Therapeutic and Alive! Find something that suits your team!

1. Focus

Want a stimulating and enriching experience? Sign up for this art jamming session to bond with your colleagues. Think about your visions and goals for your company and work towards creating a masterpiece featuring it! Work together with your colleagues to learn and find out more about yourselves.

Work together with your team to create a combined big mural that is specially designed to reflect your company’s goals and achievements! Experience the fun of working together to create art with friends and marvel at the completed masterpiece!

Inspired by your organization’s vision and values, paint on your canvases to create creative and original artworks! Work in teams and brainstorm ways to visually express your company’s visions using vibrant and creative painting methods, guided by our professional art instructors.

Create masterpieces that can be proudly displayed in your shared office! Remember the fun times you’ve had with your colleagues during this art jamming session.

Using your brand identity and corporate colours, create unique artworks with your team team. Want to create an office mural or hang up several pieces of artwork around your office? Call us to discuss more about your ideas!


BAT Art Jamming workshop!

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2. Therapeutic

Experience Oriental Art with your colleagues!

With the guidance from an experienced Chinese Ink Painting Artist, pick up the basic skills of traditional Chinese ink painting or calligraphy. Go through a calming and spiritual experience as you feel the smooth silkiness of Chinese Ink on paper. Watch as the ink spreads and fans out beautifully on wet paper, notice how everyone paints a little differently as an expression of their individuality and uniqueness. Feel the stress being relieved from your mind and body!

Have a calming experience during our art jamming session!

Create a elegant and beautiful group scroll with your team or work on your own personal piece!

Fun and creative art jamming workshop with Shell

With live demonstrations and dedicated guidance from our experienced instructors during this art jamming workshop, you will be able to complete your very own artwork on xuan zhi (rice paper) and bring it home! Come together to complete a large scroll painting and bring it back to adorn your office!


Work together during this art jamming session to brainstorm and paint unique ideas for your group scrolls!

Our Art Jamming workshop with Continental!

Come together to work on a collaborative scroll!

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Relax your mind with smooth brush strokes!

3. Alive

Gather your colleagues for a fully indulgent creative art jamming workshop! During this workshop, you will be able to embark on your personal journey to discovering the creative side of you. Explore your artistic sense and discover the hidden talent within! This Team Building Art Jamming theme focuses on encouraging participants to be creative and express themselves freely.

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Let us know about your preferences and we will tailor an art jamming workshop for just for you and your team! Acrylic painting, Watercolour Painting, Clay Sculpting, we can organize a fun session for all! Bring home a unique piece of art that is uniquely you!

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For more information, please contact us at 6255 0711 / 6733 2155 or email us at info@visualartscentre.sg and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Let us help you with your next Team Building Art Jamming activity!

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