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Portfolio Preparation Course for Diploma and Above 48 Sessions 作品集48节课程

Art Course

Art Portfolio Preparation Course for Youths

Sketching process by our student
Portrait Sketch by our student
3D Model work by our Student aiming for Diploma in Fine Arts!
Portrait Painting by our student
Plaster Cast Sketch by our student!

About This Course

Portfolio Preparation Course for Diploma and Above (48 Sessions)

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Looking to apply for Graphic Design / Animation / Interior Design / Fashion Design? Visual Arts Centre offers tailored guidance in the form of our Portfolio Preparation Course, helping students with various aims get into the schools of their dreams,  locally or overseas!

Art Portfolio for Diploma level and above requires specific contents that are unique to that specialisation and major. A portfolio made for Interior Design will definitely be different from one made for Animation! The preparation process is not as simple as just putting together doodles and drawings that you have collected over the years. Each schools have their own criteria and and requirements.

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Visual Arts Centre’s Approach to our Portfolio Preparation Course

Each student have their forte and interests, Visual Arts Centre is prepared to help each student prepare a portfolio that is tailored to the major and courses they are aiming for. For this, a general foundation in various art mediums are required, it helps to build up foundational techniques and knowledge such as composition, tonal values, colour theory, and more.

We’ve collated admission information from some of the top local and global art schools and broken them down into 3 key criterias:

    1. Good Foundational Art Skills in Different Mediums
    2. A Diverse Range of Skills That Showcases Your Unique Style and Capabilities
    3. Clear Display of Logical Thinking and Development of Artwork

We’ve broken the painstaking journey of building a portfolio into two different parts: 

Part 1: Foundational Art Techniques and Training

Part 2: Development of Artworks

Interested in portfolio building for SOTA/DSA instead? Head over here to find out more!

Part 1: Foundational Art Techniques and Training (


The first part of the portfolio preparation programme focuses on the building of foundational techniques and knowledge. This segment is tailored according to the progress and existing foundation of each student; if you have been academically trained before, we will begin learning from a more advanced curriculum! This segment aims to prepare the students with a solid foundation before moving on to work on their portfolio works.

We aim to train our students to have a good foundation that would allow them to thrive in all sorts of artistic ventures in the future. Book a timing with us to have a consultation and start off your portfolio preparation!

Part 2: Development of Artworks

Upon building a strong foundation, we will be moving on to the creating of your actual portfolio works. A general rule for portfolio preparation is that you should have both monochromatic and coloured works that showcases the skills and knowledge within the field you are interested in. We will work with various mediums such as Drawing and Sketching, Acrylic Painting and Watercolour Painting to achieve this. For those who are aiming for courses and majors like Fine Arts, Animation or Game Art, you would need to have anatomical studies and drawings in your portfolio as well! Visual Arts Centre offers life drawing classes suitable for that learning, with a class of either nude life or portrait every week (we’ve got you covered!)

You would need to work on your portfolio both in the studio and at home! Application for art schools and courses are very competitive, and to maximise your success rate, it required hard work!

One of our students’ Creative Composition Work based on COVID-19

Success Stories from our students!

Our student successfully applied for RMIT and LASALLE's Bachelor Degree in Animation
Our student successfully applied for Temasek Polytechnic's Diploma in Apparel Design and Merchandising

How Does our Portfolio Preparation Course Work?

Each student would be given a folder with guides, reference materials, feedback and rubrics made in reference from the criteria of the top schools as well as our our instructor’s professional feedback. On top of that we would conduct an assessment after each learning stage. This folder will be a good addition to the preparation to allow our student to track their progress and know where they are at during the preparation process.

Learning Objectives

Suitable for students looking to apply for arts-related courses and majors for diploma level and above. The course will be tailored to help each different specialisations achieve the portfolio required to secure a seat at their dream course/art universities!

Schedule & Location

Registration & Fees

(All Materials Included):

48 Sessions: $2898 (Part 1 + Part 2)

Validity: 48 Weeks

48 Sessions Portfolio Preparation Course for Diploma and Above 作品集48节课程 (Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Studio
30 Weeks
48 Sessions Portfolio Preparation Course for Diploma and Above 作品集48节课程 (MacPherson)
Location Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Studio
50 Weeks
Part 2 – 24 Sessions Portfolio Preparation Course for Diploma and Above 作品集24节课程(下)(Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio
26 Weeks
Part 1 – 24 Sessions Portfolio Preparation Course for Diploma and Above 作品集24节课程(上)(Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio
26 Weeks

All sessions are to be completed within 36 Weeks as stated. No refunds or transfer of courses to another party. Terms and Conditions Apply.

You will be redirected to the workshop registration page to fill in your enrollment details after you make payment. By clicking “Buy This Package”, you agree with our terms and conditions. Do note that there is no refund for signups.

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