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8th March Women's Day – a special art group team bonding for the women employees

The annual International Woman’s Day is coming this 8 March 2023, we would like to encourage all the hard-working female employees to join us for our special events and workshops. Visual Arts Centre is glad to host these workshops so that these strong women can have a fun and meaningful art workshop where they can relax and enjoy themselves.

Scarf Painting Workshop

Every exquisite woman needs a beautiful silk scarf that she likes and adores, so why not design a unique silk scarf for herself? From choosing soft silk fabrics to drawing and designing your favourite patterns such as lotus, peony, butterflies or even animals like your own pet patterns or abstract or figurative patterns.

Batik Painting Workshop

Women like to hold handkerchiefs or decorate their homes with nice pieces of artwork. Batik handkerchief is an interesting workshop to do on Women’s Day on March 8th. Learn pattern painting, learn batik crafts, make yourself a handkerchief or a tablecloth, have fun and learn something, and have your own exquisite works. Apply this skillset to gift your friends or decorate your home. This captures your attention, the Women’s Day Batik Painting Team Bonding Workshop will be a very interesting and commemorative event for you.

Tote Bag Designing Workshop

A chic woman needs to carry a bag with personality. Most women these days carry canvas bags and linen casual bags when she is shopping since they are timeless pieces to carry around. 

Take advantage of this 8th March – Women’s Day, and let these women each have their own unique bags of their own style. Learn to design bags by yourself by choosing linen fabrics, and bags of appropriate size, and drawing your favourite patterns on them, you can draw flowers, and animals or even write your own name. After designing it, you can carry it on and notice how meaningful it is to have a bag with your own personality.

T-shirt designing Workshop

Young women who like to wear T-Shirts with strong bold personalities of their own, we have a wholesome activity just for you – T-shirt designing. Choose a white or light blank-coloured cotton T-Shirt, draw your favourite patterns or write meaningful words on it. Do this with the women in your company and wear this T-Shirt together to empower each, how meaningful! Take advantage of this Women’s Day, it is a good idea to plan a T-Shirt workshop for the women of the company.

Mural Painting Workshop

When women work together in a company, it is very important to be able to have a sense of unity among each other. Take advantage of this Women’s Day, and provide your fellow female employees with a chance to strengthen the bonds among themselves while doing a Team Bonding Mural Painting activity. This is everyone will work together to plan, research, and paint together, completing a masterpiece composed of countless canvases.  Each woman will take a chance to use her own creativity, testing the tacit understanding among the female employees, whilst reflecting the spirit of cooperation with each other. The final work  can be framed and hung in the company’s lobby as a mural. How meaningful it is to always see your beautiful work as you step into your office every other day.

Creativity & Design Thinking Through Mural Painting Conceptualisation

If you’re interested in joining us for for our Art Jamming, please do email:

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