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Outdoor Urban Landscape Sketching Course

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Creative Kids Art Immersion Course 12 sessions 儿童创意绘画课程12节课

Interested in learning Outdoor Urban Landscape Sketching professionally? Join us for our Outdoor Urban Landscape Sketching Course now!


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Outdoor Urban Landscape Sketching Course

Urban Landscape Sketching of a Shophouse


Urban Landscape Sketching is one of the most practical forms of drawing that can be utilised on the go, for example when you are off on a trip and would like to capture the breathtaking scenery in front of you! The main goal is to express the interaction between man-made elements and nature. It is not a hard skill to learn, and is suitable for learners with all levels of experiences!

(All art materials are provided in this course!)

Sketch Demo by our Instructors

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Observation and composition skills to capture different types of landscapes
  • Sketching techniques and skills to express different textures and elements
  • Basic theories and rules of sketching like one-point, two-point and even three-point perspective

Here are some basic steps we will be covering in the course to ease you in!

Step 1: The View

Select the view you would like to capture on your paper! Have a look around you and pick the area you would like to focus on to pen down. There are many elements that can be incorporated into your drawing, it is important to pick a view that you like!

Step 2: The Composition

Frame your composition! We would want our works to be framed nicely, to showcase the harmonic interaction between the different elements of nature and/or man-made architecture. This is a key step to having a good work!

Step 3: The Draft

Drafting out your work! Start light, and pen down the key elements and focus of your drawing down first before moving on to the foreground, and background. We would want to keep the focus of the work on the main subject so be sure to not have the other elements overshadow it. It is also during this stage that we will apply one-point perspective or two-point perspective depending on your composition, but also the rule of objects being nearer to us being bigger and those further away would be smaller.

Step 4: The Techniques

Expressing and applying techniques! We will be utilising different methods to showcase the work. Some ways we can go about doing this is through line work, colours and more. Some common mediums that we might use include pencil, pen, watercolour and more!

Sketch Demo by our Instructors



This is a guided course with professional instructor guidance and we will also be going outdoors to capture different life subjects such as trees, bushes and architecture. All art materials will be provided for this course and is suitable for learners from the age of 10 years and above with varying levels of experience!


Workshop Date/Time: Sunday, 5pm-7pm

Location: Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Studio

We will be moving to Fort Canning Park to do outdoor live sketching!

Fees: $60nett/pax (ala carte) | $220nett/pax (4 sessions)

*With all art materials included (sketching paper, pencil, eraser, pen, paper, watercolour, coloured markers, paint brushes, board)

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