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Singapore National Day Art Jamming - Building A Future Together

Singapore National Day is near! Celebrate the wonderful 58th birthday of Singapore with us! In these years, Singapore’s economy prospers with stunning growth, industries are performing well with local and international enterprises playing an important role in building Singapore.



A great height of business development and success comes with employees’ contributions. Celebrate the National Day together with your employees by organising a team building art jamming! 

Bring together all your employees for a ‘Building A Future Together’ corporate team bonding art jamming with Visual Arts Centre. Every employee gets to participate together and this team bonding will enhance trust among employees. The relationship between the employees will grow stronger and further help in company success! Uniting them to fulfill the organisation’s mission, goals and visions.

Visual Arts Centre’s art jamming team bonding uses art drawing elements to bring all employees together to complete a piece of incredible artwork. They would engage and support each other through communications and teamwork throughout the painting sessions.  Employees can paint corporate murals that bring out company values, missions and visions. They can also conduct urban Singapore landscape sketching. The team members can paint tote bags, T-shirt or even pick up traditional batik painting techniques!

With 6+ years experience, Visual Arts Centre provides customised art jamming team bonding planning and coordination. We also provide space for art jamming and professional instructors guidance with all art materials inclusive. For more information, you can contact us at 62550711 or email us at !