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Private Art Classes in Singapore


Private Art Classes in Singapore

Private Art Class by Visual Arts Centre

Visual Arts Centre offers one-to-one personalised private art classes for those keen on improving their skills in different art mediums! Our professional art instructors offer private classes for Drawing & Sketching, Watercolour Painting, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Oil Pastel, Digital Drawing and Painting and other art mediums! 

Private art classes offer personalized instruction, fostering skill growth in various mediums for artistic mastery.

This one-to-one private art class is perfect and ideal for you if you want to build an art portfolio in a short amount of time to apply for a school or a job. It is for those who need a more peaceful and conducive environment where they can just strictly focus on improving their skills and techniques with no further distractions. This is definitely perfect for you if you have a short amount of time to improve on skills so you can surprise your family or friends with a personal portraiture gift drawing or painting. Our professional art instructor will be present to provide feedback and guide you, ensuring that you receive the best learning experience.

Private Art Class by Visual Arts Centre

For inquiries about our Art Course, kindly reach out to us through the following contact information:

In a Drawing & Sketching private art session, you will be able to equipped skills such as measuring and perfecting proportions of a still-life subject matter or a photo reference of a portrait of your loved one. The art instructor will also guide you through on how to compose your artwork with various shading techniques (stippling, hatching, cross-hatching), ensuring that shadows and highlights are well captured in the artwork!

Our professional art instructors have all committed themselves to their craft, enabling them to gain artistic skills and techniques to educate those who are in need of more guidance. Their styles range from the more traditional styles of fine-crafted watercolour and realism to drawing and painting portraiture and towards avant-garde styles of pen-work and semi-abstract painting. If you always had an interest in drawing and sketching portraiture, but feel that you lack in the proportions, highlights and shadows, our art instructors are able to guide you through the fundamentals of drawing and sketching.

Refine artistic skills in personalized Drawing & Sketching sessions, guided by dedicated instructors across various styles and mediums.

We ensure that we will be able to provide you with the highest degree of commitment and proficiency. Our art instructors all specialise in different art mediums and styles of their own.

Art instructor guiding to student how to perfect drawing proportions!

Art instructor guiding to student how to perfect drawing proportions!


Art instructors providing tips and guidance to a drawing beginner!

Private Art Teaching is tailored to every individual. It is suitable for beginner learners to advance to intermediate individuals. Private Art Teaching is beneficial and efficient for those who are in need of more attention in ensuring that medium application is done right as well as for those who want to pick up on the medium fast. 

These private classes are led by our very own professional art instructor who has the expertise, skills, and knowledge to teach a variety of people from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds.

Each of our art instructors all work and aimed to provide a private art lesson that is proficient in providing the right techniques and application. Group classes are available if you and your friends are keen to learn and improve on a new art medium together in a short amount of time

Benefits of having one to one session:

  • Learn about art medium style and stylistic techniques efficiently (Pencil shading, Paint brush stroke techniques)
  • Have first hand demonstration of using different mediums (Drawing & Sketching, Watercolour Painting, Acrylic Painting)
  • Fullest attention from art instructors to answer any enquiries at any time
  • Peaceful and conducive environment
  • Quick immersion where you are able to equipped new mediums

Fee: 10 sessions $2500 for 2.5 hours per session, one-to-one art coaching (all materials provided)

Standard duration: 2.5hours (may be customised)

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