Portfolio Preparation Course for Youths – 48 Sessions

Art Portfolio Preparation Course for Youths (DSA)


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Suitable for learners looking to enrol in various art schools, from DSA to Tertiary! For those looking to prepare a portfolio for Diploma level and above, please click here to find out more!


Art Portfolio Preparation Course to nurture and develop artistic talent

One might think that building a portfolio is as simple as putting together a few doodles and artworks your kids have done over the years and submitting them to the schools of your choice. However, taking into consideration of the increasingly high standards of each art school and a growing competition for art schools and DSA programmes, only extremely devoted and passionate students will be admitted to the prestigious art and design schools of their choice!

Firstly, preparing for an art portfolio requires full compliance to a certain set of requirements announced by the respective schools. The Direct School Admission, otherwise known as DSA is a special school admission exercise where students are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate a more diverse range of achievements and talents and seek admission to secondary schools or junior colleges based on their special talents. For example, students may apply for DSA under visual art with a portfolio of artworks that will demonstrate the student’s talent and creativity.

 Quoting the MOE website

Primary 5 students can apply for DSA-Sec based on a wide-range of talents, including:

  • Sports and games
  • Visual, literary and performing arts
  • Debate and public speaking
  • Science, mathematics and engineering
  • Languages and humanities
  • Uniformed groups
  • Leadership (for example, prefects)

For students who are successful with the DSA exercise, they’ll be reserved a place at the respective school of their choice.

Not only that, it is the only platform and chance you get to impress the admission officers with your own sense of style, good art foundational skills as well as your own set of talents!

Click here to read more about building a good portfolio

Visual Arts Centre’s Approach

Every young artist has their own interests. With that into consideration, our professionally trained instructors will train your kid from the utmost basics of drawing and sketching to producing their own unique style of artworks over a period of time. Our goal is to help your kid build a good foundation and slowly – as time goes by, help them find their niche and cultivate their creativity through this art portfolio preparation course.

We broke down 3 key criteria we have collated from some of the top local and global art schools: 

  1. Good Foundational Art Skills in Different Mediums
  2. A Diverse Range of Skills That Showcases Your Unique Style and Capabilities
  3. Clear Display of Logical Thinking and Development of Artwork


We’ve broken the painstaking journey of building a portfolio into two different parts: 

Part 1: Foundational Art Techniques and 2D Works

Part 2: Development of Artworks

Part 1: Foundational Art Techniques and 2D Works

In part 1, we would place more focus on developing your kid’s foundational skills. These foundational skills are the key ingredient to making a great portfolio as it it the base of each and every artist’s journey in the professional world. Over the course of 24 Sessions, we would place emphasis on honing these techniques and thereafter, conduct an assessment after every technique has been taught. This enables us to track our student’s progress and ensure that we are able to identify their weaker points and spend more time on those areas.

Most artists are usually skilled with more than one art medium. At Visual Art Centre, we hope to train our students to be well-rounded. This would enable them to be more versatile and to be able to meet the needs of their clients in the future or even for them to achieve the most out of their creativity in their own artworks.

Part 2: Development of Artworks


In succession from part 1, Part 2 focuses more on the soft skills and utilising the techniques learnt previously for our students to create their own unique works of art. This second phase emphasises more on creativity and helping our student find their own sense 0f style to make them stand out amongst the other applicants.

We believe that not only does the technical aspects of your portfolio matters, so does the interview and the presentation. So with Visual Arts Centre’s curriculum, we understand what these admission officers are looking out for. Thus, we will cover basic knowledge of the fine arts along the way as well as teach your kid some presentation skills that might even be handy in the future.

3d concept work art portfolio singapore

How Does It Work?

Each student would be given a folder with guides, reference materials, feedback and rubrics made in reference from the criteria of the top schools as well as our our instructor’s professional feedback. On top of that we would conduct an assessment after each learning stage. This folder will be a good addition to the preparation to allow our student to track their progress and know where they are at during the preparation process.


ZOOM Options also Available!

We also have ZOOM classes available, it is suitable for portfolio students to create beautiful works and also work on their skills! The Drawing and sketching Zoom Online Art Class is an interactive art session conducted in a clear and guided manner by Visual Arts Centre’s professional art instructor(s) and include step by step demonstration, with art learners being able to follow through the steps, receive tips and guidance at each step. Click on the video below to see how our ZOOM classes are conducted!


Visual Arts Centre is motivated with the mission to get your child into their preferred art school. Over here, we adopt a unique and systematic approach that allows you to train your foundational art skills and develop your own sense of creativity. From foundational skills to how to ace those interviews, Visual Arts Centre has it all covered.

This course is available for registration for just 24 Sessions, that only focuses on Part (1). Click here to find out more!


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Course description:

Registration is now open! (Our Portfolio class will be carried out alongside our regular classes.)

Here is our schedule as follows:

MacPherson Studio

SAT 10:30am-12:45pm | SUN 10:30am-12:45pm

Dhoby Ghaut Studio

MON  11AM -1.15PM / 5PM-7.15PM / 7:30PM – 9:45PM

TUE 3.30PM – 5.45PM

WED 11AM – 1.15PM / 1:30PM – 3:45PM / 5PM-7.15PM

THU 11AM – 1:15PM / 3PM – 5:15PM

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SAT 10.30AM – 12.45PM / 1PM – 3.15PM / 3.30PM – 5.45PM / 6.30PM – 8.45PM

SUN 1:00PM – 3:15PM / 3.30pm – 5.45pm

Age Group: Portfolio preparation students, Youths/Adults applying for art schools

Price (All Materials Included):

48 Sessions: $2898 (Part 1 + Part 2)

Validity: 36 Weeks

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From Monday - Sunday, from 12 January 2022 - 31 December 2022


MON  11AM -1.15PM / 5PM-7.15PM / 7:30PM – 9:45PM TUE 3.30PM - 5.45PM WED 11AM - 1.15PM / 1:30PM - 3:45PM THU 11AM - 1:15PM / 1.30PM - 3.45PM FRI  11AM - 1.15PM /  5PM - 7.15PM / 7.30PM - 9.45PM SAT 10.30AM - 12.45PM / 1PM - 3.15PM / 3.30PM - 5.45PM / 6.30PM - 8.45PM SUN 1:00PM - 3:15PM / 3.30pm - 5.45pm

Number of Sessions:

48 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 2898


VAC Studio

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within 36 Weeks as stated. No refunds or transfer of courses to another party. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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