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Where to learn Professional Chinese calligraphy course in Singapore? The five Chinese Calligraphy benefits for kids and teenagers

Kids and teenagers studying in Singapore find it difficult to learn Chinese. It is very difficult to write Chinese characters, and it is even more difficult to write beautiful Chinese characters. Many kids and teenagers have poor writing skills. Their handwriting is irregular and skewed, and their fonts are not beautiful. Kids and teenagers like this should learn Chinese calligraphy! Learning Chinese calligraphy can help kids and teenagers’s writing skills, improve their Chinese language proficiency, concentration, and personal cultural accomplishment etc benefits.

Chinese calligraphy has strict writing rules. Kids and teenagers and adolescents in primary school mainly focus on literacy. They will learn Chinese culture while learning Chinese calligraphy. This can not only consolidate the knowledge learned, but also promote the improvement of writing skills and make the writing neater and more beautiful and in the right form.

1. Improve the cultural quality of kids and teenagers

Chinese Ink Painting on Fan
If a child learns calligraphy from an early age, it will not only improve their calligraphy literacy and artistic accomplishment, but also cultivate their rigorous and down-to-earth learning attitude and conscious and hard-working spirit of learning.

Kids and teenagers Chinese calligraphy training enables students to improve their aesthetic ability and comprehensive cultural and artistic literacy, and form Chinese  calligraphy expertise and hobbies; writing is a basic skill for primary school students. If a child’s handwriting is beautiful and regular, he will receive a lot of praise, which will increase the child’s self-confidence.

2. Promote the improvement of thinking ability

Chinese Calligraphy learning can stimulate kids and teenagers’ curiosity for knowledge. Observation and analysis of Chinese characters, learning more about the formation of Chinese characters and the origin of strokes, and willingness to become familiar with radicals can help improve kids and teenagers Chinese proficiency and expand kids and teenagers thinking ability.

3. Develop intelligence and cultivate coordination.

The practice of Chinese calligraphy is a vivid and dynamic system that always requires concentration and writing each word well. It requires the brain to direct the hands and eyes to complete the task, allowing the skills of the left and right hemispheres of the brain to develop simultaneously and enhance mutual coordination. Countless examples have confirmed that. Kids and teenagers who have learned Chinese calligraphy are significantly higher than ordinary children in terms of understanding, acceptance, imagination and creative thinking abilities.

4. Cultivate kids and teenagers’ endurance and concentration

Many parents feel that their children are very active, unable to calm down and concentrate easily, which is not conducive to learning new knowledge. But when children go through Chinese calligraphy learning training, the child’s concentration will be improved. Because learning Chinese calligraphy requires full concentration and the cooperation of the brain, eyes, hands and feet, writing can calm the child down.

5. Promote healthy physical and psychological development.

Chinese Calligraphy teaching activities can stimulate kids and teenagers’ curiosity for knowledge. Observation and analysis of copybooks, thinking and understanding of the writing process, and evaluation and reflection on Chinese calligraphy exercises will help to comprehensively improve kids and teenagers’ thinking ability. Writing Chinese calligraphy with a brush can promote the healthy physical and psychological development of children. Writing Chinese calligraphy with a brush can be regarded as an operational process. During this kind of operation, the nerves need to be continuously transmitted, and the feeling of the hand is transmitted to the brain in time. The brain’s thinking activity continuously issues instructions to correct and improve the operation process.

For children, what they gain from practicing Chinese calligraphy is not only beautiful calligraphy, but more importantly, during the Chinese calligraphy writing practice process, children will develop the habit of careful observation, have good moral and cultural qualities, and their memory will be significantly improved. In conclusion, learning Chinese Calligraphy is beneficial to kids’ and teenagers’ growth.

The Professional Chinese Calligraphy course offered by the Singapore Visual Arts Centre for kids and teenagers is personally taught by calligrapher Ma Shuang Lu*. The courses are rich in content and are tailored to the kids and teenagers from different Chinese language and writing levels. Personalized Professional Chinese Calligraphy course starts from the basic level and proceeds step by step, suitable for beginners and Improvement of different calligraphy levels.

Learning content in Professional Chinese Calligraphy Course:

  • Learn the basic structure and stroke writing skills of regular script, running script and official script, the meaning of radicals of Chinese characters
  • learn the structural rules of Chinese character shapes, and guide students to write four-character idioms, Tang poems and Song lyrics, couplets, etc.

The teacher explains and demonstrates throughout the process, allowing students to While learning calligraphy writing skills, you can also improve your ancient Chinese and Chinese language skills.


About Mr Ma Shuang Lu

Mr Ma Shuang Lu, a renowned calligrapher, Head of the Centre for Culture and Art Exchange of the New Asia-Pacific Association of Culture and Art, Art Adviser of Ngee Ann Kongsi, Committee member of the Culture and Education Group of the Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan. He is also a Chinese calligraphy Trainer at the Ministry of Education and People’s Association, and Editorial Adviser of “Nanyang Chinese Chinese Chinese calligraphy” magazine. He sits in the panel of judges for various Singapore National Chinese Chinese calligraphy Competitions.

Mr. Ma’s Chinese calligraphy works have won more than 40 accolades in China national-level competitions organised by the Chinese Calligraphers’ Association. In Singapore, he has won the first and second prize in the National Chinese Chinese Chinese calligraphy Competitions multiple times. He has received a number of titles from various organizations such as the World Association of Artists. He has been conferred the following titles: “The World Golden Award Artist”, “Artist with Outstanding Contributions”, and “Established Calligrapher of China”.

Mr Ma’s Chinese calligraphy works were collected by more than 20 Singapore government leaders. His works were also collected by the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Federation of Art Societies (Singapore), Asian Civilizations Museum, Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, The Black Earth Art Gallery, and many other art organisations. Many collectors and prominent community leaders in Southeast Asia, have collected Mr Ma’s Chinese calligraphy.


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