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Thinking of hosting your next event at a beautiful gallery space?


Look no further! The Visual Arts Centre – a one-stop fully-equipped exhibition space for hire has a beautiful exhibition gallery event space that is ready to be hired, located conveniently in the city central. Nestled amongst the lush green surroundings with all the different amenities that can support your event, we are sure the Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery can seamlessly host your guests in an experience they will never forget!

Located right at the heart of Singapore’s town in central, we are certain our Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery offers one of the most affordable rates you can find in the city area. The Exhibition Gallery at Visual Arts Centre is conveniently located in Dhoby Ghaut, at the heart of Singapore’s bustling Arts and Heritage District. Adjacent to Orchard Road and Penang Road, the Exhibition Gallery is a modern glasshouse building of its own, situated on the green oasis of the Dhoby Ghaut Green park, directly above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Interchange (Exit B). It is the best location in city central to host your events!


Visual Arts Centre is a 1900 square feet glass-house exhibition gallery and studio space housed in the beautiful, lush green habitat of the Dhoby Ghaut Green. In the midst of a bustling city, Visual Arts Centre within the Dhoby Ghaut Green is a peaceful oasis – bringing one a unique experience of visual art in a tranquil environment.

In our gallery space, we have a modern and minimalist exhibition gallery to suit your vision for any event! Our exhibition gallery event space is fully equipped with amenities and logistics to cater to your event needs.

Our exhibition gallery space is a blank canvas that can host a myriad of events. For instance, an art or design exhibition that carries a strong identity and theme. Perhaps you seek to hire an exhibition gallery in Singapore to run your own solo art exhibition, a group art exhibition, or a workshop, seminar event or a discussion forum and talk session; Maybe you seek to hire an exhibition space for a new product launch, a special media release; or, conceivably you seek to hire an exhibition gallery to organise a networking function, a trade fair showcase, a curated artisan flea market; Or perhaps you seek to hire an exhibition gallery to throw an exclusive party. If that is the case, our exhibition gallery is just right for you!

Located in the heart of the arts and heritage precinct of Dhoby Ghaut and in a prime city central location, highly accessible via all modes of transport, the Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery – a one stop fully-equipped exhibition space for hire is a dedicated art space for international and local exhibitions of art and design. The exhibition gallery presents a spacious, open and comfortable space, fully equipped with facilities to support various exhibitions, events, workshops and presentations – suitable for hosting solo and group shows of local and international artists, collectors’ private art collection exhibitions, art auctions, book launches and art workshops/seminars.


Product Event at our exhibition gallery space

Gallery Venue Hire Available for 2023! 

Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Space is ready for bookings in 2023, rent our Exhibition Gallery Space today for your events!

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The Singapore Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Space is located on Orchard Road, one of the flourishing districts in Singapore. It is a convenient and quiet venue used by many enterprise companies and corporations for their product launches. Multi-corporate companies such as Coco Chanel (cafe), SLY, Moleskin, Cartier, Samsung and Estee Lauder and so on have all used our gallery exhibition space before for their events. Beyond that, the Singapore Visual Arts Centre Gallery can be used for a variety of purposes, such as solo artist exhibitions, corporate year-end anniversary events, fashion shows, art jamming, birthday parties, art salons, art workshops, talks, so on and so forth. 


Since our opening in 2016, Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery has been a popular destination for various high profile brands and organisations from a wide range of industries, from networking company events to the season’s most exclusive product launch and media function (e.g SHEIN, Bub Culture, By Marlena). We have hosted over hundreds of art exhibitions and other kinds of events for clients from different countries.

In our Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Space, we have venue-hired out our exhibition space for a range of multiple exhibitions and event. The range goes from Art and Design exhibitions and events from Embassy, Pottery and Ceramics Exhibitions, Boutiques and Lifestyle Pop-ups, flea markets and performances. The range is endless! 

Realise all your wildest events and showcase ideas at the Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Space Singapore!

What are you waiting for? Book our exhibition gallery space today!

Tap on this to find out what to consider when renting a venue for your fashion shows and pop-up!

Art and Design Exhibitions


Art Exhibitions at our exhibition gallery space located in city central

A large number of artists gather here and organise individual exhibitions. The Visual Arts Centre, also a premier visual arts exchange centre, has a gallery room in the city centre. We rent out the magnificent gallery exhibition space at the best price. It can be used for curating exhibitions, wedding plans, costume auctions and holding press conferences. We will also post your work, company information and name on popular social networks in Singapore.

Singapore has a very large art market and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push your art career to the top.


Our exhibition gallery space is great to conduct art exhibitions 

Fashion Show Events


Looking to hire a venue in the city central area to host a fashion show? Our exhibition gallery is the perfect space for you!

In addition to doing regular artist exhibitions, we also do a lot of activities related to fashion shows. A simple party announcement, a new product announcement or an art premiere at a film festival. In the quiet and spacious venue, what you can see is a kind of infinite possibility.

Our exhibition gallery space is great for fashion shows. Come down for a site visit and you can see your vision come to life at our gallery space!


Our exhibition gallery space is a versatile space where the fashion show of your dream can come to life!

Brand Pop-up Events


Organising pop-up events or flea market is a breeze with our beautiful exhibition gallery space right here in city central!

Our exhibition space is also great for pop-ups! With a blank canvas our gallery space is perfect for any brands to organise a curated flea-market style event.

You may also add catering services to your pop-up events at our gallery! We at the Visual Arts Centre are ready to help you execute your dream event at our beautiful venue space.


Our exhibition gallery space is the perfect venue for pop-up events

Design Product Launch


Looking to hire a venue in the city central to organise your product launch event? The Visual Arts Centre’s exhibition gallery space is the perfect venue for you!

Launched in Nov 2016, we have hosted more than 10 product launches for big brands like Cartier and Estee Lauder. Our gallery space is great for different kinds of product launches from make-up to clothes!

During the new product launch collaboration with Chanel, we provided free art materials and professional art teachers’ guidance for their clients during their corporate art event. Everyone had an enjoyable day exploring the world of art too.


Various product launches have been held at our exhibition gallery space

Proposal | Solemnization | Wedding


Our modern and minimalist exhibition gallery space can be decorated to your liking for your proposal/solemnization/wedding!

Hire the Gallery Exhibition Space to celebrate the union between you and your loved one. At our Gallery Exhibition Space, you can even hold your solemnization with us! A solemnization between you and your partner holds important memories! Hiring a space might not be easy when fitting your budget and requirements. At our cozy and tranquil venue, we have held multiple solemnization & weddings at our gallery space.


Our exhibition gallery is located conveniently in city central and is accessible by various modes of transport!

Decorate our gallery space to your liking and theme. Our exhibition space has a long walk-way from the front to the back that creates an isle that is perfect for either you or your spouse to walk down to see the smiles on your family and friends faces. It is also great for catering for your big day. Our venue is great for proposals, solemnization and weddings! We are also conveniently located right above Dhoby Ghaut Station.


Contact us to discuss more about your perfect day.

Team Bonding Event


Our location at the city central is convenient for many to host Team Bonding Art Jamming Events

Apart from these events, our gallery space is great to organise Team Bonding Art Jamming Events as well!

The Singapore Visual Arts Centre has a professional team who can design and arrange a group building activity that reflects the values and culture of the company. We will provide canvas, plastic aprons, painting materials, and also prepare snacks and cold drinks for you.

Click here to learn more about our Team Bonding Art Jamming Events!


A conducive environment for Team Bonding Art Jamming Events

Capacity & Amenities


Picturesque view from our exhibition gallery space

The Exhibition Gallery is a spacious rectangular space of 23 metres long and 7 metres wide, with a capacity of 160 people standing. It is fully equipped with amenities and logistics to cater to your event needs.

Our panels in our venue space are built-in, with a stable and secure adjustable hanging system. Some panels are movable panels for alternative exhibition set-up and arrangement too.


It is always nice to have an opening ceremony for your event or exhibition  to celebrate its success and to create more awareness to the public. We will provide you with the required logistics such as wireless microphones, a small podium, cocktail tables, and seatings. We also work very closely with Stamford Catering and can arrange food and refreshments for your event!


Widespread Publicity

In addition, exhibitions and programmes will be broadcasted on the Visual Arts Centre official website and sent to Visual Arts Centre’s database of art lovers, collectors and high profile art patrons.

We will help to broadcast your events if needed through various platforms

Alternative Venue – MacPherson Studio and Gallery

Visual Arts Centre’s new studio is located directly right across Macpherson MRT exit A. Our Centre is Singapore’s premier arts recreational centre with rotating exhibitions and programmes free for public admission. It is also a professional art studio which offers various art courses for training and workshop. Visual Arts Centre invites one to enjoy art and provides a truly unique and memorable experience of the arts for all ages!


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