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Professional Manga Drawing and Digital Painting Course

Professional Manga Drawing & Digital Painting Course

[Ongoing every Monday (5-7.15pm, 7.30-9.45pm) and Tuesday (3.30pm-5.45pm) ]

Professional Manga Drawing & Digital Drawing Course

About This Course

Established in 2016, Visual Arts Centre Singapore introduced professional art courses and trained nearly 3000 students to cultivate their personal interest and career development. With the demand in ever-changing skills required in the art industry, Visual Arts Centre Singapore introduces a Professional Manga Drawing & Digital Painting Course where students would learn manga foundation,  manga drawing skills with digital drawing and painting techniques. Students will also be exposed to hands-on traditional landscape and digital landscape painting skills to enable them to have a better grasp in foundational proportionate drawing.

Professional Manga Drawing Course in Singapore

Digital Painting manga character 2

What is Manga?

Manga or known as novel comic, narrates stories through graphics. Manga is inspired by true stories and sometimes presented with some transformation, exaggerations, personification, symbolism or reflection. Manga can spark a range of emotions amongst its readers – from feeling entertained to enlightened.

Digital Painting manga character 5
Digital Painting manga character 4
Digital Painting manga character 3

The purpose of a manga artwork is to narrate stories through painting. 

Character drawing is crucial foundation for manga drawing. This includes portrayal of head proportion, facial expressions and hairstyle to head-body proportion, character body motion and more. Learn to observe and depict a character’s choice of fashion and its presentations. Learn to present perspectives through different situations and backgrounds. 


Over in the recent years, career options like professional illustrators, manga cartoonist, ad designers are on the rise with the rising popularity of digital painting. Certainly, digital painting knowledge gives you a headstart to a career in the creative industry. But digital painting requires traditional painting skills as digital painting artworks are not remade and they are produced through the paper and pen within the digital painting software.


Digital Painting manga character

With solid foundation of line, colouration, tonal, perspectives and imagination in traditional drawing, this would help to produce digital painting artworks in a more realistic form.

Children who start to draw at a young age are prone to draw humans in cartoon forms. Why not allow them to try our professional Manga Drawing course in Singapore? We cater to all beginners and children looking for improvement in their manga drawings. 

manga drawing and coloured illustration holiday art class for 8 to 12 years old at Visual Arts Centre

Our Student practicing manga drawing features

We conduct regular Manga Drawing Classes in Singapore! Join our Professional Manga Drawing class today and learn all the fundamentals skillsets of Manga Drawing.

Course Details

Class Timings:

Monday | 5pm-7.15pm & 7.30pm-9.45pm (Manga Drawing)

Tuesday | 3.30pm-5.45PM (Digital Painting)

Thursday| 3:30pm – 5:30pm (Manga Drawing)

Friday| 2:30pm – 4:30pm (Digital Painting)

Course Fee: 12 sessions at $1188nett / 24 sessions at $2188nett

This 2 hour per session course is suitable even for beginners.

The course will cover character drawing, which is crucial foundational for manga drawing. Suitable for ages 9 and above.

The course has a validity period of 14 weeks.

Professional Digital Painting Course in Singapore

Professional Manga Drawing and Digital Painting Course in Singapore

Digital Art Drawing Students using IPad and laptops to draw their digital artwork

What is Digital Painting?

Digital painting refers to the process of creating artwork using digital tools and software. It involves using a digital drawing tablet or a computer with specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, or Clip Studio Paint, which offers a wide range of brushes, colours, and other digital tools.

These programs provide a digital canvas where artists can create and manipulate their artwork. Digital painting requires traditional painting skills as digital painting artworks are not premade and they are produced through a canvas through the software. With solid foundation of line, colouration, tonal, perspectives and imagination in traditional drawing, this would help to produce digital painting artworks in a more realistic form and present stronger 3D perspective effects.

Digital painting offers several advantages over traditional painting methods. It allows for easy undo and redo, while offering a wide range of digital brushes and effects. It also provides the convenience of working without the need for physical art supplies or extensive cleanup

This professional technical digital painting knowledge would help students to create complex and detailed digital artwork. By understanding the combination of artwork and landscape design, students will create artworks that are more realistic and appealing. Digital software application skills will help students in creative industries. With these advanced technologies, students are able to upskill their digital painting knowledge and techniques to prepare for future careers in digital art painting and design industries. 

past student digital artwork

Professional Digital Painting Course Details:

  • This course runs for 2 hours for each session. It is suitable for beginners who have attended art classes previously or currently. Recommended for all aged 9 and above.
  • There will be the foundation and theoretical knowledge taught to the students during their art classes.
  • Validity for twelve sessions is fourteen weeks with up to four make up classes.

Contact or WhatsApp us at 6255 0711 or email us at for more course enquiries! 

Suggested Digital Painting tools:

Basic tools required for this digital painting workshop includes the following:

Either Procreate or relevant Adobe softwares (eg. Adobe Illustrator) and relevant digital tools

  1. Laptop + Drawing Tablet (Wacom/Huion ect.) 
  2. Ipad with Apple Pencil/Pencil with pen pressure
  3. Any smart tablet with pencil with pen pressure

Pen pressure is crucial in creating good digital art, as it gives you the option of defining the thickness and heaviness of each stroke as if you are using a real pencil! This adds the feeling of depth to your work, making it more impressive.


Softwares that you can use:

Laptop users

Free softwares like Krita or MediBang Paint works fine. If you have the budget, Photoshop would be the best choice.

Ipad users

Free softwares like Adobe Fresco or Clip Studio works fine. If you have the budget, Procreate will be the best choice.


Art materials and tools will not be provided for this workshop.

An overview of the basic steps we will be covering in the course to ease you in!

  1. Choosing the right size and resolution of the digital canvas, just as you would choose a physical canvas for traditional painting.

  2. Sketching and Drawing with the stylus or pen on a drawing tablet. Select different brushes and tools to create lines, shapes, and textures of your choice.

  3. Applying Colors and Textures using various brush types and settings. Feel free to blend colours to create gradient and contrast to achieve your desired effect.

  4. Digital painting allows the flexibility to create using multiple layers thus, artists can work on different elements of the artwork on separate layers to enable adjustments, and refine details without fear of affecting the entire composition.

  5. Upon completion, add final touches to enhance the overall appearance of the artwork.

Professional Manga Drawing & Digital Painting Course Overview

Within the course objective, they will learn to draw human figure proportion, character dynamics, character drawing in digital form Computer Graphics Processing etc.

Beginners are welcome to join us as we provide guidance across all levels!

The combination of foundational training on both traditional drawing and digital painting tools usage would produce more attractive artworks. Having skills in traditional drawing and digital painting would help to lay solid foundations for a future career as an illustrator / manga cartoonist / cinematic producer / interior designer/ fashion designer etc!  

Course Contents:

  1. Learn colour theory, composition and fundamentals of digital painting technical knowledge
  2. Character style, perspective and texture introduction
  3. Create realistic nature designs 
  4. Create cityscapes with the use of digital tools

Throughout the 12 sessions, your child will be engaged in:
– Developing two pieces of manga character drawing with traditional mediums (coloured or graphic black and white)
– Complete two pieces of full manga digital artwork incorporating character design, background and scene
– Create a three to five scene comic strip incorporating self-designed manga characters and scene

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Who is suitable for professional art therapy course and treatment?

As long as the patient is open to embracing art as a form of therapy, they can join the session. Art therapy can help certain groups of individuals such as:

  • Individuals with depression
  • Individuals with Psychological Trauma

  • Children with special needs

  • Elderly with dementia

  • Family-related trauma

  • Individuals who struggle with socialising

  • Individuals who struggle with regulating their emotions/ negative self-talk

Art Studio and Exhibition Gallery at Dhoby Ghaut Green

Address: 10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

Exit from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Exit B and turn left, we are there in 30m!


Registration & Fees

12 sessions Professional Manga Drawing & Digital Painting Course
Location Visual Arts Centre Studio
Only valid on workshop date and schedule stated.
24 sessions Professional Manga Drawing & Digital Painting Course
Location Visual Arts Centre Studio
Only valid on workshop date and schedule stated.

You will be redirected to the workshop registration page to fill in your enrollment details after you make payment. By clicking “Buy This Package”, you agree with our terms and conditions. Do note that there is no refund for signups.