Our Artists


Fan Chang Tien-范昌乾

Literati artist Fan Chang Tien was born in 1907 in Guandong’s Jieyang, China. After graduating from the Xinhua Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai, in 1928, Fan then became a renowned artist in Guangdong China.

Fan taught art and ran an art school before the local Chinese government sent him to Thailand in 1947.



Ling Cher Eng – 林子影

Born in 1940, Ling Cher Eng was a second-generation Singaporean artist. Ling studied Chinese painting under the pioneer artist Fan Chang Tien (1907-1987) from 1957, when he attended Chung Cheng High School.

The literati tradition of the Shanghai School of painting as practised by Fan, which can be traced back to the Shanghai School masters Wang Geyi, Wang Yiting, Pan Tianshou and Zhu Wenyun deeply influenced Ling and resonated with his passion for ink painting.







Fan Shao Hua – 范少華

Fan Shao Hua’s interest in art began at a very young age. his father was conversant in both Chinese calligraphy and painting, and painted in the Lingnan style. During his early education, his art teachers also influenced him greatly. That led to his admission into the Guangzhou academy of Fine art in 1981 where he was trained in Western paintings.



Mo Ni – 莫尼

Mo Ni is truly a globalized citizen, she frequently travels between Asia, North America and the Europe continents in searching of novel inspiration for her artwork. She is deeply committed to the beliefs that “art is the creation of life”, and masterfully blends a variety of different mediums including oil, acrylic, traditional Chinese ink and color to create contemporary masterpieces. Mo Ni’s art is a passionate reflection of the soul of nature and the inherent infinite opportunity offered by nature’s creations. Rich, fluid and robust colors accompanied by a combination of expressive representation of how nature and life entwine, has offered her audience a unique visual experience that evoke limitless imagination. Over the years, Moni’s artworks have been favored by collectors from all over the world.




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