ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions – Chinese Ink Painting series (8 Sessions)

The Best Online Art Classes In Singapore – Zoom Live Art Sessions


The BEST Online Art Class in Singapore is here! Never has there been a fully guided online art class in such fine detail and precision so that art learners and beginners would be able to accomplish an artwork and fast-forward their art learning with an appreciation and understanding of the Chinese Ink Painting! With our professional art instructor’s step-by-step demonstration of art techniques and detailed explanation on the approach and methods, personalized instruction and advice based on individual artworks at each step, art learners will be fully guided to complete an artwork during each session.

Visual Arts Centre’s ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions are here from 8 April to 30 June inclusive during the circuit breaker period! Why not take this quiet time at home to plan a fruitful calendar of self-learning, and count on us to help you to learn with ease and enjoy art from the comfort of your home with our Zoom Online Art Classes – VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions in three series – Drawing and Sketching series, Acrylic Painting series, Watercolour painting series, Chinese Ink Painting series.

On-going studio Chinese Ink Painting Class every Wednesday, 7.30pm – 9.45pm open for registration!

Chinese Ink Painting series – Fan painting, classical subjects and birds and flowers

(Finish one Chinese ink painting work on a mounted Fan in one session and learn classical subjects, birds and flowers through our ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions!)


Suitable for beginners to advanced levels, teenagers and adults may join this class!

Subjects/Topics: Fan Painting I – Plum Blossoms; Fan Painting II – Chrysanthemum; Fan Painting III – Orchids; Fan Painting IV – Bamboo. (Complete one artwork per session, four artworks for the entire Fan Painting series)

The Chinese Ink Painting Zoom Online Art Class is an interactive art session conducted in a clear and guided manner by Visual Arts Centre’s professional art instructor(s) and include step by step demonstration, with art learners being able to follow through the steps, receive tips and guidance at each step and be able to complete an artwork at the end of 2Hours and 15Minutes. With an artwork completed at the end of each session, you can choose and pick any four sessions to attend at $180 nett only, or attend one single session at $75nett. The art class has a 5-15pax capacity and is suitable for teenagers and adult learners of all ages and experience.

Watch Visual Arts Centre LIVE ZOOM Chinese Ink Painting Video here:

Advantages of our Zoom Online Art Class @Visual Arts Centre Singapore

+ High quality, professional art class, workshop style so you can accomplish one artwork per session

+ 2Hours 15 Mins per session with step by step guidance, art instructor’s live demonstration

+ Suitable for beginners, teenagers to adults of all ages

+ Small class size 5pax-15pax with feedback and direct tips and instruction during the art class

+ Learn Chinese ink painting through the academy school approach, able to utilise these skills and enhance your Chinese ink painting ability

> Check out the Schedule below and find out more about the Art Materials Pack which you may prepare on your own or purchase from us with home delivery right to your door step!

Chinese Ink Painting zoom session

chinese ink zoom class blossom

Chinese Ink Painting ZOOM LIVE Art Session Schedule

Art Materials Pack home delivered to you @$30.*For home delivery, the current schedule is 2 working days, however please allow for up to 4 days to receive the art materials pack, as this is a busy period for courier services.

VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions will allow our art loving students to continue their passion for art and learn and pick up a lot of skills and techniques within the safe environment of your home! We welcome new art learners to pick up acrylic painting whilst at home for this month! Zoom Online Art Classes by Visual Arts Centre is ongoing, our VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions Calandar is till 30 June 2020. Our usual Art Studio lessons will resume from 2 June 2020.

VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions 
– Min 5pax-15pax per session
– 2 Hours 15 Mins per session
– $75/session or $180/four session series
– Able to complete one artwork for most sessions except for Acrylic painting which requires 2 sessions to complete Part 1/2 & Part 2/2
– Regular VAC Art Students may use 1 STUDIO Art Sessions to exchange for 1 ZOOM LIVE Art Session.
– Art Materials list provided for students to prepare own materials or you can choose to have art materials pack delivered to your home inclusive of delivery price @$25 Drawing series, @$30 Chinese ink painting, @$30 Watercolour painting, @$40 Acrylic painting.

Chinese Ink Painting Classical Subject – Four Gentlemen


Keen to sign up or find out more?

Fret not if you are a complete beginner, this Chinese Ink Painting series and our other ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions – Acrylic Painting and Drawing and Sketching series are suitable for you! Worry not if you do not know what to buy because you have the option of ordering an Art Materials Pack delivered to your home @$30 only, inclusive of courier charges.

To prepare for your art class, what you’ll need to have is just a Laptop, a table to work on and your enthusiasm for learning!

How Do I Sign Up for the Zoom Live Art Sessions and How do I use ZOOM?

Scroll down to purchase for a series of 4 Sessions to attend at any of our schedules listed and an email will be sent to you for confirmation of your purchase. Please reply to the email to let us know the date/timing of your choice and we’ll be in touch with you on the ZOOM LINK to join our ZOOM LIVE Art Session and simply get ready for your class!

To use Zoom, simply click on the link to download ZOOM at: https://zoom.us/download, we’ll send you the Zoom Live link, click in and get ready to join us LIVE for your art session!


Student elated to complete their Chinese Ink Painting

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Current VAC Art Students may use TWO Studio Sessions to exchange for THREE ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions!

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Please call us at 67332155 or WhatsApp 62550711 | Email: info@visualartscentre.sg

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Alternatively, you make join us for sessions in our Studio here as well!

Chinese Ink Painting @ Visual Arts Centre Studio

Visual Arts Centre conducts Professional Chinese Ink Painting sessions at our studio. This Chinese Ink Painting is conducted every Wednesday night from 7.30pm – 9.45pm (Call us to enquire!). Our professional art instructor will be present to guide you through the very basics of how to use the Chinese brush so that you can have a foundation in Chinese Ink Painting.


Exterior of Visual Arts Centre!


Chinese Ink Painting session conducted in Visual Arts Centre


Come and join us for a fun Chinese Ink Painting class


For Art Course Enquiry, please call us at 67332155 or WhatsApp 62550711 

Course description:

VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions – Chinese Ink Painting

– Every Friday, 7.30pm – 9.45pm
– Min 5pax-15pax per session
– 2 Hours 15 Mins per session
– $75/session or $180/four session series
– Able to complete one artwork per session
– Regular VAC Art Students may use 2 STUDIO Art Sessions to exchange for 3 ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions
– Art Materials list provided for students to prepare own materials or you can choose to have art materials pack delivered to your home inclusive of delivery price @$25 Drawing series, @$30 Chinese ink painting, @$40 Acrylic painting.

Art Materials Pack for Chinese Ink Painting

  • Chinese Ink 100ml  (Marie/Beijing Yi De Ge or other brand)
  • Chinese painting pigments (Marie or other brand – pack of six or eight colours)
  • Chinese brushes two pieces – medium size and small size (goat’s hair or squirrel hair)
  • Chinese rice paper
  • Chinese mounted rice paper on cardboard fan shape (round or other shapes) 33x33cm

Art Materials are available for purchase at Overjoyed.xyz

All the listed art materials under the Art Materials Pack will be delivered via courier to you at your home address. Contact us to request for delivery of art materials pack.


Every Wednesday - Friday, from 19 August 2020 - 31 December 2020


7.30pm - 9.45pm

Number of Sessions:

8 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 340


VAC Zoom Live Art Sessions

Terms and conditions:

No refunds for ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions, you may change to another date/time. Replacement of another attendee is allowed if the original attendee is unable to make it for the class. Option of four sessions of Chinese Ink Painting Live Zoom class to attend from 8 April to 30 June inclusive.

Interested in this course??

Call us at , or email us at to enquire / register about this course