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Art Learning and Exploration
As Your Best Gift To Your Child

Art Learning and Exploration As Your Best Gift To Your Child

The beginnings to any form of learning could be daunting, but a child’s curiosity in art learning and exploration knows no fear and boundaries… Which is why we should encourage a child’s learning adventures, be it sports, music, or art, parents have enrolled their child in various enrichment activities in the hopes of developing a child’s interests with learning on the topic.

Art Exploration Series – Youth Holiday Classes Drawing and Sketching

Art Learning and Exploration - When Do We Begin?

Learning art and exploring on various artistic practices is no different! Parents may begin to introduce their child to doodling and painting from as early as two years old with full adult supervision. Doodling and painting allows children to play and interact with materials safely in a tactile manner, and gain experience and practise in hand-eye coordination, as they build on their grip and motor control skills. The process of self-expression is also therapeutic, as it helps in regulating emotions.

kids holiday art explorations course at visualartscentre singapore

Kids Art Classes - What Is Taught In Kids Art Classes And Why Are Art Classes Beneficial?

At about five years old, they may have more practise and confidence in their motor skills and ability to communicate and interact with others. As such, ages five to seven is a great age range for your child to kickstart on art classes and learning. A good art studio for your child will be one that provides a multi-medium art curriculum which will promote their overall art learning and exposure. Having a balance between fine art and craft topics is also an area of consideration, as teaching kids to pick up art skills such as drawing and painting can be difficult, and craft activities may be easier and more fun and fulfilling. However, art skills and techniques which children learn in an art class will be the foundation to build their further interest and learning on the topic, and also a big improvement to their art skills which will boost their confidence in art.

Visual Arts Centre’s Creative Kids Art Immersion Programme

Art Learning With Professional Academy Approach – Ages Eight and Above

At Visual Arts Centre Art Studio, students of ages eight and above are transferred to the Creative Junior Learner programme, which is the level up of the Creative Kids Art Immersion programme. The Creative Junior Learner programme caters to children of eight to nine years old only, and is a 1.5h professional art class tailored to introduce and teach them academy approach drawing and sketching in tonal style, graphic line sketching, coloured sketching and illustration, acrylic painting on canvas, watercolour painting, and mixed medium art expression. Children have the ability to learn art at a higher level of difficulty from eight and above. They will have better observation skills and are able to focus and understand deeper, which will allow them to be able to concentrate and interpret the teacher’s instructions more effectively. As a result, we begin to see bigger jumps in students’ improvements in this age group.

art portfolio Preparation course ( process) with private coaching for DSA with Visual Arts Centre

Art Learning For Portfolio Preparation – For Students Applying To Art Schools

With the increasing popularity of Direct School Admission Exercise, as well as the increased number of arts related courses and programmes available for enrollment, this gives students the opportunity to consider arts education beyond the classroom.

Arts related courses provides your child with the opportunity to develop their sense of creativity and identity through artistic expression from a tender age. Who knows, you might even uncover your child’s hidden talent in the process!

Here at Visual Arts Centre, we have various Portfolio Preparation Courses that can cater right to your child’s needs. Be it for Direct School Admission, Diploma or Degree level, our professional and patient teachers will be able to guide your child to their fullest potential for a portfolio that is uniquely theirs.

The Portfolio Preparation Course also provides the option for you to attend our uniquely curated one-to-one portfolio coaching session with our teacher for maximum guidance on how to ace your application.

art portfolio Preparation course ( process) with private coaching for DSA with Visual Arts Centre

We also offers courses that suits you

We also offers courses that suits you

Creative Kids Art Immersion Course!