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Here’s our guide of the best art courses that’ll suit a range of art levels and interests!

Are you looking for a professional art course in Singapore that suit any level? Our Art Courses at Visual Arts Centre Singapore is exactly what you are looking for: a wide range of class curated to your needs and interests, classes available everyday throughout the week, and all arts material are ready for you!

We provide art courses in a wide range of mediums: Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolour Painting, Drawing and Sketching, Chinese Ink Painting, as well as a comprehensive course on Portfolio Preparation. Our teachers are academically trained and have over 20 years of experience in teaching arts.

Save your time from surfing through the entire website by reading this summary of all our available course and choose your best fit!



This course is perfect for those who wants to pick up your skill in drawing and painting or want to advance your skills in professional drawing and painting. You have the flexibility to learn up to 3 Mediums – Pencil Drawing and Sketching, Watercolour, and Acrylic.

Suitable for beginners/intermediate to advanced learners. Our courses and objectives run according to a structured curriculum under a guided approach. Our most popular course is 24 Lessons Art Immersion Course (valid for 26 weeks) and 12 Lessons Art Immersion Course (valid for 14 weeks).


drawing and sketching still life object singapore

Student doing pencil Sketching

A watercolour work by our teacher

Student doing Acrylic Painting

Understanding that each person have different need, each class is personally curated to match with your capability and interest. Our professional teachers will provide step-by-guidances so do not afraid to get started!

24 Lessons Art Immersion Course

  • 3 Mediums: Pencil Sketching, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting
  • Validity: 26 Weeks
  • Class time: From Monday – Sunday, join at least once a week

The course is suitable for participants of all levels. With the validity of 26 weeks, you will have time to build up your foundation, explore all mediums and concentrate on your preferred one. We recommend students to join the class at least once a week to efficiently practice the techniques and keep the momentum. Students will acquire basic skills in drawing and painting:

  • Understand composition, colour mixing rules and techniques of complex works;
  • Accurately compose object’s form, landscape’s perspective and portrait’s proportion;
  • Independently navigate the painting process;
  • Understanding of light and shadow;
  • Practice the use of colour theory.

For the period of 26 weeks of the course, the student can achieve intermediate level of one preferred medium. For example, a student practice both Pencil Sketching and Acrylic Painting in 24 lesson course. He/she will achieve intermediate competency in Acrylic Painting, while having strong basics in Pencil Sketching.

The topic of the course covers landscape, still life object, portrait, and up to the student’s interest.


Pencil Sketching study of plaster head


Acrylic painting study still life object

Student and teacher happy with their Acrylic Painting

Student learning portrait from live model with acrylic painting

12 Lessons Arts Immersion Course

  • 3 Mediums: Pencil Sketching, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting
  • Validity: 14 Weeks
  • Class time: From Monday – Sunday, join at least once a week

With same benefits as 24 Lessons Arts Immersion Course, 12 Lessons Course is for those who are unsure about their commitment or looking for a short experiment first. The course will provide students with the following skills and knowledge:

  • Accurately compose object’s form, landscape’s perspective and portrait’s proportion;
  • Independently navigate the painting process;
  • Understanding of light and shadow;
  • Introduction to colour theory.

After 12 lessons, the students will be able to acquire foundation in at lease two preferred mediums.


Student practicing still life object sketching

A cat portrait done in watercolour


Student with her proud work


We provide Professional Chinese Ink Painting Course for those who are attracted to the delicacy, mystery and simple beauty of the traditional Chinese art. This is a specialty offered within a wide range of Arts Courses at Visual Arts Centre Singapore.

In this affordable Chinese Ink Painting class, students will be introduced to learn the Chinese brush strokes techniques, materials and skills required in Chinese Ink Painting. The art form itself is tricky to master – the brushstrokes and the way to manoeuvre ink and water.

12 Sessions Chinese Ink Painting Course (Studio)


In this course which is set at the studio, we will help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Materials knowledge, brief history of Chinese Ink Painting
  • Compositional skills, brushworks, techniques – through learning:
    • Four gentlemen – plum blossoms, chrysanthemum, bamboo, orchids
    • Birds and flowers
    • Introduction to landscape painting
    • Introduction to abstract/semi-abstract Chinese landscape painting
    • Calligraphy practice in every session (to understand brushwork, calligraphy strokes)

Chinese Ink works done by our students

chinese ink painting work singapore

Our students and teacher at the end of their Chinese Ink Painting studio lesson

flower chinese ink painting singapore

Student perfecting her Flower Chinese Ink Painting at our studio

chinese ink painting bamboo singapore

Our students practicing painting bamboo using Chinese Ink

8 Sessions Chinese Ink Painting Course (Zoom)

If you prefer the comfort of your home while learning and practicing, join our Zoom Course in Chinese Ink Painting! For first-time student, we also offer Art-kit delivery option to get you prepared and ready for the lesson every Friday evening!

With step-by-step guidance from our professional instructor via Zoom platform, every class will introduce one different images that required different techniques. Same content and quality delivered to you while you stay comfy and concentrate at home!

chinese ink painting zoom lesson

Cherry blossom Chinese Ink Painting session through Zoom

Sunflower chinese ink painting singapore

Our student completed her sunflower Chinese Ink Painting in one Zoom session

cherry blossom chinese ink painting singapore

Our students happy with her blossom cherry Chinese Ink Painting


Visual Arts Centre presents – 4 Sessions Nude Life Drawing / Portrait Life Drawing Course at $220 nett only. Nude Life Drawing / Portrait Life Drawing sessions are ongoing with one to two sessions each month on Thursday evenings, from 7:30pm-10pm. This 4 session course will give you a good introduction and exposure to Nude Life Drawing / Portrait Life Drawing, and you may choose to attend either or both Nude Life Drawing and Portrait Life Drawing sessions which is held once a month.

Whether or not you are a beginner or regular practitioner, this workshop is still unable to miss out. For beginners, each lessons will come with step-by-step guidance from our professional teachers. You will be able to achieve:

  • Foundation understanding of human anatomy composition/human portrait proportion
  • Techniques to observe, measure and construct an accurate sketching/painting

For professionals, you will come in with many perks awaiting:

  • Challenge your skill with real life model in different posture each session
  • Chances to experiment other mediums beside pencil sketching: acrylic paint, watercolour, oil pastel
  • Tips from our teacher to express your unique characteristic in the painting

The workshop is usually take place on Thursday evening, 7.30pm – 10pm.

portrait drawing workshop singapore

Portrait drawing from life model

watercolour nude life drawing singapore

Watercolour Nude Life Painting

Want to find out more about each series of Workshop? Click on the link below:

Nude Life Drawing Workshop dates:

  • 2020: 15 Oct, 29 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov, 10 Dec
  • 2021: 7 Jan, 21 Jan, 25 Feb

Life Portrait Drawing Workshop dates:

  • 2020: 8 Oct, 5 Nov, 3 Dec
  • 2021: 14 Jan, 4 Mar, 25 Mar, 8 Apr


The purchase of 4 Workshop Sessions is applied to either Nude/Portrait Life Drawing Workshop. The validity of the workshop sessions is 3 months from the attendance of the first session, or up to 4 months from the date of registration/purchase.


kids arts class at visual arts centre singapore

12 Lessons Creative Kids Immersion Course

Creative Kids Art Immersion Course takes on a unique learning approach that encourages children to think out of the box. The course takes the kids through a fun learning journey of discovery and creativity with a wide variety of themes being covered – from the arts to the sciences to geography to anything under their imagination – the world is their oyster to explore!

Beside chances to experience traditional drawing and sketching mediums as colour pencil, oil pastel, markers, we encourage them to try out different mediums and 3D objects such as dry/wet clay, recycle paper models, and mask making. Kids will be able to achieve the following objectives when join Art Courses at Visual Arts Centre Singapore:

  • Composing and Observation Skill
  • Understanding of Colour Harmony and Usage
  • Blending and Drawing Techniques
  • Independent Creative Critical Thinking


  • Tuesday, 4.30pm – 6.00pm
  • Sunday, 11am – 12pm
  • Sunday, 3.30pm – 5pm

All materials will be provided at our class. There will be snack and drinks to keep those little bellies filled as well!


Our students using acrylic to recreate their favourite painting

A drawing study pencil colour


Looking for a preparation course to enter art school/art university? Seeking for a course that build concrete foundation in arts to pursue the fine art/design/creative career path in the future?

Join our Portfolio Preparation CourseGuided by our professional instructors, our Portfolio Building course will be perfect for those who seeking a class to build up strong foundation in drawing and painting skill. This programme is suitable for kids 9 and above, teenagers and those of you aiming to get into a university course are welcomed as well. Fear not even if you have no prior experience in art, we are here to help!

Portfolio Preparation Course Part I & II

  • Lessons: 24/course
  • 3 Mediums: Pencil Sketching, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting
  • Validity: 26 Weeks
  • Class time: From Monday – Sunday, join at least twice a week

During the Portfolio Preparation Course Part I, we prepare youths with foundation in drawing and sketching, as well as basic knowledge in creative conceptualisation. This course is suitable to any teenagers who has no background in arts, but have interests and dream of coming to art school one day.

student learning still life object sketch

Student learning basic composition and observation skill

Our student’s work of still life set up

In Portfolio Preparation Course Part II, the student will continue to develop their skills and artistic visualisation. We also provide guidance in consolidating Idea Development Process and interviewing skills to help the students build up confidence before entering any art school enrolment.


Student practice drawing still life and learning about material characteristic
Student utilise colour theory understanding to achieve great colour harmony in painting

48 Lesson Portfolio Preparation Course

  • Lessons: 48
  • 3 Mediums: Pencil Sketching, Watercolour and Acrylic Painting
  • Validity: 30 Weeks
  • Class time: From Monday – Sunday, join at least twice a week

As a combination of Portfolio Preparation Course Part I & II, students will have a similar curriculum with better momentum. The student will spend half the course in consolidate basic drawing skills and another half in developing creative works. Assignments are personally curated for each students to match their capability and needs. They will acquire intermediate level in sketching, with a wide range of skills and knowledge in:

  • Composition (still life, landscape, human portrait);
  • Understanding of light and perspective;
  • Material studies (ceramic, glass, cloth, skin, etc.);
  • Portfolio building strategy.

With firm foundation, students can build their portfolio to showcase their skills and apply to either major Singapore art schools (SOTA, NAFA, Lasalle, NTU Art & Design Department) or art university oversea.

The 48 Lessons Portfolio Preparation course is valid for 26 weeks. We encourage students to attend the class twice a week.

Student practice face feature sketching
Our student drawing David’s head
Student studying a complex scene with contrast combination of colour
Challenging themselves with complex concept works
3d concept work art portfolio singapore
or with abstract 3D works
Come and join our Art Courses at Visual Art Centre Singapore to experience a conducive, professional art lesson that will not only help you to relax but also build up a useful skill that you can keep for a life time!

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