Visual Arts Centre

Glass Art Painting

  30 September to 30 September 2020



Bored of painting on canvas? Try painting on glass! Glass painting is an ancient old craft, it is an art of putting colours pieces of glass together. It is a common art form featured in high windows and doors decoration, seen in churches and old buildings. It is an art form that is becoming popular again and catching up as a hobby, because it provides a beautiful end product yet equipments are easily available. It is a craft project that is suitable for any ages. The art form can be transferred into endless mediums – wall hangings, wine glasses painting, on windows, acrylic sheets, cups, mugs, tiles and mirrors. It makes a good gift and deco at home.

Glass painting is a stunning form of art, playing with a variety of synthetic colours done up on a glass surface. It is a combination of line work, beautiful colour shades that forms each beautiful design.

The equipments required are easily available, simply a glass medium, glass paint and paint brushes. First, you draw the design or pattern of choice on the trace paper. Using cut outs, transfer it onto the glass. Next, prepare the colours that you will be painting and paint right on! In order for the paint the dry, wait ar least for an hour to apply a second layer. The beauty of glass art painting is that it is simple yet elegant, and even washable!


Interest in learning glass art painting? Visual Arts Centre is having a Glass Art Painting – 4 Sessions Foundation Course! To find out more information, please view this page: Glass Art Painting – 4 Sessions Foundation Course

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