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VAC Holiday Boot Camp – Professional Manga Drawing, Digital Drawing Course

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Professional Manga Drawing, Digital Drawing Course

(Drawing & Sketching + Manga Drawing)

About This Course

Professional Manga Drawing, Digital Drawing Course( 9 -18 years old)

Course Content:

1. Be introduced to manga drawing with dry mediums of pencils and markers, and develop a manga drawing foundation with traditional dry mediums 

    – Character’s face and body anatomy, form and composition of manga character, facial expressions, manga character drawing and styling

2. Learn and practise manga character drawing with digital drawing and painting (optional)*

   – Be introduced to various pencil and brush tools and techniques of digital drawing and painting for manga character design and digital art 

3. Learn to draft and sketch manga style characters and elements, develop your own manga sketches and renderings 

4. Accomplish a range of manga style artworks with both traditional art mediums and digital drawing and painting. Students have the flexibility to choose to work with either traditional mediums on completing final works or a mix of traditional and digital art mediums. (a number of manga style artworks will be completed based on individual preferences of mediums)

*Optional: students may join this course if they want to learn manga drawing with traditional mediums only. The option of learning with digital drawing and painting are for those who also wish to learn and explore manga digital drawing and painting. 


Style of course and lesson delivery:

Fixed Class Schedule: The lesson and course is delivered on a fixed schedule of Friday 2:30pm-4:30pm from 21 April 2023, and students may make up for up to four missed classes on Monday 5pm-7pm or Thursday 3:30pm-5:30pm. (There is no option for digital manga drawing and painting for make up lessons.)

Group Class Coaching: Small class teacher to student ratio. The instructor is an experienced manga art and digital drawing illustrator and artist and art instructor. Students are coached individually in this class with comments, demonstration and tips provided on a one-to-one basisc during the group class setting. 

Accommodating various experience and skill levels: The course goes through the learning topics and provides students with tips and individualised comments for improvements which allows students of different levels to be able to learn effectively and be instructed individually.


Course Objectives:

  1. Develop two pieces of manga character drawing with traditional mediums (coloured or graphic black and white)
  2. Complete two pieces of full manga digital artwork incorporating character design, background and scene
  3. Create a three to five scene comic strip incorporating self-designed manga characters and scene
12 Sessions Professional Manga Drawing, Digital Drawing and Painting Course [$1188 NETT / 12 SESSIONS]

This course runs for 2 hours for each session. It is suitable for beginners who have attended art classes previously or currently. Recommended for children of minimum 9 years told to teenagers and young adults. There will be foundation and theoretical knowledge taught to the students during their art classes.

All art materials are provided. Validity for twelve sessions is fourteen weeks with up to four make up classes (on the same schedule Friday 2:30pm-4:30pm or on Monday 5pm-7pm or Thursday 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Digital Painting manga character
Digital Painting manga character 2
Digital Painting manga character 3
Digital Painting manga character 4
Digital Painting manga character 5

Let your child bring their favourite Manga Characters to life with this Manga Drawing and Painting Course

Anime is all the craze these years. We adults grew up watching famous Anime like One-Piece, Dragon-ball and Naruto. Now, it is your kid’s turn to bring their favorite characters to life and add their own spin on it.

What is Manga?

Manga is an umbrella term for a wide variety of comic books and graphic novels originally produced and published in Japan. Today, it is not limited to only books and graphic novels. This umbrella now extends to anime and the famous Ghibli Studio movies.


Manga Drawing and Painting Course at Visual Arts Centre

Japanese pop culture is popular with the kids and we received loads of enquiries regarding manga drawing. Thus, we organized this Manga Drawing and Painting Course. To learn how to draw Manga characters may look simple. However it can get complicated. It requires a different set of ratios that is different compared to a regular human face. Thus, we are here to break it down for your child!

What does this course offer?

This manga drawing course is a good start for those of you who have kids that love anime. We will go through how to get the right form and composition when it comes to drawing manga characters so they may even create a character or their own in the future. This course also goes through which mediums are suitable for different styles of character – a concept that can be used on creative artworks – anime or not anime alike, in the future!

Learning objectives:

-Basic Form and composition of manga/anime characters

-Basic Figure and Posture Drawing

-Watercolor Painting/ Acrylic painting for manga drawing

– Color theory

-Different Styles of Conceptualizing Anime Characters

Course outcomes:

  • Customise your own brushes and work with a variety of brushes.
  • Incorporate textures into your  manga character
  • Understand the basics of form by manipulating light and shadow. (Manga Character)
  • Capture space and atmosphere of a scene.
  • Think outside the box through a series of creative exercises. 
  • Have a blast and create your own manga characters!

Past students’ digital artworks:

past student digital artwork

Course Registration

This course is open to teenagers aged 9 to 16. You may give us a call and have a chat with us if you would like to join us!

For more enquiries:

Call/ Whatsapp: 6255 0711


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