Visual Arts Centre

– First Solo Art Exhibition by Nada Ng

5 September to 7 September 2017


Dates: 5 – 7 September, 11am – 8pm FREE ADMISSION

“Life is a journey of ups and downs. Through all the trials and challenges, we become stronger and better persons. We learn to give thanks for the blessings and uplifting moments. During times of despair, we hold on to the belief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we look for the silver lining under the dark clouds. We stay Positive.” – Nada Ng

<+ve> is a collection of Nada’s works over a period of 4 years. The collection consists of three series of drawings, documenting Nada’s journey and triumphant fight through life’s stresses and challenges. The works also charts the development of Nada’s growth as an emerging artist. Nada strives to channel positivity through her works and hope to bring joy to the people around her.

Exhibition View


Nada Ng teaches Science in an independent school in Singapore. She dabbles in various hobby crafts and she enjoys looking for new experiences. She lives in Singapore with her husband and three children.

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