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Life Portrait Watercolour Painting Workshop – AZ @ PAYA LEBAR STUDIO

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Life Portrait Watercolour Painting Workshop with Artist Guidance

Commonly used mediums for portraits would always be either charcoal, graphite or oil. But have you ever thought of using watercolour for portraits? Come join us for this exciting and interesting Life Portrait Watercolour Painting Workshop!

During this one session of Life Portrait Watercolour Painting Workshop, you will be briefly introduced to watercolour painting of portraits through a life model. This workshop is suitable for those who would like to learn portrait watercolour painting and those with an interest in the portrait subject. This workshop is a great opportunity for learners to practise alla prima watercolour painting with a life model in the studio. You can look forward to knowing and understanding watercolour painting, methods and techniques of watercolour painting, application and innovation of special expression techniques used in watercolour painting in painting the subject.

Portraits are considerably difficult to master in watercolour paintings. Unlike still life and landscapes where subjects can be randomly added, reduced, modified, and transformed, figure painting usually requires very accurate form observation ability and good sketching skills. In particular, the portrayal of character expressions and dynamic poses requires students to have a deep foundation.

  1. Portrait. When painting portraits, it is important to capture the facial expression and the muscle structures, of the model.
  2. Half body and full body figures. When observing a half body or a full body figure, you have to configure the relationship between the body, face and the clothes, as well as the details of hands and feet. The composition of the whole painting is also important, the student will learn how to do a good composition by placing their figure with the background.
  3. Life model sketching trains the observation skills, form observation ability and prepares you for higher level sketching. Learn brush skills and skin texture characteristics for figure painting.

Life Portrait Watercolour Painting Workshop

Date/time: 9 April 2021, 8pm-10pm

Venue: AZ @ Paya Lebar #03-04

Price: $80/pax

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Our Studio AZ @ Paya Lebar #03-04 (140 Paya Lebar Road Singapore 409015)


Call us at 6733 2155/Whatsapp us at 6255 0711 or Email us at [email protected] for more enquiries to book a slot!


This is a one session 2 hours workshop for Life Portrait Watercolour Painting. There will be a life model in studio for students to work on alla prima watercolour painting.

All art materials for watercolour painting will be provided.

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Registration is now open! (Our Portfolio class will be carried out alongside our regular classes.)

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This course is available at both our Dhoby Ghaut Art Studio and MacPherson Art Studio. 

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