Colin Chan and Sonas Lim Calligraphy and Art Exhibition

19 December to 23 December 2020





Colin Chan and Sonas Lim Calligraphy and Art Exhibition



Two traditional calligraphy, Chinese painting and seal carving enthusiasts working together to showcase the beauty of ancient calligraphy styles and the charm of traditional Chinese painting and seal carving art. This exhibition displays traditional Chinese art forms with a contemporary twist. 


Exhibition date/time:

19/12/2020 – 22/12/2020

11am – 8pm 


11am – 6pm


Visual Arts Centre (next to Dhoby Ghaut mrt station)

               10 Penang Road #01-02 

               Dhoby Ghaut Green. S238469.


Our Artist

Colin Chan

陈世雄,1971年出生于新加坡,为新加坡兰亭画会、墨澜社和狮城书法篆刻会永久会员,目前是新加坡国立大学语言中心兼任讲师,毕业于新加坡国立大学与国立教育学院,获颁文学硕士学位、教育专业文凭。2000年-2004年拜新加坡著名篆刻及书画家黄明宗先生为师,学习书法。2019年师从墨澜社社长潘永强先生学习篆刻。2003年 获得“法国巴黎铁塔杯”国际书法比赛银奖,并参加历届“兰亭画会美展” 、狮城书法篆刻会展览。


Born in 1971, Colin is currently a part-time lecturer with the Centre for Language Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS). He graduated from NUS with BA (Hons) in 1996, MA in 2000, and the National Institute of Education with Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in 2000. 


Colin is an avid calligrapher and seal carving enthusiast. He was personally tutored by renowned artist and calligrapher Mr Wee Beng Chong from 2000-2004.  In 2019, he started learning seal carving from famous artist and calligrapher Mr Pang Weng Kiong, and was awarded Silver Medal in the Paris Eiffel Tower Cup International Calligraphy Competition in 2003.

His Artwork


金文,72cm x 139cm 







This award winning piece is a poem composed by the calligrapher and written using  calligraphy that was inscribed on ancient bronze objects during the Zhou dynasties era, almost 3000 years ago.


汉隶,68cm x 140cm



This calligraphy work is a reflection of the ideal lifestyle the calligrapher is pursuing, which is to live like a hermit in the urban society.


Our Artist

Sonas Lim

林适耕,1978年出生于新加坡,目前是新加坡东南亚联合世界学院(UWCSEA)兼职华文教师和南洋艺术学院兼职成人书法和篆刻导师,毕业于中国复旦大学和南洋艺术学院,获颁汉语国际教育硕士学位、纯美术大专文凭。曾荣获新加坡 Della Butcher Award 优等奖以及第五届国际文化交流赛克勤杯中国书法竞赛(海外、台港澳组)优秀奖。目前为兰亭画会永久会员,并参加历届“兰亭画会美展”。


Born in 1978, Sonas is currently a part-time Chinese teacher at UWCSEA and adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA), teaching calligraphy and seal carving adult courses at NAFA. He graduated from Fudan University with MA in 2017 and Nanyang Academy of Fine Art with Diploma in fine Art (Distinction) in 2003, and won the Della Butcher Merit award and the International Cultural Exchange Jill Sackler Cup Chinese Calligraphy Competition Merit award in 2003. 




His Artwork


138cm x 68cm


This artwork is titled “Tree of Life”. It is inspired by the Chinese proverb: It takes ten years to grow a tree, but hundred years to bring up a generation of good men.



69cm x 69cm


This creative calligraphy piece titled “Transience”. It  was inspired by a selected portion of the prose “ My first visit to the Red Cliff” by Su Shi, who was a famous literati of the Song dynasty.



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