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Woven Through Time – A Showcase of Handcrafted Heritage Phulkari by Virsā

19 August to 20 August 2017


Dates: 19 August from 2pm-8pm (Wines, cheeses and cupcakes will be served from 5pm); 20 August from 11am-6pm 


Phulkari (literally, “Flower-work” in Punjabi), is a handicraft traditionally practiced in the province of Punjab (North-Western India).

Virsā – The Heritage” showcases an exquisite collection of Contemporary Phulkari Motifs painstakingly embroidered by Rural Women Artisans in Punjab, India.

Some of these pieces have taken between 300 to 1000 hours of manual work.

This showcase also curates a collection of Acrylic on Canvas Artworks, all of which are inspired by Contemporary and Heirloom Phulkari Patterns, Motifs and scenes that are an integral part of the Punjabi way of life.

Phulkari handicrafts are testimony to the labor of love of women (especially, mothers and grandmothers) who, for months and sometimes years, would lovingly embroider their dreams, memories, surroundings into a piece of fabric making the final “Phulkari” filled to the brim with a certain kind of humanity like no other! Wedding Trousseaus, Parenthood, Matters of Spirituality and Prayer, Chronicling the Village Fair and Curious sights that made up the Scene of Punjab in the Colonial times: The purpose and ambition of Phulkari Handicraft encompassed all this and much more!

Since the Partition of India in 1947, Phulkari has undergone tremendous change, especially in the wake of computer aided design and assembly-line manufacturing. The emptiness of such fabric is as palpable as the “living, breathing, overwhelmingly alive” pieces of hand-made Phulkari.

While the primary endeavor of the Virsā Exhibition is to offer the viewer a glimpse into the colorful world of this beautiful tradition from Punjab and especially, the artisans behind it, its objective is to also trigger the viewer’s curiosity to examine what “real” handcrafted traditional Phulkari is.

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Virsā – The Heritage is a compassionate Social Enterprise founded by a mother & daughter duo, Dr. Sushma Jaswal, an anthropologist, research scientist for 35+ years and former Professor at one of the leading Universities in India and Nivi Jaswal, a budding artpreneur and with 12 years of International branding & marketing experience in the Consumer Goods & Healthcare sector.

A keen personal interest in Art, Texture & Color and a passion to give back to their Community, Sushma and Nivi are creating a creative community of rural women Artisans of Punjab, India & helping revive the dying Handicraft of Phulkari. Virsā is their endeavor towards that milestone.

At Virsā: we are an International Exhibitor, an Online Store, an Author and a Creative Community of Artpreneurs & Artisans who believe in a more Empathetic & a Fairer planet.
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