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Unceasing | 未央

25 July to 30 July 2019



A Chinese calligraphy, painting, and seal carving solo exhibition by Dr. Yew Tong Wei

‘How goes the night? It is unceasing.’ – The Shijing (Classic of Poetry)

A melody captivates the listener for days; the taste of tea lingers on the tongue. A vision of the heavens and waters dancing in endless convergence enthrals the watching wanderer. The ancients had long recognised that human response to stimuli reverberates long after the first contact. Mesmerised by these experiences, the ancients lost themselves in reveries and meditations, in what they term the ‘unceasing’.

‘How boundless and unceasing (is the Dao)!’ – Laozi, Daodejing

The unceasing is without boundaries; it ventures far beyond horizons and transcends mortal realms. Our response to art’s beauty is an unceasing captivation that propels our imagination to unthinkable heights. Tong Wei has been enraptured by the same unceasing beauty, and has thus spent many years expressing it in calligraphy, painting, and seal carving. Yet, he recognises that his artistic journey is, with no small irony, winding through an also unceasing path.

Like the fabled night of the Shijing, his art is unending, and we only have more to look forward to. He hopes that this
exhibition would convey his unceasing love for his art; hence, there can be no better title for the exhibition than ‘Unceasing’.

《诗经 。小雅。庭燎》:“夜如何其?夜未央。”

Exhibition View

Exhibition Details

Opening ceremony 开幕典礼:
Thursday, 25 July 2019, 7pm

Ms Sim Ann
Senior Minister of State,
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
沈颖 女士

Exhibition dates:

25 – 30 July 2019
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm daily

Talk 讲座:
主讲 Speaker: 尤东暐医生 Dr. Yew Tong Wei
主持 Moderator: 958城市频道DJ 林灵芝
Saturday 27 July 2019, 3-5pm

Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society

Free admission

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