ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions – Understanding Colour Harmonies – Colour Theory Painting


Colour is the prime material of painting!  In this four session ZOOM Live workshop – Understanding Colour Harmonies – you will learn the how’s and why’s of color harmonies. You will be creating a series of dynamic color exercises that you can refer back to again and again as your art improves and deepens. Alternatively, you will learn why paintings that are not in harmony look dull and dirty. And uninspiring.You will learn a wide range of color harmonies and their complementaries. From there you will be introduced to harmonies with tint, tone and shade to create three-dimensional color effect.

Knowing color you will have the tools and confidence to create paintings that sparkle like jewels.

The workshop is open to all mediums, i.e., oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, crayon, etc.

The exercises will be approximately 8×8″ and you can work on your painting with drawing paper, canvases or any suitable surfaces for your medium.  If you only have larger canvases you can do several exercises on them. Michael will be demonstrating with oil paint.


Starting from 23 May, Every Saturday, 1:00 – 3:15pm

Join us for this four sessions series of Understanding Colour Harmonies where you’ll be throughly and thoughtfully guided to understand the principles and application of colours and how they harmonize and contrast each other. Learning these important principles will be a foundation and guide for your future painting practise and you’ll acquire an in-depth appreciation of colours and utilize them effortlessly!
Understanding Color Harmonies

Through a series of succinct exercises that you can, and should, always refer back to you will learn the color harmonies that will propel your paintings to the next level and higher.

The workshop is open to all mediums. Bring the colors that you have. The most important are blue, red, yellow, black and white. And several, three to four, small canvas panels about 8×8″ or 10×10″.  If you only have larger canvas panels then they can also be used for several of the exercises.


23 May 1pm-3:15pm Saturday (First Lesson)

30 May 1pm-3:15pm Saturday (Second Lesson)

6 June 1pm-3:15pm Saturday (Third Lesson)

13 June 1pm-3:15pm Saturday (Fourth Lesson)

*not to worry, you can join us at any lesson if you are not able to complete the four lessons as the principles of colour practise will be applied in every lesson, with a different focus. You’ll apply colour principles and complete a painting during each lesson.

Single Session: $75nett with art materials delivered (Watercolour painting)

Four Sessions series: $180nett + Top up $35 nett for Art materials pack of watercolour painting.

Course description:

ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions – Understanding Colour Harmonies – Colour Theory Painting

Art Materials List: Use any existing paint colours and mediums – oils, watercolour, poster, acrylic paints are suitable, paint brushes, canvas/paper

Schedule: start from 23 May Every Saturday 1pm-3:15pm

Cost: $75 nett/session with art materials delivered, $180 nett/ four sessions (option of art materials delivered at $35)

Use any painting materials that you may have and you can also purchase the $35 Art Materials Pack with courier delivery – includes: Set of watercolour paints, watercolour paper, set of paint brushes.


Every Saturday - Sunday, from 23 May 2020 - 13 June 2020


1pm-3:15pm Saturday

Number of Sessions:

4 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 180


ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions VAC

Terms and conditions:

Four Sessions to be completed on Saturdays from 23 May to 13 June from 1pm-3:15pm. No refunds for ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions for no-shows or failure to attend. Replacement of the original attendee is possible via email notice one day before the session date.

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