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Art Exploration Series – KIDS Holiday Art Immersion Course 12 Sessions

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Art Exploration Series – KIDS Holiday Art Immersion Course 8 & 12 Sessions


If you are looking for Holiday Art Classes for kids, look no further! Let your kids spend their holidays with us – pick up new art skills, learn new art mediums, experiment and cultivate their creativity!


Visual Arts Centre’s Holiday Kids & Youth Art Exploration Course is a perfect programme for your child to explore new mediums and build up their foundational art techniques.  This fully immersive holiday programme allows your kids to dip their toes into learning and practising fine art. Whether it is to pick up a new hobby or to get a kick-start in building up an Art Portfolio for admission into an art school in the future, the Holiday Art Immersion Course for kids is perfect to provide a quick and immersive experience in art!

This holiday, we are offering our signature Art Exploration Course with an option of 8 sessions or 12 sessions for students who are keen on an immersive art journey during the June to July school holidays! 

  1. Kids Holiday Art Exploration Series – Ages 7-9 / 10-11 

  2. Youth Holiday Art Exploration – Ages 12-18  

We offer a full range of art mediums – Acrylic painting, Watercolour painting, Drawing and sketching (Black and white) and Coloured Drawing and Sketching  for kids and youths to explore and build a foundation of with us!

Professional art courses should never be boring. At Visual Arts Centre, we provide opportunities for your child to develop artistic knowledge and skills through a range of media, forms and expressions. Students will be able to experience different mediums to help elevate their creative juices and to grow to be independent in their learning.

Art Exploration Series – KIDS Holiday Art Immersion Course

In this Kids Holiday Art Immersion Programme, your child would be able to explore up to 3 types of mediums and works!

The Art Exploration Series has the aim to help kids explore the various mediums of art outside of the fine-arts learning that we have as part of our ongoing courses. It allows them the opportunity to be in touch with different forms of art, and find out a new niche that is to their interest! Build up their creative minds and open up new possibilities, as well as let them have a space to fully explore their inner thoughts and creativity!


Acrylic painting, Watercolour painting, Drawing and sketching (Black and white) and Coloured Drawing and Sketching

Art Exploration 8 Sessions: Choose up to 2 mediums and on 2 topics of art for each medium

Art Exploration 12 Sessions: Choose up to 3 mediums and on 2 topics of art for each medium

Allow your child to express his/her artistic creativity while learning and polishing up on art techniques.  (A unique artwork will be finished in two to three classes, depending on the medium)

All art materials are provided for this course! 

At Visual Arts Centre, we believe that each child learns at a different pace. Thus, the class is conducted at your kid’s individual preference and abilities. Your child will be taught according to their preferred mediums and will be given individual guidance by our professional art instructors.




8 Sessions ($580), 12 Sessions ($780): Pick the themes you are interested in to make up the 8/12 sessions!

*Manga and Illustration – set of 8 sessions

*Graffiti Art – set of 6 sessions

Click here for 12 sessions of Art Exploration Series – KIDS Holiday Art Immersion Course!

This programme would provide a good platform to build up a small portfolio and a good stepping stone to allow them to learn basic foundational techniques. These will go hand in hand with our Art Portfolio Preparation Course.

The Art Portfolio Preparation Course is perfect for students applying for local art academies such as Nanyang College of Art (NAFA) , LaSalle College of Art,  Singapore Art Institute (SOTA), NUS, NTU or foreign art academies that requires them to prepare a personal art collection.

If your child want to enter their ideal art school, they can add to their artistic talents and enter the DSA Art Specialty Program. Visual Arts Centre provides training courses. These courses includes basic sketch training, basic color training, three-dimensional composition courses, creative training, interview experience training and other preparation courses.


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