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Professional Watercolour Painting 24 Sessions 专业水彩画24节课


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Professional Watercolour Painting 24 Sessions 专业水彩画24节课


About this Course

Are you interested in Watercolour Painting? Pop by Visual Arts Centre to learn how to paint using watercolour!

In our studio, you will be able to learn how to paint a wide variety of subjects – from our carefully curated still life set-upslandscapes and sceneriesportraitsflora and fauna and many more! Join us in studio if you would like to master the art of watercolour.

For Art Course Enquiry, please call or WhatsApp us at +65 6255 0711.

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In the 24 sessions watercolour painting class, you can look forward to attain an intermediate level of competency! You will be able to learn basic and intermediate watercolour techniques. Additionally, you can also explore a wider variety of subjects.

Watercolour is a medium that requires lots of patience and practice. This course will give you sufficient number of lessons to learn how to paint using watercolour relatively well. Moreover, there are lots of watercolour painting styles. After attending this 24 session watercolour painting class, you may be able to find your own under the guidance of our friendly instructor.  With a 26 Weeks validity period, you can comfortably learn the art of watercolour at your own pace!

Within a small comfy studio setting, you will complete an artwork and learn a number of essential watercolour techniques with the guidance of our professionally trained art instructor.




Who should sign up for this watercolour painting class? 这个课程适合谁呢?

This watercolour class is suitable for anyone – from one who might have dabbled in watercolour painting before to those who are pure beginners! 

Under the guidance of our professional teacher, you will be able to improve your watercolour skills and techniques as our teacher will be able to follow according to each individual’s pace

1) Watercolour Still Life Painting 水彩静物写生

Through observing the still life sets of vegetables, fruits, ceramics, utensils, flowers, cloth fabrics and more, one will gain a better understanding of form and composition, space, how to observe the colours of the subjects, colors of the environment, the characteristics of light and its colors, leaving out white spaces, water to paint proportions, brush skills and expressing different textures in watercolour and using watercolour painting to portray the subjects in a realistic manner, and add on personalised styles.


通过实物写生,如花盆、瓷罐、水杯、白钢器皿、蔬菜、水果、衬布等物体组合,学习观察能力、构图能力、表现能力、造型能力。通过静物写生,学习掌握水彩画调色、用水、用色、用笔技巧; 学习水彩画步骤和方法,学习运用水彩表现静物的空间感、质感、光色变化。

Demo Watercolour Still Life Painting by our Teacher.
Watercolour step by step

2) Watercolour Landscape painting 水彩画风景写生

The professional watercolour course for landscape will guide you in creating a perfect composition through perspective drawing, just like when you are painting in en-plein air! There will be various techniques taught throughout the professional watercolour course – from observation to colour-mixing and many more, join us to learn more about the medium today!


painting watercolour class singapore
Want to paint a picture from your travels? Bring the picture along and our instructor will guide you on how to begin your watercolour masterpiece.
Completed Professional Watercolour Landscape Painting

3) Watercolour Life Drawing/Figure Drawing 水彩人物写生分类

Professional watercolour painting for live figure drawing are more difficult to master in watercolor paintings. Unlike still life and landscapes where subjects can be randomly added, reduced, modified, and transformed, figure painting requires very accurate form observation ability and good sketching skills. In particular, you will be able to experience painting a live model in our professional watercolour painting course suitable across individuals of all levels from beginners to intermediate.

Teacher's Demo artwork from our live drawing course

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Art Studio and Exhibition Gallery at Dhoby Ghaut Green

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Studio and gallery open at AZ @Paya Lebar! 

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Address: AZ@Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-04, Singapore 409105

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Registration & Fees

24 Sessions Professional Watercolour Painting Course 专业水彩画24节课程 (MacPherson)
Location Visual Arts Centre MacPherson Studio
26 weeks
48 Sessions Professional Watercolour Painting Course 专业水彩画48节课程 (Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Studio
26 weeks
48 Sessions Professional Watercolour Painting Course 专业水彩画48节课程 (MacPherson)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby MacPherson Studio
26 weeks
24 Sessions Professional Watercolour Painting Course 专业水彩画24节课程 (Dhoby Ghaut)
Location Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Studio
26 weeks
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