7 November to 11 November 2018

The Molan Art Association – Molan Reunion Exhibition 2018

7 November to 11 November 2018

Following its 50th anniversary, The Molan Art Association presents “Molan Reunion Exhibition” at Visual Arts Centre, from 7 Nov to 11 Nov 2018, exhibiting art pieces created on “moon fans”, or more commonly known as the Chinese round fans.  Moon fans originated from China, and they have over 3,000 years of history, first appearing as early as the Han Period.  The faces of moon fans are made of silk, and as the name implies, they are shaped like the full moon which conveys the meaning of reunion.  Due to their large round surface, moon fans form a good canvas for paintings.

At the time of the Tang Period, it has become popular to paint and write on moon fans.  Its popularity peaked during the Song Period.  In ancient China, both men and women used such round fans.  However, with the arrival of the folded fans, moon fans became accessories used only by the ladies.  Today, moon fan painting and calligraphy are no longer associated with men or women, and it has become an art form.

There are a total of 51participants in this exhibition, with works depicting a variety of contents such as calligraphy, paintings of people, flowers, birds and scenery.  Participants also span three generations – the senior, middle-aged and the young. The Molan Art Association sincerely hope that this Molan Reunion Exhibition will provide a platform for more people in Singapore to understand the history of the moon fans as well as the creation of the moon fan art form.

Do catch this exhibition and join them on this journey of discovery… there will be approximately 80 art pieces created by the Molan Artists.





Exhibition Dates/Time: 

7th Nov – 10thNov : 11am – 7pm

11th Nov : 11am – 6pm


10th Nov, Saturday, 2pm-5pm:

Art Talk & Demonstration:

Seal Carving by Mr Phang Weng Kiong

Ink Painting by Mr Ang Cheng Chye

Calligraphy by Ms Tan Hwee Li