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Chung Chen Chuan and Family Exhibition

13 October to 19 October 2017


Featuring more than 70 artworks from the Chung’s Collection, this exhibition which will be held at Visual Arts Centre from 13 to 19 October will feature most of Mr Chung Chen Chuan’s artworks as well as his family’s master pieces too. Mr Chung came from a calligraphy art family and his brother, Mr Chung Chen San is a renowned artist as well. It is the Chung’s Family first time marching into Singapore with their art pieces and share their inspirations behind them. Through his artworks, Mr Chung Chen Chuan expressed his feelings and perspectives towards nature and people in a unique way of expression that brings the audience through his lens of the world. Each of the Chung’s family members also had their exclusive way of expressing their artistic talents through various themes. Admission is free and we welcome everyone to experience the inspiration and the touching stories behind each art piece.

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Chung Chen Chuan was born in year 1945 as the second son of the Chung family. Since young, he had a very deep impression of his childhood place, Malacca and decided to use it as the theme for his art pieces. These impressions inspired him to create artworks based on the surroundings and animals he saw when growing up. Chen Chuan is known for his love towards his childhood place, Malacca and he used his artworks to depict his happiness while growing up as a child. It is common to see his artworks filled with birds, chickens, bamboo and flowers as these are the sightings he had during his growing up years.

In total, he has been in this industry for a total of 30 years and his skills are highly recognised by many art associations where he was invited to be the consultant for many art associations both in Singapore and Malaysia.

1945 年 钟正川出生在马来西亚一个华侨家庭。 童年老家马六甲让他印象非常深刻,家乡的河流,沼泽,树木,飞禽让他的童年生活充满了好多的回忆。
钟先生现任马来西亚水墨画协会总会长,马来西亚书艺协会顾问,新加坡书法家协会及新加坡书法研究院院士,新加坡美术总会海外顾问,新加坡妙华艺术家协会顾问,世界艺术家联合总会副总会长以及联合国亚洲艺术家联合会荣誉理事长。他曾举办数十次以上的个人画展而他的作品也曾在中国北京,上海,广州,洛阳,深圳,海口等各地拍卖行拍卖。在2016 年,钟先生也被香港大公文化艺术品产权交易邀请到香港举办 “钟正川水墨画学术展”。到场的人都对他在水墨画领域的学术成就和社会成就,融合中国文化与南洋文化、继承名家精髓却又自成一派的水墨风格表示赞叹。


Exhibition Details

Chung Chen Chuan and Family Exhibition
13 Oct – 19 Oct 2017 I 11am – 8pm I Visual Arts Centre I Free admission
Official Opening: 14 October 2017, 2pm

Come join us on 14 October, 2pm at Visual Arts Centre where Mr Chung and Family will be there to officiate the opening ceremony.

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