Holiday Art Immersion Course for Youths (12 Sessions)

Holiday Art Classes For Youths At Visual Arts Centre

Spend your June holidays with us – pick up new art skills to brush up your techniques, learn new art mediums, experiment and cultivate your creativity!

Open to Youths aged 10 and above, this Holiday Art Immersion Programme allows your children to explore new mediums or build up their foundational art techniques. This course also allows your teenagers to dip their toes into learning Fine Arts. Whether it is to pick up a new hobby or to get a kick-start in building up an Art Portfolio to admit into an Art School locally or overseas, our course will be perfect for your kids!

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This Holiday Programme is also available for kids aged 7 – 10 Year old, with a more creative and experimental curriculum! Click here to find out more!


Check out our Holiday Art Immersion Programme for June Holidays! Explore and learn a full range of mediums for your teens to explore and learn with us!

Professional art courses should never be boring and at Visual Arts Centre. We provide opportunities for your child to develop artistic knowledge and skills through a range of media, forms and expressions. Students can explore different medium to help elevate their creative juices and to grow to be independent in their learning.

In this Youth Holiday Art Immersion Programme, your teen would be able to explore (Up to 3 of the topics below with 12 Sessions):

  • Acrylic Painting – Landscape, Still Life, Creative Work
  • 2D illustration drawing and 3D observational sketching
  • Still life Tonal Drawing and Sketching
  • Watercolour Painting 
  • Manga and Character Drawing  


Our Approach

At Visual Arts Centre, we believe that each child learns at a different pace. Thus, each class will be conducted at your teen’s individual preference and abilities. No workshop style classes nor classroom styled teaching! Your child will be taught according to their preferred mediums. They will also be given individualised guidance by our professional instructors and studio assistants in regular intervals during each class.


This Youth Holiday Art Immersion programme is available in 12 Session, 18 sessions and 24 sessions

12 Sessions ($598):      2 Mediums 

18 Sessions ($780):      3 Mediums 

24 Sessions ($1,098):  All Mediums


This programme would provide a good platform to build up a small portfolio and a good stepping stone to allow them to learn basic foundational techniques that goes hand in hand with our Art Portfolio Preparation Course.

The Art Portfolio Preparation Course is perfect for Youths applying for local art academies such as Nanyang College of Art (NAFA) , LaSalle College of Art,  Singapore Art Institute (SOTA), NUS, NTU or foreign art academies that requires them to prepare a personal art collection.

If your child want to enter their ideal art school with special talents, they can add to their artistic talents and enter the DSA Art Specialty Program. Visual Arts Centre provides training courses. These courses includes basic sketch training, basic colour training, three-dimensional composition courses, creative training, interview experience training and other preparation courses.


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Course description:

Youths Holiday Art Immersion Programme

  • Students are recommended to come for at least 2 sessions per week to join this Youths Holiday Art Immersion Course
  • Choose 2 fixed schedules and have the flexibility of schedule adjustments
  • Validity: 12 Sessions – 12 Weeks | 18 Sessions – 18 Weeks | 24 Sessions – 26 Weeks
  • *A Certificate of Completion is issued for the 24 Sessions Kids Holiday Art Immersion Course.



Every MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday - Friday, from 31 May 2021 - 27 June 2021


Mon 11am - 1.15pm/2pm-4.15pm, Tue 3:30pm-5:45pm, Thu 11am-1:15pm / 1:30pm-3:45pm, Fri 11am - 1.15pm/2pm-4.15pm

Number of Sessions:

12 Sessions

Course Fees:

S$ 598


VAC Studio

Terms and conditions:

All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated. No refunds or transfer of classes to another party will be entertained. Validity of the courses are:   12 Sessions - 12 Weeks  | 18 Sessions - 18 Weeks  | 24 Sessions - 26 Weeks. All art materials will be provided.

Interested in this course??

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