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Team Building Bonding Workshop

About This Workshop

Thinking of doing some Team Bonding Activities with your team and bond with each other while remote working? Visual Arts Centre’s Virtual Team Bonding Activities Are For You!

Try Virtual Art Team Bonding & Virtual Zoom Live Creative Workshops! Be creative and adventurous, and most importantly keep safe while you enjoy these bonding activities with your colleagues!

It’s time to celebrate and rejoice with your team! Team Building Art Jamming and other Team Building Workshops Are Available at Visual Arts Centre! Join us for our greatly celebrated Team Building Workshops that not only guarantees to forge a strong camaraderie between your team mates but also make sure you walk out of this session feeling like Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh or MacGyver,whichever floats your boat.

想想和你一起努力拼搏的员工, 拿什么犒赏他们,在丰富的一顿大餐后来一点有情调的高雅活动,画画,大家一起来画画,用色彩发泄出快乐的情绪、用画笔勾勒出未来的希望、用创意表达出企业的使命…..

Are you and your team mates stuck to your chairs, staring at computers all day long? Do you have to face demanding customers all day? If these situations apply to you, it is time for you and your team mates to unwind at our very own Team Building Workshops! Our Team Building Workshops encourages you to think out of the box and release every ounce of energy and creativity left untapped in you while settling you in a location of your choice with relaxing music. All you need for Team Building Workshops here at Visual Arts Centre is yourself, a pinch of inquisitiveness, teaspoon of merrymaking and whole bag of imagination!

What are the different Team Bonding Workshops provided?

Over here at Visual Arts Centre, we understand that different groups of people will have different dynamics within the group and also very different view of what is fun and relaxing! Hence, we have rolled out and planned many options of Team Building Workshops for you and your team to choose.

Our Studios!

Art Studio and Exhibition Gallery at Dhoby Ghaut Green

Address: 10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469

Exit from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Exit B and turn left, we are there in 30m!

New studio and gallery open at AZ @Paya Lebar! Sign up today for new class schedule

Address: AZ@Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-04, Singapore 409105

Exit from Macpherson MRT Station Exit A and turn left, we are right across the road, 1 minute walk away!


Saturday: 10.30AM – 12.45PM, 1PM – 3.15PM
Sunday: 10.30AM – 12.45PM, 1PM – 3.15PM

Creative Team Building Workshop – Virtual & Physical Options

If you are looking to create something meaningful and a keepsake that can be kept in your office, try out our Creative Team Building Workshop! This creative team building workshop is arts based and will definitely unleash the creativity in you that you never knew was there!

Duration: 2.5 – 3 Hours

What do we provide for Creative Team Building Workshop (Team Building Art Jamming)?

  1. We provide many mediums for you to choose from – mainly acrylic painting, mixed media, watercolor or other preferred mediums!
  2. We provide all materials for the art jamming workshops so you don’t have to fret over what to purchase to make this team building art jamming a success.
    Materials provided are as such: Paint brushes, paint, aprons, different sizes of canvases to suit your company’s need and also some light refreshments consisting of biscuits and water
  3. Customizable art jamming workshops – Choose a theme you want!
    Let us know what you would want the paintings to be! We are able to customize the whole workshop to tailor to your company’s mission statement, values or even goals for the coming years to make this workshop more meaningful and individualized to your company. Just let us know which area to focus on and your company will be on your way to painting a beautiful mural painting as a team that can be framed and hung in your office for all to see.
  4. We respond quickly to your request so that we are able to plan the perfect Team Building Workshop for you. Just contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email at for more information.
  5. You can choose art jam with us at our venue (depending on availability) – Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery Space/ Studio which is nestled within the green oasis of Dhoby Ghaut Green. Not only is our venue relaxing and pleasing to the eyes, our area is also highly accessible as we are just located just above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. If you and your team mates are planning to drive, you can easily park your car at Plaza Singapura Mall and simply walk across one traffic junction and you are on your way to this beautiful space of ours!

How do we run Creative Team Building Workshop (Team Building Art Jamming)?

E2i’s beautifully completed mural painting

A theme or an idea of what your team wants to paint should have already been agreed upon. If you and your team are a bunch of impromptu people, that is fine as well! You can think about what you want to paint together during the creative team bonding session as well.

During this creative team building workshop, professional art facilitators can be engaged to run an entertaining and engaging session around your business goals and team development. Participants can paint joined painting or work in teams as a way to improve bondingand you will be encouraged to think about what pictures or symbols or words would relate to your company’s vision or goals.

Our art facilitator will facilitate the event for them to discuss, share ideas and work as a team to complete the paintings. At the end of the session, we will hold a short debrief and peer review session to allow participants to share their experience as well as to talk about their art. This will definitely help to inspire your teams’ creativity and you also help in getting to know your team mates on a whole new level!

Art Jamming in process

For those like to explore your hidden creative power, you may want to upgrade your art jamming party with our “Creativity Booster” program. Our professional art facilitator will guide you to a very special tour of “Creativity Journey” through various interesting and creative approaches of art making. No rigid rules and formulas but tons of easy to digest and insightful tips that help to release your creative mind.

Art Jamming presentation


Contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email for more information and quotation of the your own team building workshop (art jamming session) today!

Outdoor Adventure Team Building Workshop

If you think you team mates are in need of some fresh air outdoors and need to get their feet moving or if you are simply looking for a new and refreshing company retreat for your department look no further as Visual Arts Centre bring to you many fun and exciting outdoor activities in the Outdoor Adventure Team Building Workshop.

What do we provide for Outdoor Adventure Team Building Workshops?

  1. Highly customizable activities to suit the objective and purpose of the Team Building Workshop
  2. Can take place outdoors (field of our gallery space) or any space of your choice. It can even happen overseas if Singapore is to normal and common for you!
  3. We respond quickly to your request so that we are able to plan the perfect Outdoor Adventure Team Building Workshop for you. Just contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email at for more information!
  4. Enthusiastic and lively facilitators that will bring the energy level of your company up several notches and make sure that you and your team mates walk away with fond and funny memories!

Capitaland Outdoor Event!

Contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email for more information and quotation of the your outdoor adventures team building workshops today!


Chinese Ink Painting Team Building Workshop

Looking to expose your department to a more traditional and cultured form of oriental art that dates back many many years ago? Try out our newly and highly sought after Chinese Ink Paint Team Building Workshop with experienced Chinese Ink Painting artist and enjoy a relaxing session with your colleagues as you bond over the mesmerizing art of the Orient.

What do we provide for Chinese Ink Painting Team Building Workshop?

  1. Highly customizable activities to suit the objective and purpose of the Team Building Workshop
    – You will be introduced to the basic techniques of holding a calligraphy brush and also the painting and skills needed
    – Choose your own theme for each scroll as a group and complete your own Chinese ink painting (subject of popular choices are: plum blossom, sparrows, peony and goldfishes, bamboo, chrysanthemum, rock and orchids, chicks and grapes or landscape)
    – You can even choose to learn how to wrote certain festive words for the season eg Chinese new year or the new year to even write your own name characters!
  2. All materials will be provided and taken care of – mounted cardboard rice paper or fan (for individuals) or paint a mounted scrolls (for groups of 6-8pax)
  3. Can take place outdoors (field of our gallery space) or any beautiful space of your choice.
  4. We respond quickly to your request so that we are able to plan the best and most interesting Chinese Ink Painting experience for you. Just contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email at for more information!
  5. Very experienced and well versed Chinese ink painting artist will guide your group through the process of painting Chinese ink painting. Friendly facilitators will also be provided to assist you in any way you need!

Prices: $50 nett/pax (min. 20pax), enquire with us for larger or smaller group sizes and tell us your budget for us to tailor a unique experience for you!

  • For any team building art jamming sessions, our professional art instructors will guide and assist the participants. According to the number of participants, the number of instructors will vary.
  • Rice paper and mounted cardboard or fan is provided, another option for mounted scrolls – 6-8pax to one scroll, or top up for additional scrolls or materials
  • Includes all art materials provided.
  • Includes refreshments.
  • NETT Prices w/o GST
  • Check out how much fun out participants had with Chinese ink painting!

Ever since our establishment, Visual Arts Centre have served many satisfied customers from many different industries, locally and overseas!

Be sure to check out our Team Building Workshop website  for more information!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us at today at 62550711 or to arrange your next team building session, or discuss workshop ideas with us.


新加坡视觉艺术中心先后为公司 Baxter Healthcare、Exxonmobil、 E2i (NTUC)、等做了企业艺术培训团队建设,受到企业赞扬和认可。


若有任何疑问,请联系我们!您可通过电话(62550711)或邮 (来和我们联络!

Contact us at 6255 0711 or drop us an email for more information and quotation of the your Chinese Ink Painting team building workshops today!


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Registration & Fees

Kindly call us at our office or email us to arrange your Team Building Workshop session. Thank you for allowing us to serve you better for this highly personalized activity!