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Visual Arts Centre x Affordable Art Fair 2022 [18-20 Nov 2022]

From the 18th to 20th November 2022, Visual Arts Centre partnered with the Affordable Art Fair as the Official Art Studio to provide an array of fun and engaging art workshops and activities for participants of all walks of life, thousands of participants came together to enjoy the wide selection of activities and workshops available. From the various fun drop-in activities like the Rangoli Drawing & Design Activity Booth and My Singapore Shophouse Drawing & Colouring Activity to the specially curated life drawing programme – the Adam & Eve Life Drawing Workshop just for the Arty-licious evening, participants had an enjoyable time at the fair and immersed themselves in the art, showcasing their skills and having fun!

Rangoli Drawing & Design Activity Booth

Participants had a whale of a time creating unique and beautiful rangoli patterns and got to take home their own Rangoli art card. Rangolis are usually created and placed outside of homes for good luck and happiness, through this activity, all participants young and old had a fun-filled time creating vibrant art pieces and could take away their own art cards from the fair as a memento!

My Singapore Shophouse Drawing & Colouring Activity


Participants unleashed their creativity and imagination to design their own shophouses utilising the templates given. Many had a meaningful time creating vibrant and whimsical shophouses unique to their tastes, adults and children alike were all smiles showing off their finished artworks!

Sand Art Painting on Card 

With relaxing and therapeutic properties, the sand art painting activity was a crowd favourite amongst parents and children. Kids were able to let their imagination run wild and with the assistance of their parents, create their very own sand art painting!

Urban Landscape Sketching & Illustration

Intricate and beautiful urban sketches were produced by the end of this hour-long workshop by our participants who were taught sketching and illustration techniques that helped them sketch out common landscapes of common plants and buildings. It was a fruitful time for these participants as they picked up a new skill and further developed their sketching abilities, also acquiring an understanding of perspective in the observation of landscape.


Journaling & Illustration


Participants of this event went through a fruitful 35 minute workshop learning about shapes, lines, colours, shades and shadows to produce coloured illustrations of their favourite Singaporean foods! They picked up useful skills and tips that would definitely level up their journals and illustrations.

Still Life Drawing and Sketching Workshop

Beginners looking to pick up still life drawing and sketching through still life observations were in for a treat at the art fair! They were taught still life observation techniques and establish form and composition in the drawings, by observing a still life display arrangement consisting of a vase, a fruit, and other common subjects, students were guided on the approach to still life drawing and sketching and complete a work at the end of the session.

Arty-licious Evening Special: Adam & Eve – Life Drawing Workshop


A highlight of the Affordable Art Fair was the Adam & Eve life Drawing Workshop where participants picked up life drawing by drawing “Adam” and “Eve” who were dressed artfully in toga and drapes and in various challenging poses. Through life drawing, students were able to train their eyes by observing different perspectives and compositions. 


With a choice of sketch materials – be it charcoal, soft pastel, pencil or pen, participants could freely explore figure drawing in this session. An art instructor was also present to guide the participants through the process.

The Four Gentlemen – Plum Blossoms, Orchids, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Chinese Ink

The workshop gave participants the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the art of Chinese ink painting and learn the classical subjects of The Four Gentlemen. Signifying traditional Chinese virtues and values such as uprightness, purity, humility and perseverance – The Four Gentlemen – Plum Blossoms, Orchids, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum is an essential foundation to the practice of Chinese ink painting, which made for an extremely insightful and educational workshop.

Plum Blossoms – An Introduction to Chinese Ink Painting

chinese ink

Another Chinese ink painting workshop, the Plum Blossoms workshop allowed for participants to be exposed to the medium and learn how to draw plum blossoms, one of the favourite subjects by famous Chinese ink painters throughout history. Participants used this opportunity to express themselves freely through interactions with nature, letting their creativity take charge. 

Goldfishes & Lotus – Chinese Ink Painting on Fan Workshop 


The Goldfishes & Lotus workshop placed heavier emphasis on allowing participants to employ their creativity and explore various compositions during the session. They were tasked to come up with their own creative expressions of  the subject and we are sure they are pleasantly surprised by where their creativity has led them to!

Textures and Tones in Drawing and Sketching Workshop 

to be updated

Expressive Landscape – Acrylic Painting Workshop 

to be updated

Colours of Singapore Shophouse – Drawing and Watercolour Painting Workshop 


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Acrylic Painting – My Tiny Landscape 

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Portrait and Figure Sketching Workshopto be updated

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Thank you for being a part of our journey in Affordable Art Fair 2022, and we hope to see you again next year!

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