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Thinking of organising an event, a product launch or a showcase? Visual Arts Centre offers a beautiful and modern venue space for hire. Located above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT, the Visual Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery is highly accessible and centrally located. Find out more about Visual Arts Centre – Exhibition Gallery, a one-stop fully-equipped exhibition space for hire ! (Click on link) 

10 Factors to consider when renting a venue for your exhibition showcase, fashion show, product launch or pop-up event

In Singapore, there are so many options and choices which you can choose from, however what should you consider when looking for a venue for your fashion shows and pop-ups? Scroll down for 10 tips to consider when looking for your desired venue. 


(An image of a past exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre)

1. Check the rates of the venues and availability for your site visit

Usually when choosing your desired space for hosting your fashion shows and fashion pop-ups, one of the most crucial requirement is to check the various rates there are out there. You should check the rates for weekdays and weekends and the various layouts available. You can then eventually find the best option which best suit your needs and wants. Some venues offer a flat rate whereas some would additional costs on top of the basic costs. It would also be best to familiarise yourself with the cancellation policies so that you know then consequences if you cancel or change the date of your event.

2. Check the accessibility of the venue

If you want more patrons and visitors visiting your event, you should find a location that is easily accessible. Such as bus stops and MRT stations near the venue. Also, near malls would be an advantage as people would usually grab a bite before or after visiting your event. Accessibility also includes making it disabled friendly, with a lift or ramp to the venue as you would want it to be inclusive for everyone.

3. Ambience


When selecting the venue, the ambience around the venue is important. If the ambience is not in line with the desired feeling, then you can see if you want to include more decorations to make up for it. As the ambience of the venue is somewhat important, as it sets the mood of your event. The venue should be welcoming and comfortable so that your visitors can have a good time and would want to visit again.

4. Facilities and logistics

Another important factor when considering your venue, would be the aesthetics of the location. Maybe you would prefer a lush green lawn beside your venue, or maybe with a glass house surrounding the location Therefore it is important to have a site visit and see if it is what you have in mind as photos often may not exactly depicts the true beauty of the location. Venues with natural lighting may also be a point that you can consider if you want it to look stunning in photos and aesthetically pleasing. Look out for the logistics that the venue has to offer beforehand, so that you would know which other item you would need to prepare or rent.

5. Flexibility

Often, some venues have restrictions as to how or what you can you their space for. As such, flexibility would be a factor to look for when enquiring about the venue. For example, many organisations have rules to  abide by and there might be a penalty if you do not. So in order to ensure your fashion show or event goes smoothly, flexibility of the venue is a must to check!

6. Publicity and promotion

When hosting, publicity and promotion plays a huge role in the attendance for the number of visitors who will visit your event. If you are doing a small event, you might not bear to spend much of you budget on the publicity and promotion. However how many venues actually do offer to promote you event for you? In fact, not many, as they do not have the time, money and effort to do those for you. However, there are some who are willing to help you publicise your event on their social media sites and website.

7. Guest list


Often, you would need to prepare a guest list which comprises of the list of people to invite. These people are somewhat important as they would also be the ones that can help you promote your event.

8. Checklist

It is advised that you should create a checklist during the planning stage of your event. The reason being, having a checklist makes it easier for you so that you can list down what else you need to prepare. And upon completing each part, you can tick it off.

9. Capacity and minimums

Firstly, you would have to know the capacity of the venue beforehand for a various reasons. Secondly, remember to create a form and ask your attendees to RSVP so that you would have a rough idea of how many attendees to expect. Thirdly, there are fire and safety codes which you have to abide by. Also, if the venue offers food/or beverages, you should find out what the food and beverage minimums are. If the venue does not, then you would have to outsource and find your own catering. Lastly if you would want to attract more patrons, you should ensure that your bases are covered in the event that the attendance expectations are not met.

10 . Parking

Some patrons might prefer driving to the venue therefore you should find if there are any parking at the venue itself. If there are no parking, then you can try to find parking near the venue and have layout a few options for your patrons.

Why choose the Visual Arts Centre exhibition gallery to host your event?

The exhibition gallery is one of a kind as it is scenic and peaceful, spacious, serene, with greenery all around. The gallery is flexible and adjustable according to your needs and wants.  We offer a flat rate fee without any additional costs. With the natural lighting shining through the glass house in the mornings and afternoons, enhancing the place’s visuals, to be more stunning and beautiful in photos. The Visual Arts Centre team has experience with helping many exhibitors with their exhibitions with our expertise. Here at the Visual Arts Centre, we would gladly help you publicise and promote your event. Besides posting on our social media sites, we will also circulate  emails of your event to our database of over 10,000 people which comprises of  high profile art collectors and patrons.


Visual Arts Centre Gallery Space creates a smooth and cozy ambiance for exhibitors and event launchers. Located right at the heart of Singapore’s town in central, we are certain our Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery offers one of the most affordable rates you can find in the city area. The Exhibition Gallery at Visual Arts Centre is conveniently located in Dhoby Ghaut, at the heart of Singapore’s bustling Arts and Heritage District. Adjacent to Orchard Road and Penang Road, the Exhibition Gallery is a modern glasshouse building of its own, situated on the green oasis of the Dhoby Ghaut Green park, directly above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Interchange (Exit B). It is the best location in city central to host your events!

The possibilities are endless when your event/exhibition are here at Visual Arts Centre Gallery Space!

1. Fashion Show & Launches

Fashion show event at Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery venue hire

2. Bazaar & Flea Market

Visual Arts Centre Dhoby Ghaut Exhibition Gallery Venue Hire Arts and Design Exhibition, Meetings, Flea Market & Boutique Fairs , Product Launches or Media Functions, Private Event

Apart from your usual art exhibitions and display of beautiful artworks, our space also caters to fashion brand runways/launches/pop-up booths. We are able to fit up to 160 pax in our exhibition gallery space. This is a great venue if you are considering renting a venue for your pop-up product launch. Some big brands that have rented our exhibition gallery space for product launches are (Chanel, Cartier and Estee Lauder). You or your company could be next hosting your event here.

3. Pop-up Events & Flea Market

4. Product Launches

5. Lifestyle Products Pop-up Event

6. Art Exhibitions

(image from the past exhibitors who exhibited their works and product launches)

Visual Art Centre’s exhibition gallery space is also big enough for product displays around! Creativity also comes when displaying your layout for your products/artworks in the exhibition gallery space. Finding the right spots and making sure that your guest do not feel claustrophobic is important too for a smooth sailing experience. 

Visual Arts Centre Gallery Space open for gallery hiring 2023! 

Rates of the exhibition gallery: 

Monday to Thursdays for Art and Design Exhibition and others: $950 nett/day

Fridays to Sundays for Arts and Design Exhibitions and others: $1200 nett/day

Product/media launches: $2000/day

*For more information about our venue rates please email or call us.*

Enquire with us through our email and telephone number to book an appointment to view the exhibition gallery.


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