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Art Jamming Team Building through Zoom

Art Jamming Team Bonding through Zoom

Large group activities have now become a thing of the past with the pandemic going on. With the ever-changing health and safety regulations, physical gatherings are hard to plan and harder to actualise. With everything going digital, Visual Arts Centre has found a way to bring art jamming activities to you, in the comfort of your own home!

Acrylic Landscape Painting Demo done by our Professional Instructor
This group art jamming activity is great to strengthen group ties. Through creative activities, we create a relaxing virtual environment for everyone to enjoy, freely express themselves and communicate more with each other. Be it for an online birthday celebration, a group reunion amongst friends, or a team bonding event between colleagues, we can make it happen! 
With each workshop, you’ll be guided by experienced art instructors who have conducted many various Zoom sessions that is an extremely popular alternative among our students especially this time of year with the pandemic going on.
The Zoom Live Art Jamming Workshop requires a minimum of 15 pax and can go up to a large scale – up to 100, 200 pax and more.
Art materials will also be delivered to you at a single location or through a door-to-door delivery service!
We offer the following activities for the Art Session:
1. Drawing and Sketching  (Urban Landscape sketching)
2. Acrylic Painting (Landscape Painting)
3. Tote Bag Painting
4. Watercolour Painting (Landscape Painting)
5. Chinese Ink Painting and/or Calligraphy

Take a look at how we conduct these Zoom Art Jamming Sessions 

Landscape Sketching Zoom Art Jamming 

Zoom Creative Illustration Class at Visual Arts Centre

Acrylic Painting Zoom Workshop

Teacher's Demo on ZOOM
Student's End product after the ZOOM Class
Our Student's End Product after 2hrs and 15mins

Tote Bag Painting Zoom Workshop 

Chinese Ink Painting Zoom Workshop

Click on our links to check out how our Drawing and Sketching and Acrylic Painting lessons will be carried out!
Price: Starts at $30/pax (depending on group size/art materials required)
Requirements: A minimum of 15pax and up to 100pax maximum
Venue: Virtual/Art studio venue option is available too
To enquire more or schedule an Art Jamming for Corporate Team-building or for Private Group Workshop (Zoom Live) with us:
Provide us with the following details:
1. The number of participants
2. Theme/goals for the team-building session
3. Any expected budget, date/time and duration
4. Any activities you’ll like to explore
Our team of specialised team-building experts will get back to you as soon as possible!

Online Art Jamming has never been made easier! Drop us a call 0r WhatsApp us at 6255 0711 or Email us: [email protected] to get a quotation now!