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The Best Online Art Classes In Singapore – Zoom Live Art Sessions

Thinking of art activities to do online during the COVID-19 crisis? Why not take this quiet time at home to plan a fruitful calendar of self-learning, and we’re here to help you learn and enjoy art from the comfort of your home with our Zoom Online Art Classes – VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions in three series.

Acrylic Painting series – Landscape acrylic painting, Semi-abstract landscape acrylic painting

(Finish one acrylic painting work in two sessions, with new artworks that you can learn and do at home each week!)

Acrylic Painting is a set of Zoom Online Art Class conducted by Visual Arts Centre Singapore, suitable for beginners to advanced levels, including Acrylic Painting Landscape Painting I / II / III / IV. The Saturday and Sunday Part 1/2 & Part 2/2 is to be taken together to complete the artwork, VAC  ZOOM Live Art Sessions is available from 8 April to 30 June inclusive, and caters for beginners to advanced levels.

The Acrylic Painting Zoom Online Art Class is an interactive art session conducted in a clear and guided manner by Visual Arts Centre’s professional art instructor(s) and include step by step demonstration, with art learners being able to follow through the steps, receive tips and guidance at each step and be able to complete an artwork at the end of 2Hours and 15Minutes. With an artwork completed at the end of each session, you can choose and pick any four sessions to attend at $180 nett only, or attend one single session at $75nett, includes materials pack and delivery. The art class has a 5-15pax capacity and is suitable for teenagers and adult learners of all ages and experience.

Advantages of our Zoom Online Art Class @Visual Arts Centre Singapore

+ In two professional art sessions, you will learn and be able to complete one acrylic painting lanscape artwork on your own.

+ 2Hours 15 Mins per session with step by step guidance, art instructor’s live demonstration

+ Suitable for beginners, teenagers to adults of all ages

+ Small class size 5pax-15pax with feedback and direct tips and instruction during the art class

+ Learn acrlic painting through the academy school approach, learn professional painting techniques and create your very own paintings from life observation!

> Check out the Schedule below and find out more about the Art Materials Pack which you may prepare on your own or purchase from us with home delivery right to your door step!

Art Material Pack home delivered to you @$40.*For home delivery, the current schedule is 2 working days, however please allow for up to 4 days to receive the art materials pack, as this is a busy period for courier services.

Acrylic Painting Material Checklist:

VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions will allow our art loving students to continue their passion for art and learn and pick up a lot of skills and techniques within the safe environment of your home! We welcome new art learners to pick up acrylic painting whilst at home for this month! Zoom Online Art Classes by Visual Arts Centre is ongoing, our VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions Calendar is till end of 2020. Our usual Art Studio lessons will resume from 2 June 2020.

VAC ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions 
– Min 5pax-15pax per session
– 2 Hours 15 Mins per session
– $75/session or $180/four session series or $340/ eight session series
– Able to complete one artwork for most sessions except for Acrylic painting which requires 2 sessions to complete Part 1/2 & Part 2/2
– Regular VAC Art Students may use 1 STUDIO Art Sessions to exchange for 1 ZOOM LIVE Art Session.
– Art Materials list provided for students to prepare own materials or you can choose to have art materials pack delivered to your home inclusive of delivery price @$25 Drawing series, @$30 Chinese ink painting, @$40 Acrylic painting.

You still could continue your acrylic painting at home

Keen to sign up or find out more?

Fret not if you are a complete beginner, this Drawing and Sketching series and our other ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions – Acrylic Painting and Chinese Ink Painting series are suitable for you! Worry not if you do not know what to buy because we have an Art Materials Pack delivered to your home @$40 only, inclusive of courier charges.

What you’ll need to have is a Laptop and a table to work on and your enthusiasm for learning!

How Do I Sign Up for the Zoom Live Art Sessions?

Scroll down to purchase for a series of 4 Sessions to attend at any of our schedules listed and an email will be sent to you for confirmation of your purchase. Please reply to the email to let us know the date/timing of your choice and we’ll be in touch with you on the ZOOM LINK to join our ZOOM LIVE Art Session and simply get ready for your class!

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>> 3 Friend signups for 4 session series together = 1 additional session FREE for everyone!

Current VAC Art Students may use TWO Studio Sessions to exchange for THREE ZOOM LIVE Art Sessions!

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If you are looking for 8 sessions LIVE ZOOM Art Courses: Acrylic Painting Landscape Painting series, please click here.

If you are looking for 4 sessions Live ZOOM Art Courses: Acrylic Painting Landscape Painting series, please click here. 

Schedule & Location

Every Friday, from 4 June 2021 – 31 December 2021 via Zoom (VAC Zoom Live Art Sessions), 1.30pm-3.45pm



All sessions are to be completed within the course duration stated. No refunds are provided for any courses/workshops/lesson purchased. Further extension of course validity of up to one month only may be provided with proof of overseas travel, hospitalization/medical certificate.

The course package(s) is/are valid within the stated date of registration. Each session under the adult course package is 2 hours 15 minutes. Visual Arts Centre reserves the right to reject/reschedule your lesson if you are late. Visual Arts Centre reserves the right to cancel/reschedule/postpone any course/session without prior notice. In the event that the course is unable to proceed due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of the fees will be provided. The registrant/guardian of the registrant indemnifies and holds Visual Arts Centre and/or its staff harmless from any losses sustained from any activity within the premises of Visual Arts Centre, including personal injury/loss or damages to property.

You will be redirected to the workshop registration page to fill in your enrolment details after you make payment. By clicking “Buy This Package”, you agree with our terms and conditions. Do note that there is no refund for signups.