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Our teachers have years of experience helping students get admitted into local arts schools, preparing for DSA, and apply to oversea art university. With students successfully got into their dream schools through DSA, or with scholarship to NAFA, Lasalle, SOTA, London College of the Arts, we believe we can equip your children with skills and ability to ace their application.

Embark on your art portfolio preparation joyney today!

When drawing and sketching, it forces you to think about what you want to draw and achieve. Like with any other project, drawing and sketching will force you to look into how to start, what the next step is and how to improve your work.

2. Helps you to visualise better

Before working on a sketch, one has to begin by mapping out what they want to draw. This process of composing your work through numerous thumbnail sketches can effectively present to you the general outlook of your artwork – how the elements are arranged and how they interact with one another. As such, drawing and sketching helps you visualise the images in your head better, enabling you to plan and map out concepts more effectively.

3. Polishes your coordination and fine motor skills

Polishing your hand-eye coordination skills are important since they are made use of in when engaging in most tasks during your daily lives. The more you practice drawing, the better you can get at observing what you see and presenting them as visuals.

4. Hones your analytical skills


Drawing and sketching takes much practice and patience. When you sketch, you have to concentrate and focus on your work to produce the best outcome. This is especially so, when you are working on a life drawing and sketching piece. When sketching from life, you want to capture all the details of the object and the form in one sitting. Hence, while learning drawing and sketching, you will find yourself being able to focus and work on tasks for longer periods of time.

6. Gives you a channel to communicate

Artwork done by Arinze Stanley @

Drawing is a form of visual communication, represented by symbols and signs. Convey your thoughts and concepts through painting and drawing. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, why not draw something to put your point across effectively? After all, art is known as the way of expression, to show what does not translate well into words.

7. Acts as your stress reliever

For some people, drawing and sketching gives them a channel to relieve their stress. Through drawing and sketching, one can fully immerse themselves in the art and hence, temporarily forget the stress. This temporal relaxation is likened to a stroll in the park or a quiet meditation session.

That being said, drawing and sketching may not be a stress reliever if you are a beginner to it, but soon, after much practice, you will soon get the hang of it, and find the joy in sketching!

8. Makes you more aware of the things around you!


After learning drawing and sketching, you may find yourself becoming more observant, remembering the shapes and forms of the objects. As some people say, drawing and sketching makes you develop an “eye” – a keen “eye” for observation!

9. Brings you opportunities to socialise!

Drawing and sketching, or in fact, going for any art classes gives you the opportunity to make new friends! Especially when you come for a regular drawing class, you will have the opportunity to meet and converse with people with the interest in learning art.

10. Develop it into a hobby!


Drawing and sketching is a skill. Picking it up and gradually honing your skills in it can allow you to become more acquainted with drawing and sketching, turning it into a hobby. After a long day of work, you can look forward to heading for art class, a quiet time for you to disconnect and fully immerse in drawing and sketching, draining all the tension from work into space…

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