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Portfolio Preparation Course for Youths


An Art Portfolio Preparation/Building Course for aspiring artists ages 10 – 17 years of age to prepare them to get into the Art School of their Dreams.

A common misconception – debunked!

One might think that building a portfolio is as simple as putting together a few doodles and artworks your kids have done over the years and submitting them to the schools of your choice. However, taking into consideration of the increasing standard of each art school and your child’s choice of specialisation, a simple collation of your art works simply will not suffice!

Our younger students having a go at their first still-life studies

What is a portfolio?

First of all, what is an art portfolio? According to the University of the Arts London, an art portfolio is basically a collection of your work. It shows how your skills and ideas have developed over a period of time. It demonstrates your creativity, personality, abilities and commitment, and helps schools to evaluate your potential. Your portfolio will be a vital part of your application to any art school. In fact, it will be more important than your grades when applying to art schools, because it lets schools see firsthand the work you have created.

Preparing a portfolio for the school of your choice has a standardised set of requirements to be met. Not only that, it is the only platform and chance you get to impress the admission officers with your own sense of style, good art foundational skills as well as your own set of talents!

When should your child start building a portfolio?

At Visual Arts Centre, we believe that in order to build good foundational skills in art, you have to start young. Having a good foundation in art does not occur overnight. It takes more than just hours or days. Thus, it is important to start as early as 10 years old.  Yes, it can get tiring – combined with Singapore’s notoriously rigorous school curriculum – but with patience, hard work and good discipline, we believe that we can help you achieve an outstanding portfolio that can get you into any school of your choice!

How to build a portfolio made to impress your admission officers?

We broke down 3 key criteria we have collated from some of the top local and global art schools:

Good Foundational Art Skills in Different Mediums

This is where you show your admission officers your technical skills. This is perhaps the most obvious trait of all, as it shows directly how skilled you are as an artist. Technical mastery includes being able to apply basic and advanced art principals to your work, create work that shows a high level of attention and detail, and complete projects that are free of sloppiness and mistakes.

A Diverse Range of Skills That Showcases Your Unique Style and Capabilities

Art schools will also look at your versatility and variety. One reason versatility is important is because the ability to create multiple art forms is a sign of a talented artist and one who can apply their skills in multiple ways. It is also rare for an artist to stick exclusively to one art form.

Often, they will also look for your own unique style and personality in your works. Your style will be the factor that differentiates you from the others, and can be a plus point in art school applications!

Clear Display of Logical Thinking and Development of Artwork

Besides just submitting the work you have done, you have to show a clear form of research as well as a step-by-step process of how your artwork came to life. This includes research materials such as artist references, mood-boards, colour palettes as well as little notes you’ve made along the way! This shows critical thinking and explains the background behind your works. Each piece of artwork has its own story. So, what story would you like to tell about yours?

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Visual Arts Centre

What is Visual Arts Centre’s Approach?

Every young artist has their own interests. With that into consideration, our professionally trained instructors will train your kid from the utmost basics of drawing and sketching to producing their own unique style of artworks over a period of time. Our goal is to help your kid build a good foundation and slowly – as time goes by, help them find their niche and cultivate their creativity.

Why Visual Arts Centre?

Each of Visual Arts Centre’s teachers are geared with their individually rich background and many years of experience. These teachers has trained many past and current students who has successfully gained admission into the top art schools – both locally and globally – of their dreams. So you can trust that Visual Arts Centre knows exactly what you will need to build an outstanding portfolio to wow those admission officers.

A rough overview of our Art Portfolio Building/Preparation course:

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Drawing and Sketching: Still-life, Landscape, Plaster- cast and Portrait Observational Drawing Lessons:

  • Basic Drawing and Sketching techniques
  • Shading and Tonal Values
  • Form and Composition
  • Understanding Perspectives and How to Attain Accuracy in Proportions


 Rendering Still-life Drawings

   Landscape Sketching

  Portrait Drawing of our David Plaster Cast

Student’s drawing of leg plaster cast

Quick Sketch: Portrait, Motion-Figure Drawing, Landscape:

  • Via Zoom Lessons or In studio, Learn Different Techniques on How to Compose a Quick Sketch from Live Observations.
  • To Learn How to Sketch or Compose Drawings in A Short Period Of Time or On-The-Go

Landscape and Portrait Quick Sketching Demonstrations


Colour and Mixed Media: Acrylic Painting, Watercolour Painting, Colour Pencils, Oil Pastels

  • Different Brush Strokes and Techniques
  • Understanding and Application of Colour Theory
  • Understanding the Different Mediums and Their usage

 Students with their Landscape Acrylic Painting

Conceptualisation: 3D medium and Various Colour Mediums

  • Learning How to Create Works with A Different Mix of Mediums
  • Application of Tonal Values
  • Transforming Works From 2D to 3D
  • Exploration of Creativity
  • How to Present Their Idea Development Process Critically and Creatively

  Making 3D models using different materials

What’s More?

We know that acing that interview is not just about presenting just your artworks. To impress those admission officers, first impressions and general art knowledge is important as well. Not only do we focus on the technical stuff, we got the interview process down as well. Otherwise, all that talent would simply go to waste!

Besides the technical stuff, we cover:

  • Basic Fine Arts History
  • Art Criticism and Evaluation
  • Interview Training
  • Regular Progress Assessments
  • Final Portfolio Check and Consolidation

From the technical aspects of building the portfolio to giving a good presentation of not only your works but to make an impression, Visual Arts Centre understands your needs and has got you covered!

Visual Arts Centre is motivated with the mission to get your child into their preferred art school. Over here, we adopt a unique and systematic approach that allows you to train your foundational art skills and develop your own sense of creativity. From foundational skills to how to ace those interviews, Visual Arts Centre has it all covered.

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