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Art Master Series – Watercolour Landscape Painting Workshop with Ong Kim Seng

Watercolour Live Landscape Painting @Fort Canning Park - an Watercolour Painting Masterclass by Ong Kim Seng

Join us in our professional watercolour painting masterclass workshop for a high quality art experience!  Watercolour Live Landscape Painting Workshop @Fort Canning Park workshop is specially conducted by the internationally renowned watercolourist, Singaporean watercolour artist Ong Kim Seng. Take on this watercolour painting journey with Ong Kim Seng, where he’ll be guiding you on observation, establishing form and composition, and plein air sketching in the outdoors at the Fort Canning Park. Following, participants will return back to Visual Arts Centre to learn and continue with the watercolour painting indoors – taking reference from their plein air sketches and observational drawings. The master watercolourist will be sharing important tips and giving direct watercolour demo and personally guiding individual participants as they work on their watercolour painting.

The artist Ong Kim Seng is a master in creating watercolour works with vibrant colours and exquisite expression of light – a technique that resemble Impressionism art movement (a famous name rising up during this movement includes Monet with his famous Cathedrals: A Life Study of Light series, The Cliff Walk at Pourville and Women with a Parasol – Madame Monet and her Son).

In this Watercolour Masterclass Workshop, Ong Kim Seng will introduce you to his techniques and practice in:

  • Quick Landscape sketching techniques;
  • Watercolour painting techniques for Landscape;

Details of Workshop:

  • Date: Sunday, 15 November 2020
  • Time: 10am – 12.30pm
  • Course fee: $130/pax
  • All art materials for drawing and painting are provided for participants. A sketching book and pen set is complimentary gift. Participants will bring their completed works home.

Workshop schedule:

  • 9.40am: Assemble at Visual Arts Centre, briefing by artist Ong Kim Seng and dispatch of sketching materials;
  • 10am – 10.40am: Move to Fort Canning Park, learn plein air sketching  from live landscape;
  • 10.40am – 12.30: Move back to Visual Arts Centre, learn landscape watercolour painting.

Join us for a fun-filled art trip within Singapore! A new perspective of Singapore scene is waiting for you to uncover! Sign up here!

About Ong Kim Seng

Born in 1945 in Singapore, Ong Kim Seng is an internationally renowned watercolorist and one of Singapore’s most prominent artistic icons. Notable solo and group exhibition he has held/participated:

  • Featured in Shanghai Art Fair and Guangzhou Art Fair in 2005;
  • International Travel Solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Canberra, Washington, Yangon starting in April 2006, each exhibition lasted from 4 – 6 weeks;
  • Retrospective exhibition “The Art of Ong Kim Seng” at Malaysia, 2005;
  • Solo Exhibition “Home and Nation in the art of Ong Kim Seng” at Singapore Art Museum, 2008;
  • Solo Exhibition with Quanhua Watercolour Museum, Shanghai, China, 2013
  • Joined Group Exhibition “Follow the Masters, Shanghai Joint Exhibition of International Watercolour Masters and workshops”, Shanghai, China, 2016, 2017, 2018.
  • He has won a multitude of awards including six awards from the American Watercolor Society, and the coveted Cultural Medallion in 1999.

Beside painting, Ong Kim Seng also add several art books to his life-long legacy. His books compile a considerate amount of his paintings, art studies, and revolving around techniques and painting methods.

What you will learn in Watercolour Masterclass Workshop in Landscape Live Watercolour Painting with Ong Kim Seng?

This Watercolour Live Landscape Painting workshop – Art Master Series at Visual Arts Centre provide the practical instruction of how to master light and shade in watercolour painting. This was introduced by Ong Kim Seng in his famous book “Mastering Light & Shade in watercolour” (2003).

Participants will have the opportunity to learn the techniques directly from master watercolour painter Ong Kim Seng.

All materials will be provided for the workshop. All you need is be ready to embark on a journey to your familiar Singapore scene and extract only its exquisite beauty onto your painting.

Each participants will be able to bring back your painting at the end of the lesson. Come join us for a professional art masterclass experience with artist Ong Kim Seng,

An opportunity to learn professional technique from an international acclaimed watercolour master – Ong Kim Seng!


Join our Watercolour Masterclass Workshop  for art masterclass experiences with international renown artists!

What will you bring back from the Watercolor Masterclass Workshop in Watercolor Live Landscape Painting with Ong Kim Seng?

  • Each participants will be able to bring back your painting at the end of the lesson;
  • A set of sketch book and sketch pen;
  • In-depth understanding of light and shade in landscape watercolor painting.

An opportunity to learn professional technique from an international acclaimed watercolour master – Ong Kim Seng with live landscape observation journey! Don’t miss out!


Visual Arts Centre’s Art Master Series – Professional art masterclass workshop series conducted by international masters

Visual Arts Centre proudly introduces a new Art Master Series that feature a series of professional Art Masterclass workshop led by international renowned artists. With different and interesting concepts, we are bringing the international art masterclass quality for multiple art mediums (acrylic, oil, watercolour, sketching, etc.) closer to art practitioners resident in Singapore.

This on-going series includes several art masterclass workshops. Each workshop will cover a specific topic/technique that is unique to the medium. The concept of each class will varies depends on the study subject, which aid to uncover a new perspective of observing art, making art and appreciate art.

An art masterclass series unable to missed out!

This series is suitable for those with previous experience in drawing / sketching. Beginners may also look forward to join for a new perspective and an introduction to the practices introduced during the workshop.

Ongoing collaborations between Visual Arts Centre and artists

Visual Arts Centre is an exhibition gallery and art studio dedicated to supporting local and international artists. With an ongoing dynamic calendar of art and design exhibitions and curated workshops, we actively contribute to the promotion of art and art appreciation.

The Art Master Series was developed to present a series of unique art workshops as a collaboration with our local art masters. Creating an opportunity for the public to interact and be personally led on an intimate art workshop experience by a master artist.

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We collaborate with top art masters to bring high quality art instruction closer to all art enthusiasts, art practitioners, and art lovers at an affordable price. Whether you are looking forward to approach international art masters, or to accelerate your art skill from the top instructors, this Series is totally for you!

Join us now to embark on your art journey!

Email [email protected] or call/WhatsApp (+65)62550711.

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Course Description

Watercolor Live Landscape Painting @Fort Canning Park will feature international acclaimed watercolor master Ong Kim Seng. Participants will join master artist Ong Kim Seng to a short observation trip at Fort Canning Park and learn plein air watercolor painting.

This series is suitable for those with previous experience in drawing / sketching. Beginners may also look forward to join for a new perspective and an introduction to the practices introduced during the workshop.

Detail Information:

  • Date: Sunday, 15 November 2020;
  • Time: 10am – 12.30pm;
  • Course fee: $130nett/pax;
  • All materials are provided.

Workshop schedule:

  • 9.40am: Assemble at Visual Arts Centre, briefing by artist Ong Kim Seng and dispatch of sketching materials
  • 9.40am – 10.40am: Head to Fort Canning Park, learn plein air sketching from live landscape
  • 10.40am – 12.30: Return to Visual Arts Centre to learn and complete individual landscape watercolor paintings

Visual Arts Centre Art Master Series is a series of unique, individual art masterclasses presented by internationally renowned artists.

Stay tuned for more art masterclass workshops coming up!

Any enquiries, please send us an email at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp (+65)62550711.

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