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Chinese New Year Chinese Ink Painting & Calligraphy Workshop

Visual Arts Centre Chinese Ink Painting – Fan Painting Art Jamming
CNY Chinese Ink Painting & Calligraphy Workshop 2024

Searching for a Chinese Ink Painting Workshop where you can create interesting art pieces to decorate your home during this Lunar New Year?

Celebrate this Lunar New Year by enrolling in a Chinese Ink Painting Workshop with your friends and family! Specially themed for the CNY 2023, Visual Arts Centre presents Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy Workshop – Prosperity, Peace and Harmony in the Rabbit Year.

What is Chinese Ink Painting?

对联Chinese New Year Calligraphy

Students will be introduced to learn the techniques, materials and skills required in Chinese Ink Painting. The art form of Chinese ink painting is beautiful, with much oriental culture and background. 


How is this workshop conducted?

The Chinese ink painting workshop and/or twelve sessions Chinese ink painting course is suitable for beginners with no previous experience and all nationalities are welcomed! The language of instruction will be bilingual, in English and Mandarin, and students will be taught through detailed explanation, breakdown of Chinese ink painting brush techniques involved in each subject, and also step-by-step art demonstration and explanation. This systematic approach of learning Chinese ink painting is great for learners who want to acquire a strong foundation and also suitable for those with previous practise to realign concepts, brush techniques and methods of practise.


What is the workshop about?

With this art workshop, students will be able to pick up ink painting techniques starting from the foundation of Chinese Ink Painting, learning subjects in relation to the Lunar New Year Season such as the plum blossoms, spring flowers, rabbits, and introduction of landscape painting with creative abstraction with landscape painting, which you will gain an appreciation and understanding to Chinese ink painting practise and composition.

What can you learn?

(1) Materials knowledge, brief history of Chinese Ink Painting

(2) Compositional skills, brushworks, techniques – through learning:

  • Rabbits and Prosperous Chinese New Year subjects such as golden mandarin, bamboo and spring flowers
  • Introduction to abstract/semi-abstract Chinese landscape painting
  • Calligraphy practise (to understand brushwork, calligraphy strokes)
  • Bring home a fan painting and a pair of calligraphy greeting squares of “吉”、”祥”、”平安”、”万福” representing luck, auspicious, peace, blessing.

Creatively scroll painting for prosperity!

Perhaps you’ve tried oil painting, or even acrylic painting, but just a disclaimer: ink painting is nothing like those. Ink painting is more similar to watercolour, and the key to it lies in the poetic feeling it is meant to achieve. The ratio between water and ink is what’s most important here. For those who have not tried this art form, do not hesitate to give it a try – it will open your eyes to a whole new world of creative expression!

Chinese ink painting can be done on the traditional fan! Participant completes her fan painting

Auspicious Plum blossom painting on fan!

Workshop conducted for Chinese Ink Painting! We also do Chinese Ink Painting Team Building!

Chinese Ink Painting is different from other forms of painting. It relies on the artist’s ability to capture the essence of the subjects and using limited inks and colours to portray it on to a painting. The aesthetic principles of Chinese Ink Painting relies heavily on the spirit of the subject, not the likeness of forms.

Chinese Ink Painting Scroll that can be displayed at the sides of your door!

Chinese Ink Painting is a representation of Chinese Art. Basic Chinese ink painting features the water and ink, black and white. Delving deeper into the Chinese Ink Art, there is the meticulous paintings of flowers like peonies and birds, with its vibrant colours, are also known as Chinese Ink Painting. The features of Chinese Ink painting are realistic representation close subjects,  abstraction of distant subjects, subtle colors and a rich artistic conception.
With a brush loaded with ink and water, compose your Chinese ink paintings on rice paper. Chinese ink painting involves blending and tactful composition, expressing the essence and spiritual elements of  the subjects.
This art course is suitable for anyone with a passion for Art or specifically, Chinese Ink Painting. Suitable for students of 12 years and up, any younger learners will require an adult’s accompaniment! Contact us for any queries or to find an alternative class for Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.

Workshop Details:

Date: 28 January 2023, Saturday

Time: 2pm – 4.30pm (2h 30mins)

Venue: Macpherson Art Studio (MRT Exit A Left turn), 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-04 AZ@ Paya Lebar Building, Singapore 409015

Suitable age group: Adults & Children ages 7 years old* and above. (Children ages 7 – 11 years old to be accompanied by an adult)

Visual Arts Centre Macpherson

Address: AZ@Paya Lebar, 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-04, Singapore 409105

Exit from Macpherson MRT Station Exit A and turn left, we are right across the road, 1 minute walk away!

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