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Italian Renaissance Art

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life in the early modern period. Starting in Italy, and spreading to the rest of Europe by the 16th Century, its influence was felt in literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, science, religion, and other aspects of intellectual inquiry.

This course will explain and outline the ideas and artists who made the Italian Renaissance one of the high points in Western Art History. Beginning in the 14th Century and working through to the 16th Century, the sessions will explain how new ideas re-shaped the way people thought and how they made art.

During the 5 sessions course, we will review the great artistic achievements and other creative initiatives of the re-birth of the Classical styles, discussing the influences and works of the Great Masters who made the period. Giotto, Donatello, Fra Angelico, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Titian are just a few of the names that will be examined while one session will be dedicated to Michelangelo including a short documentary showing masterpieces such as David, Sistine Chapel, Pieta, The Last Judgement and many more in breath-taking details.

07/09 – 7pm – 9pm
The Foundations of Italian Renaissance: from Giotto to Masaccio

14/09 – 7pm – 9pm
Early Renaissance Art in Florence and Central Italy

21/09 – 7pm – 9pm
High Renaissance: da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael

28/09 – 7pm – 9pm
Michelangelo (Lecture & Film)

05/10 – 7pm – 9pm
Renaissance Painting in Venice and Northern Italy

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Art Biennales: from Venice to the East

20/09/2016 – 7pm – 9pm

Art Biennales: ‘from Venice to the East’

The lecture is an introduction to the history, concepts and strategies behind today’s curatorial-based periodic international art blockbuster exhibitions; also known as “art biennales”.

The first half of the lecture will be dedicated to the foundational biennales. It begins by analyzing the historical and cultural conditions for the emergence of the Venice Biennale, the so-called “mother of all biennales”, in 1895. The Venice model will be taken as a reference to contrast with other relevant international art mega-exhibitions such as São Paulo Biennial, Documenta, Havana Biennale, Istanbul Biennial, Manifesta and Lyon Biennale.

The second half of the lecture will explore the proliferation of art biennales in Asia and Pacific in recent decades. The analysis will include references to some of the most influential exhibitions in the region such as Asian Art Biennale at Bangladesh, Sydney Biennale, Gwangju Biennale, Asia Pacific Triennial at Brisbane, Yokohama Triennale, Shanghai Biennale, Guangzhou Triennial, Taipei Biennial, Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Busan Biennale, Auckland Triennial, Sharjah Biennial, Aichi Triennale and Singapore Biennale

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Introduction to Modern Art: Bridging the Centuries, from Manet to Picasso

Visual Arts Centre and Corcovado Arts are proud to present to you a series of talks on Modern Art History.

The lecture series is a comprehensive course designed to provide non-art specialists with a general overview of Modern Art History. The 5-sessions/5 films course is suitable for all art enthusiasts in the general public that are interested in learning about the work of Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, Jawlensky and more.

The series will combine lectures with 5 matching art documentaries (*) that will provide an in-depth look into iconic pieces and the  famous people behind them.

  • May 24  –  Lecture –  Manet and the Impressionists
    May 26 –   Film      –  The Impressionists and the man who made them
    May 31 –    Lecture –  Post Impressionism and The Avant Gardes
    Jun 02 –    Film      –  Vincent Van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing
    Jun 07 –    Lecture –  Expressionism and Cubism
    Jun 09 –    Film      –  Munch
    Jun 14 –   Lecture –  Picasso, his Influences and Legacy
    Jun 16 –    Film      –  Matisse
    Jun 21 –    Lecture  – Modern Art Conversation with Other Regions
    Jun 23 –    Film      –  Manet

(*) Exhibition On Screen documentaries by award winning documentarian Phil Grabsky

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