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Arts Picks: Samuel Chen exhibition, pop-up reading spaces and honouring the legacy of Ong Boon Kong

The Realm Of Vibrancy By Ong Boon Kong Charmaine Lim, The Straits Times, Thu Feb 8th, 2024 The late Ong Boon Kong was renown for his paintings of tigers and Singapore scenery. The Realm Of Vibrancy By Ong Boon Kong honours the legacy of the late artist Ong Boon Kong (1948 to 2021), renowned for …

多美歌吹漫画风 六地标壁画绘出历史面貌

多美歌吹漫画风 六地标壁画绘出历史面貌 发表于 2024 年 1 月 15 日 08:55 PM 多美歌地铁站的“漫画联系”壁画星期一亮相,展示国泰大厦、国家档案馆、总统府、麦唐纳大厦等多美歌一带的地标。(SMRT提供) 多美歌地铁站的“漫画联系”(Comic Connect)壁画星期一(1月15日)亮相,漫画以国泰大厦(The Cathay)、国家档案馆、总统府、麦唐纳大厦(MacDonald House)等多美歌一带的六个地标为素材。 “漫画联系”是SMRT为纪念成立35周年,与本地艺术家及艺术团体联手,在全岛35个地铁站展示历史壁画的合作项目。这一项目自2022年6月启动,多美歌地铁站是第23个展出壁画的站点。 这次在多美歌地铁站展出的壁画是SMRT与视觉艺术中心(Visual Arts Centre)的第三次合作,创作团队前后用时三到四个月完成。此前合作的壁画,于去年3月和7月分别在索美塞地铁站和中峇鲁地铁站亮相。 视觉艺术中心策展人及总监刘婉婷(33岁)代表创作团队说,他们的办公室位于多美歌格林(Dhoby Ghaut Green),也就是在多美歌地铁站上方,因此这个壁画对他们而言别具意义。“壁画中的元素都是我们小心斟酌挑选的。我们希望通过色彩缤纷的壁画展现历史,让新加坡人能够记住其意义,并向游客展现这里的丰富历史。” You can read the original article here.

Singapore’s Affordable Art Fair returns with 14 first-time galleries and tighter curation

Singapore’s Affordable Art Fair returns with 14 first-time galleries and tighter curation Charmaine Lim, The Straits Times, Wednesday 25th October 2023 Previous Next Affordable Art Fair returns for its 14th year, bringing back galleries which have participated since the beginning and new galleries from around the world. PHOTO: AFFORDABLE ART FAIR Created at Wednesday Oct …

Chinese ink painting exhibition shows how pioneer Singapore artists broke the rules

Chinese ink painting exhibition shows how pioneer Singapore artists broke the rules Clement Young, The Straits Times, Tuesday 26 September 2023 Fan Chang Tien’s Landscape (right) is one of 50 Chinese ink and calligraphy works on show at Masterpieces Of Ink And Calligraphy, curated by Ms Iola Liu (left). PHOTOS: COURTESY OF IOLA LIU, ASIA …

中峇鲁地铁站壁画 展现社区历史文化遗产

中峇鲁地铁站壁画 展现社区历史文化遗产 地铁业者SMRT在中峇鲁地铁站设立壁画。(图:黄振灵) 地铁业者SMRT在中峇鲁地铁站设立壁画,让通勤者一览中峇鲁的丰富历史文化遗产和特色地标。 当中包括新加坡改良信托局(SIT)建设的组屋、中峇鲁巴刹、陈笃生墓碑、齐天宫和葫芦庙。 配合成立35周年,SMRT计划在全岛35个地铁站推出“漫画联系”(Comic Connect)壁画,中峇鲁地铁站是这项计划中的第15个地铁站。 继索美塞(Somerset)地铁站,这是SMRT第二次同视觉艺术中心合作设立壁画。 这幅壁画的长度是11.48米、宽2.86米。创作者洪伟坚,谈到了自己的创作灵感和创作时面对的挑战。 “我以醒目的形状和颜色为主要创作灵感和元素,以浪漫的方式捕捉中峇鲁的标志性建筑。我在创作时主要面临的困难在于选择要展示的结构,以及如何简化和保留它们的本质。” 住在花拉路(Farrer Road)的洪伟坚表示,从探索中峇鲁的文化特色到提交作品,整个过程持续了近6个月。他很荣幸能够设计这幅壁画。 他说:“组屋具有强烈的装饰艺术气氛,我认为它至今还是中峇鲁主要的代表建筑。我还想向一些文化元素和一些已经不存在的建筑致敬。” SMRT同本地艺术社群合作,从去年6月起,陆续在大巴窑、实龙岗、巴耶利峇等多个地铁站设立壁画,预计在今年底之前完成这项计划。 You can read the original article here.

SMRT reveals new wall mural at Somerset station, features historic landmarks around the area

SMRT reveals new wall mural at Somerset station, features historic landmarks around the area Eight landmarks are featured on the mural, including Killiney Road and Emerald Hill. If you’re walking along Exit C of Somerset MRT station, you’ll probably spot some familiar landmarks rendered in an artistic fashion. Unveiled by SMRT on Wednesday (Mar 15), …

SMRT unveils series of murals depicting history of neighbourhoods

SMRT unveils series of murals depicting history of neighbourhoods The mural at Toa Payoh MRT station is the first of 35 to be launched in conjunction with SMRT’s 35th anniversary. SINGAPORE – Passengers passing through the gantry at Toa Payoh MRT station will find it hard to miss the almost 7m long comic-style mural showcasing …

Foundation In Digital Art

Embark on a captivating journey into the vibrant world of digital art! Our Foundation in Digital Art workshop invites budding creatives aged nine and above to unleash their imagination and hone their artistic skills in a dynamic, supportive environment. From mastering basic digital tools to crafting mesmerizing digital masterpieces, children will explore a spectrum of techniques guided by seasoned mentors. Through hands-on activities and interactive sessions, participants will discover the endless possibilities of digital expression while fostering creativity and critical thinking. Join us for an exhilarating adventure where young artists transform ideas into stunning visual realities, igniting a passion for digital art

Colour & Texture Exploration With Acrylic Painting & Collage

Prepare to unleash your inner artist in a kaleidoscope of color and creativity with ‘Colour Blast: Acrylic Painting & Collage Techniques’! Dive into a whirlwind adventure where vibrant hues and mesmerizing textures collide in a symphony of imagination. From mastering the art of seamless color blending to discovering the magic of mixed media collage, this journey is a playground for your artistic soul. With each brushstroke, explore new techniques that breathe life into your canvas, transforming it into a vibrant tapestry of expression. Join us and let your creativity run wild as you embark on this colorful escapade!”

World of Manga [Foundation & Styling]

A manga art workshop for children and teenagers sounds like a fantastic idea! Here’s how you might structure it:
Introduction to Manga: Begin by introducing what manga is, its history, and its influence on popular culture worldwide. Show examples of different manga styles and genres to give participants an overview.
Basic Drawing Techniques: Start with the fundamentals of drawing, such as line work, shapes, and proportions. Provide step-by-step instructions on how to draw basic manga characters, focusing on simple shapes that can be built upon.
Character Design: Move on to character design concepts, including creating unique characters, designing their personalities, and developing backstories. Encourage participants to get creative and think outside the box.
Expression and Emotion: Teach how to convey emotions and expressions through facial expressions, body language, and positioning of characters. This can be a fun and interactive exercise where participants practice drawing various emotions.
Storytelling and Paneling: Explore the basics of storytelling in manga, including paneling techniques, pacing, and layout. Show examples of different panel structures and discuss how they affect the flow of the story.
Inking and Coloring: Introduce participants to inking techniques using pens or markers. You can also cover digital inking for those interested. Then, demonstrate basic coloring techniques using markers, colored pencils, or digital software.
Feedback and Collaboration: Provide opportunities for participants to share their work and receive feedback from their peers and instructors. Encourage collaboration by having them work together on short manga projects or collaborative drawings.
Final Showcase: End the workshop with a showcase of participants’ work. This could be in the form of an exhibition, digital gallery, or printed booklet. Celebrate everyone’s creativity and progress throughout the workshop.
Remember to create a supportive and encouraging environment where participants feel free to express themselves and explore their creativity. And don’t forget to have fun! Manga is all about imagination and passion, so let that spirit shine through in your workshop.

Academy Drawing Traditions

The academy drawing and sketching tradition, rooted in centuries of artistic practice, emphasizes disciplined study of form, proportion, and technique. Originating from Renaissance workshops and formalized by institutions like the Royal Academy, it prioritizes meticulous observation and mastery of fundamental skills. Students progress from basic exercises to complex compositions, learning to depict still life and common objects with precision and expression. This tradition values both classical principles and innovation, encouraging artists to push boundaries while maintaining a deep respect for tradition. Through rigorous training and critique, artists within this tradition cultivate a strong foundation for creative exploration and artistic excellence.

Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy

This course on Chinese ink painting and calligraphy introduces young learners to the rich traditions of Chinese art. Through hands-on activities, students explore the basics of brush techniques, ink control, and the delicate art of Chinese script. They learn to appreciate the cultural significance of calligraphy and painting, developing skills in creating elegant strokes and expressive brushwork. The course fosters creativity, patience, and fine motor skills, while also providing insights into Chinese history and aesthetics. By the end, children gain confidence in their artistic abilities and a deeper understanding of Chinese cultural heritage.

Funk with Graffiti

Funk With Graffiti Workshop for children is an engaging and creative program aimed at introducing young artists to the vibrant world of graffiti and funk-inspired street style art. Participants learn the basics of graffiti history, techniques, and safety. Guided by professional graffiti artists, children explore the art of designing their unique tags, emphasizing creativity, expression, and individuality. The workshop includes hands-on activities, from sketching concepts to creating final designs with spray paint on provided surfaces. By the end of the session, children gain confidence in their artistic abilities and an appreciation for graffiti and funk as legitimate forms of street art. Each child completes two original artworks, which they proudly take home, showcasing their newfound skills and personal style.

Batik Tales

In the Batik Introduction Handkerchief Painting workshop, participants will learn the traditional art of batik, a wax-resist dyeing technique originating from Indonesia. The workshop begins with a brief history and overview of batik, highlighting its cultural significance and various techniques. Participants will then observe a demonstration of applying wax with tjanting tools and dyeing the fabric. Following the demonstration, each participant will design and create their own batik handkerchief, applying wax to create patterns and then dyeing their fabric. The workshop concludes with a group discussion, allowing participants to share their creations and reflect on their learning experience.