Visual Arts Centre

Celebrating emerging Singapore artists

Judging by the milling crowds at the entrance and the enraptured looks on people’s faces as they viewed the artworks, it’s no surprise that the Artrageous Exhibition by Little Artists Art Studio was an absolute hit.
The Visual Arts Centre transformed into a bustling hub with some of the art world’s youngest emerging talent from Singapore. Aged 10 to 17 years old, these local Singapore artists showcased their works on a professional stage. More than 2,000 guests and VIP artists were in attendance. The event was filled with dazzling examples of fine art skill and creative vision from students enrolled in the Little Artists’ Young Portfolio and Budding Artists programs. At the art show in Singapore, the students also gave engaging talks to explain their creative processes and works to the exhibition attendees.

Top art talent in attendance

The show was conceptualised and led by the Director of Little Artists Art Studio, Ms Shalini Kapoor and garnered the interest of well-known international and local Singapore artists. They graciously gave uplifting words to these exhibiting students on the many different journeys a professional artist can take.

VIPs also filled the Visual Arts Centre including Brazilian artist Deusa Blumke, Greek artists Emi Avora and Ellie Lasthiotaki and interior designer Theodora Martinou. Also in attendance were Singaporean artists Barry Yeow and Casey Tan, who was named UOB’s Most Promising Artist of the Year in 2019.

A review from a student

Attending the Art Exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre was an eye-opening experience! There were so many talented artists and beautiful artworks on display. By far, the most shocking part of the exhibition was reading the little white labels next to each artwork. The small font with the artists ages absolutely shocked me! Next to artworks that were full of detail and expression, I saw ages like ten, and nine. I was flabbergasted to see such talent at a young age. It was truly an eye-opening experience. Joshua Lee Chen Wei (age 13)

Endless opportunities for Singapore artists

Little Artists Art Studio is the only arts institution in Singapore providing this kind of grand public exhibition showcasing young children of artistic promise at professional venues. The number of attendees and amount of time spent at the show by visitors, families and friends were a huge confidence boost for these young talents.

Interacting throughout the weekend with esteemed local and international artists also provided these young artists with inspiration for their futures. And, there’s more to come in 2024! There are art shows in Singapore and international exhibitions planned for students showing great promise.

The future for local talent

This is all part of Little Artists vision as a specialized art studio that’s committed to providing budding Singapore artists with a high-quality art education experience. For more than 25 years, the art studio has seen students accepted into top colleges across the world. These have included Parson’s, Pratt, RISDI, UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Monash and RMIT in Australia, LaSalle, NAFA, SOTA, NUS in Singapore, and The Royal College of Arts in the UK.
These events are a first taste of the unique visions, perspectives and personalities of these artists. And their different stages of development, experience and maturity. To find out more about future events visit the Little Artists website.