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Have you always wanted to learn how to do a drawing and sketching portraiture of yourself or even a drawing of your love ones?


Portrait live painting – using oil medium


Participants attending a Portrait live sketching workshop with artist guidance

We also teach Portrait sketching during the Drawing and Sketching classes!


Our instructor providing a quick demo on Portrait Sketching 

However, you feel the pressure to do so as even the slightest misjudgment of proportion can make a face look “off” or awkward. You feel as though the shadows and highlights are missing and the proportion aren’t correct.. so you keep erasing and erasing your sketch paper that it tears. Without the right guidance and understanding, portraiture is often one of the most daunting assignments because we are all naturally critical when it comes to faces and how they should look. It does really take a lot of practice to master these skills!

Drawing and sketching is one of the most popular art form. Known as the fundamentals of art, it has long been practiced by many artists all over the world. Drawing is something we know how to do since young – picking up a pencil or a crayon and doodling on sheets of paper. Even without the ability to speak, read or write, we possess the ability to draw. This skill that is so innate in us, but so often left unhoned…

Always wanted to know a place for Portrait Life Drawing in Singapore but unsure where to go?

Here at Visual Arts Centre, our professional art instructors are here to guide you with polite feedback so that you can have your very own perfect drawing and sketching portrait. We offer Life drawing – Portrait Drawing Workshop with Artist Guidance so that you can get tips and guides to perfect your skills. We ensure that our step by step guide and demo by our professional art instructors are able to help you benefit in your pencil portrait and drawing sketch.

(Portrait done by one of our students during the portrait class)

Experience life Portrait Drawing and learn the skills and techniques of portrait drawing in this one session guided workshop! With professional demonstration, guidance and instruction by our artist instructor, this life portrait drawing session is suitable for those with experience or the absolute beginner with an interest in portrait drawing! At Visual Arts Centre, we believe in life drawing and sketching and we run the most regular portrait life drawing and nude life drawing sketching workshops in Singapore! The Portrait Drawing with Artist Guidance Workshop is conducted almost once a month for the whole calendar year and you may choose to attend singular sessions or purchase the 4 sessions Nude Life Dra / Portrait Life Drawing Course to attend 4 sessions of your choice of either nude life drawing or portrait life drawing class.

Through life observation of the model – capture various tones, shades, shadows, angles, and skin textures of the model with your own interpretation in this portrait drawing session.

In our affordable drawing and sketching portrait workshop, you are able to learn how to draw your subjects in different positions and from a variety of angles.  The session starts with a brief introduction of proportion and basic anatomy of the skull and facial features, followed by more refined methods of observation and sketching as well as guidance from a professional artist. For those who require more assistance, fret not, you will receive instruction and tips to improve your work, which would be really helpful if you are looking to upgrade your skills and techniques on portrait drawing!

As you hone your portrait drawing abilities through instructions, demonstrations and practice. You will be able to draw portraits with enhancements like highlights and shadows. Understand where a light source would hit on different parts of the human skin (complexion) while also taking note off what parts of the face are highlighted and w

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We also run life drawing sessions every month! With a life model, you can come down to our drawing and sketching workshop to have our instructors guide you!