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Modernism came and brought about an exciting time to the art world where old rules were shattered, shaken and stirred. Its wild charms formed an addictive cloud surrounding and leading artists, museums, galleries and eventually schools in to a new age.

Misconception became a bitter after taste and the age-old practice of figure drawing is slowly fading away

There no longer seems to be a necessity for artists and students alike to possess strong observational drawing skills. But we, alongside many others, still believe in the importance of the practice in spite of which and here’s why…

Figure study by John Singer Sargent.


While practicing figure drawing, you are honing more than just your drawing skills. The skill of observation allows for us to learn to identify important aspects of a subject especially when working within a timed setting. It forces our eyes to constantly shift between the overall form and zooming in on details that support its construction. This also allows us to work on our time management, as our mind will then have to make decisions on what details should be included to achieve the most aesthetic results.

Whether your interest lies in capturing the figure and other realistic representations or focusing on abstraction, figure drawing will help cultivate your artistic mindset! The art of composition and design is universal across all artistic forms including abstraction and being equipped with a strong foundation could further inform on your own practice or even become the basis of which. But you don’t have to just take our word for it, just look to the likes of Pablo Picasso and Gustav Klimt whose masterpieces rely upon that very understanding.

The Young Ladies of Avignon by Pablo Picasso

The Virgin by Gustav Klimt

All artistic captures encompass a degree of abstraction and this includes even realistic depictions. If it ever slips our mind, we will always have this lovely painting by Magritte to remind us.

Perhaps instead of differentiating between different forms of painting/drawing styles and even artistic expressions, we should learn to think about how one could inform and develop upon the other. Another common misconception is that drawing is reserved for the ones who are born with the talent but it is a skill that can be picked up just like any other, such as driving, cooking or sewing. What better way to test this theory by coming down and experiencing it for yourself? 🙂

Our upcoming Nude Life Drawing Workshop will be held on 25th April, Thursday from 7.30pm to 10pm. The workshop fees will cover materials, the model as well as some light refreshments. A professional artist will be there to give a brief introduction of the human anatomy as well as some basic drawing tips to get you started so total beginners need not worry.

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Visual Arts Centre is currently offering a 20% discount when students signed up for four workshop sessions with us. This means that the total cost of four workshop sessions is only priced at $180 (U.P. $224)! The sessions can be redeemed until the end of 2019.