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Let’s join 12 sessions professional kid art drawing training! Let your kids start to explore creative art journey at Visual Arts Centre!

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Creative Kids Art Immersion Course by Visual Arts Centre provides opportunities for children (aged 4-9 years) to develop artistic knowledge and skills through a range of media, forms and expressions. Students will be able to experience different medias such as colour pencil, crayon, clay, watercolour, acrylic, calligraphy, drawing & sketching and quick sketch! Creative Kids Art Immersion Course takes on a unique learning approach that encourages children to think out of the box. The course takes the kids through a fun learning journey of discovery and creativity with a wide variety of themes being covered – from the arts to the sciences to geography to anything under their imagination – the world is their oyster to explore! Thinking about what your children can expect from this course? Look no further!

acrylic_painting_kids_art_class_singapore_visual_arts_centreKids are drawing acrylic painting in our art studio.

In the Creative Kids Art Immersion Course, your children will be:

  • Experiencing and immersing themselves in oriental art e.g learning calligraphy, gaining knowledge on how to hold and handle a calligraphy brush
  • Doing art and crafts with traditional Chinese rice paper
  • Creating interesting and amazing characters of their own imagination/ cartoon characters with jumping clay
  • Acrylic painting of the kids’ favourite cartoon characters or simple landscape pictures that they fancy
  • Drawing and colouring of different flowers or landscapes or cartoon characters that they can be proud to show you back home
  • Creating multi-media collage

Introduction of Creative Kids Art Immersion Course:

  • According to the age group and basis of painting, kids can be divided into Creative Kids Initiation Art Class(4-5 years old) and Kids Advanced Art Class(6-9 years old). Learn colour pencil, crayon, clay, watercolour, acrylic, calligraphy, drawing & sketching and quick sketch.
  • Teach kids how-to-use variety media and methods to carry out perceptual education for kids, such as real scene, object observation, picture language,  telling a story, listen to music, doing handcraft, appreciating artworks and so on.
  • Training objectives:
    • Cultivate kids observation ability, memory ability, imagination ability, aesthetics and creativity abilities.
    • Help kids grow psychologically and promote the balance of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
    • Cultivate kids explorative character, enhance self-confidence, cultivate patience, perseverance and concentration.

Our studio besides the quite green garden above the Dhoby Ghaut MRT, we have both indoor and outdoor art studio

Take a look below at how adorable and happy the little ones are here at Visual Arts Centre!

drawing_kids_art_class_singapore_visual_arts_centreKid just finished another sketch drawing

enriching_kids_art_class_singapore_visual_arts_centreTeacher cultivate kids imagination ability

Kids is doing a handcraft during lesson

graffiti_spray_paint_workshop_kids_art_class_singapore_visual_arts_centreWe will teach variety of media during our class

chinese_ink_painting_workshop_kids_singapore_visual_arts_centreChildren learn to write Chinese calligraphy


enriching_kids_art_class_singapore_visual_arts_centreKids Chinese Ink Painting experience

enriching_kids_art_class_singapore_visual_arts_centreYoung ones aged 4 and above are welcomed to join us in our creative art immersion courses!

watercolour_kids_art_class_singapore_visual_arts_centreKids show off the Creative Acrylic paintings

Let your child to learn in a conducive environment!

Both the physical setting and how the child feels and responds to his or her learning environment will determine how conducive and enjoyable the learning experience. The VAC Studio is a beautiful glasshouse indoor art studio set within the lush park ambience of the Dhoby Ghaut Green lawn – a spacious and safe setting for kids to rest and play with each other before or after class. Our art instructors are experienced in working with kids. Art instructors inspire our kids to be creative and interest them to explore and investigate within the theme of the week, teaching them the skills of observation, perspective, form, and composition, and encouraging them to appropriate, invent and create their own form of art based on their imagination and artistic direction. The course also introduces professional art techniques to the kids, and they will be taught useful skills in handling various mediums. Unlike how adults view and critique art, it is important to allow our kids to express their creativity and imagination, and not set limitations or standards of art to replicate! After all, children are extremely creative and they learn differently from adults. This is how our unique learning approach aims to provide a stimulating environment that encourages creativity and promotes individuality.

Kids class atmosphere picture at our indoor art studio

watercolour painting is done by kid

Another watercolour painting done by kid

Teacher will different instruction to kids with different drawing foundation

Active learning atmosphere during our kids class

Interested in signing your child up for this Creative Kids Immersion art course? Call us at 6733 2155 / 6255 0711.  Timetable: TUE    3pm – 4.30pm  |   4.30pm-6pm SUN   3pm – 5pm  |   5pm-6.30pm *New classes, ENQUIRY with us now!

To further chat about children education questions please contact with Visual Arts Centre consultant on call Visual Arts Centre Office at 6255 0711 or drop us an email at [email protected] for any queries or to join the course.

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