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Watercolour painting is a medium that you have definitely heard before, but have you ever wondered what you can paint with water colour? Continue scrolling!

1. Watercolour Painting – Calligraphy!

Besides using calligraphy pens to do calligraphy, why not make your calligraphy work more beautiful by adding colours! Adding water colours splashes to your work can make calligraphy stand out more. Look at the works below!


Just by adding a touch of blue and lilac washes, the work stands out more now!

Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 8.55.12 PM

Watercolour Brush Pens are also used to create colors within the text itself! Look how beautiful this work is just by adding a touch of color!

2. Watercolour Painting – Landscape Painting

Landscape paintings is most commonly done with the use of watercolour, alongside Acrylic Painting. However, you definitely need to have the patience by painting strategically as watercolour on paper takes time to dry before you can add another layer! Why? You may asked… It’s because we do not want to tear the paper! The end product of a watercolour painting is always so rewarding upon completion! Don’t we all love being satisfied and happy by learning or completing something that is new to us – be it a new watercolour landscape painting every time or a watercolour abstract painting.


With patience, comes great reward! (Watercolour Painting)

Learn to frame compositions of landscape scenes. Naturescapes and scenery may seem very complicated and detailed and beautiful natural scenery may be hard to find. As it may not always possible to get a good view of every location, the watercolour painter should use one’s own judgement and methods of perspective to compose one’s painting, reducing, adding details, giving contrast whenever necessary. Additionally, methods of observation is important and will be practised in landscape painting. Besides, you can build your observation skills – learn to observe and capture the scenery. Moreover, you can also learn how to use watercolour to paint the sky, clouds and trees, mountains, rivers, oceans, buildings, streetscapes, portraying various textures and spatial relationship of the landscapes, and being able to express the mood of scenery.

3. Watercolor Painting – Figure/Portrait Painting

Lastly, Portrait/Nude painting. This is the last way of using watercolor painting as a medium and it definitely does take some time to master too! You need to know when to add layers and when to leave a spot untouched to ensure that the watercolour paint does not changed the complexion of the skin of your art work.

When we do the portrait, it is important to catch the facial expression and the muscle structures, as well as the colour difference on our faces. Half body and full body figure. When we do a half body or full body figure, we need to deal with the relationship between the body, face and the clothes, as well as the details of hands and feet. The composition of the whole painting is also important, the student will learn how to do a good composition by placing their figure with the background.


Watercolour Painting – Nude Life

A great thing about watercolour is that, you can immediately erase mistakes on your watercolour paper – just by using more water. The water dilutes the paint to make the color appear lighter.

Disclaimer: Trial & Error too! Ensure that your paper isn’t going to tear when adding too much water!

Interested in taking an Watercolour Painting and unsure of where to begin?

Do not fret! Here at Visual Arts Centre, we are here to help you and guide you through your Professional Watercolour Painting journey!

In our studio, you will be able to learn how to paint a wide variety of subjects – from our carefully curated still life set-upslandscapes and sceneriesportraitsflora and fauna and many more! Join us in studio if you would like to master the art of watercolour.

In our professional and affordable watercolour painting course here in Singapore, you will be exposed to the basics of watercolour painting and get acquainted with the medium. Our instructor will be guiding you on the foundations of drawing and sketching, before teaching you how to use watercolour paints.

You will be familiarise with the types of brushes to use and basic watercolour techniques such as colour blending. This is a good introductory course for anyone keen in learning watercolour, with a fuss-free experience. After this 12 session watercolour course, you will be able to attain a foundational level of competency in this medium.

In a comfortable studio setting, you will complete a watercolour artwork in every 1-3 sessions and learn a number of essential watercolour techniques, all done with the guidance of our professionally trained art instructor.

Wondering how are the lessons going to be like? 

With each new painting, our instructor will be guiding you to:

1. How to plan, draw and compose a sketch using pencils. Basic drawing and sketching techniques such as perspectives, composition and proportions will be taught.

2. Try your hand at painting on the underpainting – a crucial step in watercolour painting. The underpainting helps you to see the lights and shadows more clearly before you begin painting.

3. How to paint using watercolours.

4. Refining your work – how to add in the details in the piece.

Throughout the course, you will be acquainted with the use of the watercolour medium. Basic materials knowledge will also be taught by our friendly instructor. Our instructor will be guiding you and encouraging you along the way!

Join us as you embark your watercolour painting journey with us!

Note: In light of Covid19, professional watercolour painting sessions are online via Zoom now. Click here to find out more!


Sessions – For all levels: Beginners – Advanced

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Hmmm… still wondering which sessions you should take?

Are 12 sessions too little… are 24 sessions really going to help me…. are 50 sessions too much?

You might want to consider these factors before signing up for the course:

Time – How much time are you willing to commit to learn watercolour painting?

End result – What is your objective of learning watercolour?

12 sessions, you will get a taste test of how it is like to use watercolour. This would be suitable for those who are not sure if they are into the art form yet. You will be introduced to the basics of watercolour! You will  learn how to sketch and properly use the medium. (ie. still life, copying beautiful watercolour landscape painting etc.)  After this course, you will probably attain a beginner’s level of competency in watercolour painting.

24 sessions, you will get an intermediate level of competency in watercolour painting. You will be able to learn more watercolour techniques, and explore a wider variety of subjects. If you have a passion for watercolour and need more help in honing your skills, but isn’t ready to commit for long term, take up this course! The course includes the basic 12 sessions contents (still life drawing and landscape copying), the outdoor landscape watercolour painting and some basic introduction to the portrait drawing. You will find yourself picking up the medium relatively well. This package is also suited for beginners, who might need more time to learn how to use watercolour.

50 sessions  is suitable for anyone who is keen in learning watercolour seriously. If you like to attain an intermediate to advanced level of competency and is looking to learn watercolour painting for a long term, you should try out this art course. With the largest number of sessions, you will definitely be able to learn more watercolour techniques, tips and tricks. You will also have more time to get yourself acquainted with the medium with the help of our friendly instructor. This course include still life drawing, landscape drawing (both copying and outdoor painting), portrait drawing, life drawing and abstract watercolour painting. You can also creative your own style of watercolour paining in this course.

Our affordable watercolour class in Singapore aims to help students to achieve their goal of practicing watercolour.

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