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Virtual Team Building Art Jamming 线上艺术团队建设

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The team at Visual Arts Centre is a group of dedicated team building specialists! Having serve more than 9,000 satisfied clients through an extensive events and project management for over 7 years! Our specialty in Virtual Team Bonding is to provide unique and customised team building solutions to bond your teams!

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During this period, work from home has become a new norm that lead to many new problems: WFH burnt out, boredom, and lack of human interaction. Taking this into consideration, Visual Arts Centre is offering a special virtual team bonding/building programme that is therapeutic, creative and hands-on: Corporate Zoom Art Jamming/Team Building session!

Why Visual Arts Centre?

We have assisted over hundreds of employees before from Google, Pfizers, Starlearners, Central Provident Fund Board Singapore (CPF). We have your best interests in mind and our priorities is to provide Zoom Art Session that is:
  • Concise, interactive and intriguing;
  • Creative and versatile;
  • Simple and effective.
With a team of experienced instructors and art jamming organisers, we are ready to create a vibrant virtual art jamming session just from $35/pax(*)! By the end of the session, you will have a complete artworks to keep and share with your friends and family!

What we offer? 

We offer various themes and mediums that’s versatile and easy to tailor to your company’s needs and interests. For example:
Student's completed Chinese Ink Painting work

1. Acrylic Painting Art Jamming

Acrylic Painting Team Bonding with Pfizer - Season of Change
Acrylic Painting Virtual Team Bonding with Google

2. Urban Landscape Sketching 

Urban Landscape Sketching Virtual Team Bonding with CPF - The Singapore Skyline

3. Chinese Ink Painting and/or Calligraphy

4. Other mediums – may be customised upon request
Depending on your request, we can offer Virtual Team Building – Art jamming with different mediums. Drop us an email and share with us your proposal!
flexibility in organising
We are able to accommodate from 15 up to 100 pax per session.
Our preferred virtual platform is Zoom! We are also able to conduct the Virtual Art Jamming via Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex or any platforms of your preference.
Optional door-to-door art kit delivery
Yes we do have an option of delivering art kit to all participants door-to-door! The art kit will be subjected to the theme/medium that your team chooses.
  • Acrylic / Watercolour / Chinese Ink Painting Art Kit: Paint box, paper plate, pen knife, brush set, oil paper, paper, canvas.
  • Landscape Sketching Art Kit: Line Pen, Pencils, Paper.

Seems interesting?

Check out more information about our Virtual Team Building – Art Jamming Zoom session at our website! A video is attached in the email as well for your reference!
The process is simple!   
To understand and assist you better a few questions we have for you are:
1) Preferred date and time
2) Duration of activity
3) Any objectives/themes in mind
4) Group size

Contact Us To Find Out More!

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